Franc Rodriguez

Franc Rodriguez Poems

1. Charade 4/19/2013
2. Bite Of The Apple Of Idunn 4/18/2013
3. Scowl Of The Ents 4/18/2013
4. Awakening Of The Kraken 4/18/2013
5. To Laud The Hymns Of Praise 4/18/2013
6. The Wuthering Winds Of Yester 4/18/2013
7. Cherub 5/22/2013
8. Brew Of The Warlock 5/23/2013
9. The Birth Of A New Day 4/18/2013
10. Verdure Of Shamrocks 4/18/2013
11. Farewell 4/18/2013
12. The Boys Past Yonder 4/18/2013
13. Will Not Be As I? 4/18/2013
14. The Shade Of Darkness And Despair 4/18/2013
15. In My Heart 4/18/2013
16. Through Me They Live 4/18/2013
17. Autumn Leaves 4/18/2013
18. Halidom 4/18/2013
19. Budding Poet 4/18/2013
20. Aureole 4/19/2013
21. Vicissitude 4/19/2013
22. Whilom 4/19/2013
23. A Gift To Cherish 4/18/2013
24. Beyond The Elysian Weald 4/18/2013
25. Twain Of Fairies 4/18/2013
26. Within The Darkness Of My Eyes 4/19/2013
27. There Beyond The Brine 4/19/2013
28. Till The Seeds Near The Moors 4/19/2013
29. Behold 4/19/2013
30. Thou Shalt Reapest What Thou Hast Sowed In Me 5/15/2013
31. Heaven's Gate 5/21/2013
32. Keepers Of The Golden Ring Of Eight 4/18/2013
33. Seer Of The Darkness Of Death 4/18/2013
34. Spell Of The Golden Strands Of Hair 4/18/2013
35. Souls Of The Slain 4/18/2013
36. Thorn Of The Yore 4/18/2013
37. I Shall Beseech What Must Behove 4/18/2013
38. I Shall Come To Fade Within The Ripples Of Time 4/18/2013
39. My Soul Shall Come To Dwine Within The Slade Of Tors 4/18/2013
40. Fain 4/18/2013
Best Poem of Franc Rodriguez


I was too blind to see the tart skene that whetted my heart.
I was a fool to believe that your words of love bore meaning.
There left doleful and glum, as you tore my heart apart.
Henceforth, I was condemned to accept this dreadful feeling.
There whereupon I languished in my sullen lassitude quickly.
Hitherto I sought to then overwhelm my sorrow and grief.
I was forced to continue within the depth of my obscurity.
Forlorn and beguiled, I searched for solace and relief.
You kinked my heart and plaited it through wantonness with ease.
How was I to know you were a jilt,...

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Rise Of The Striplings

The war betwixt the Gods had ended,
the sons of Aesk were born on the dale.
And their offspring were thus weaned,
upon the hands of the mighty Gods.
They strove on the hulls of the longships,
they would come afterwards to sail.
Onto many far away lands they wended,
and onto the fields of new abodes.
They yode like foregangers of the yore,

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