Frederic Manning

(22 July 1882 – 22 February 1935 / Sydney)

Poems of Frederic Manning

1. At Even 4/10/2010
2. Grotesque 4/10/2010
3. Kore 4/10/2010
4. Leaves 4/10/2010
5. The Sign 4/10/2010
6. The Trenches 1/1/2004


A frail and tenuous mist lingers on baffled and intricate branches;
Little gilt leaves are still, for quietness holds every bough;
Pools in the muddy road slumber, reflecting indifferent stars;
Steeped in the loveliness of moonlight is earth, and the valleys,
Brimmed up with quiet shadow, with a mist of sleep.

But afar on the horizon rise great pulses of light,
The hammering of guns, wrestling, locked in conflict
Like brute, stone gods of old struggling confusedly;

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