George Hunter

Biography of George Hunter

I'm just a rhymer, not a poet,
Read one of mine and then you'll know it.
You don't have to pretend you understand,
It's as plain as day, like the palm of your hand.
Nothing esoteric, abstruse or recondite here,
Just something to read while drinking your beer. Updates


Hale-Bopp, Hale-Bopp, my favorite comet
Had an alien spacecraft flying upon it.
Was an obsession of Heaven's Gate, a sect of fools.
Who'd disposed of all of their money and jewels.
I hate like hell your dreams to fracture
But there ain't no such thing as The Great Rapture.
Too bad, but there isn't any special way
To predict that it will happen on a certain day.
If ever, so go on and take your misguided lives

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