Frank Pulver

Rookie - 14 Points (10/28/1971 / born-(Hudson, New York) - raised-(Tampa, Florida))

Frank Pulver Poems

1. Special Friend 7/28/2012
2. Impacted Our Lives- Rosa Lee Parks 7/28/2012
3. Do Not Care To Understand What We Go Through 7/28/2012
4. Rare Thoughts That Never Go Away 7/28/2012
5. Secret Wish 7/28/2012
6. The Start Of The Real Strory Of Christmas 7/28/2012
7. Dear Daddy 7/29/2012
8. Hard Corps Not Core 8/8/2012
9. True Hometown Hero-Teacher 8/8/2012
10. To Control And Hold Back The Tears 8/28/2012
11. Finding It-Love 8/28/2012
12. (dad) - 'Face To Face To That Eternal Place' 9/5/2012
13. But I Am Still Here - Memories Of The American Flag Still Fly 9/21/2012
14. Cancer-Lord And Family Is My Cure 9/21/2012
15. -as The Sun Rose- A Gift From Above 9/22/2012
16. Christmas Tree- That Meaningful Day 9/22/2012
17. Never Walking Away 9/22/2012
18. Semper Fi 9/26/2012
19. Simplest Things In Life 10/4/2012
20. Temptations Pass You By 10/5/2012
21. Promises To Keep 10/5/2012
22. I Am There (Fiendship) 10/8/2012
23. Forgiveness Is A Hard To Give (Being Bullied) 10/8/2012
24. Take The Hill Of Life 10/8/2012
25. With The Strength Of You (Thank You) 10/9/2012
26. By Our Side 10/9/2012
27. The Pain That You Went Through 10/9/2012
28. But I Am Still Here (Memories Of The American Flag) 10/9/2012
29. Those Infantry Days 10/12/2012
30. Loving Power 10/6/2012
31. Fathom The Hell, The Pain And Suffering 10/14/2012
32. Christ Is Only 18 Inches Away 10/15/2012
33. I Will Help And Fight 10/17/2012
34. Addictions 10/20/2012
35. Understand The Blood That He Shed 10/31/2012
36. Carry Our Cross Of Shame 11/1/2012
37. Next To You 11/2/2012
38. Blood And Fire 10/17/2012
39. Love Off In The Distance 11/22/2012
40. Why Are You Still Talking To Me 12/2/2012
Best Poem of Frank Pulver

7th Day Of December Of 1941 -Pearl Harbor

On this day in early December
Something was being brought us that we surely would always remember
As the sun in Hawaii was just starting to rise
Terror struck us as a surprise

Hitting us so hard and fast
All we wanted to know who it was and long it was going to last
As those unidentified war planes dropp bombs and bullets everywhere we could see
One, two three, my buddies started to fall next to me

It affected a lot of lives
So many men were trapped in the hull of the ship and struggled to stay alive
It caused the sailors to try to cut away the medal ...

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Secret Wish

From the first time that I stared in those stunning eyes
Something hit me like it was a surprise

It was strange that I saw and felt like this from the start,
I could see the true love for life that you had hidden in your heart

The joy from your soul;
I could also see that hiding it from others was your main goal

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