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Claire Thomas Female, 45, United Kingdom (2/10/2013 12:18:00 PM)

Robert frost is my favourite poet.amazing metaphors hidden in the mundane.he, himself denied any deeper meaning.read mending wall.yes it's about a wall but it's about predudise and tradition and lots more.

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  • Rookie Jeff Mcguire (4/12/2013 12:51:00 PM) Post reply
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    He denies deeper meaning because, having lived in New England all my life, there is little deeper meaning in his poems except that which the reader adds. The poems are what they are; nature poems relating to New England life. Mending Wall is as much about insular tradition and the endless stone walls we find around here as it is about prejudice. In fact there is no pre-judgement from anyone in the poem. There is merely nature, the poet playing Devil's Advocate, and a man whose shadow does not come from the same place as the shadows of trees. It's sad that New England is still this way; we still repair the small stone walls (barely waist-high) that long-dead farmers used to contain cattle, we still find neighbors who are untrustworthy only because they cannot trust, we still find that same thing that topples our stone fences also cracks and deforms our roads. He writes simple poetry with strong images. If you wish to add your own anxieties upon his images so be it, the author is long dead after all. However, you should not forget the most important aspect of Robert Frost; he writes about mundane occurrences, and his poetry is firmly rooted in the words on the page. Reading between the lines of a Robert Frost poem is like reading an empty notebook; you fill it yourself, of course.

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