George Hunter

Biography of George Hunter

I'm just a rhymer, not a poet,
Read one of mine and then you'll know it.
You don't have to pretend you understand,
It's as plain as day, like the palm of your hand.
Nothing esoteric, abstruse or recondite here,
Just something to read while drinking your beer.

Crime Don'T Pay Well

It must be true, I saw it on TeeVee
A terrible thing for all to see.
A mother put her two-year-old in a shopping cart,
Then rolled that thing into a big WalMart.
The kid thought, 'This sure is a bore.
I'm going to find something to explore.'
He looked in her purse hoping to find some blow,
Instead found a Glock all ready to go.
He took it out and pointed it at Mom's head,

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