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  • Rookie - 2 Points Mthoko Mpofaxa (5/13/2012 5:31:00 AM) Post reply
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    Hello fellow poets, I'm a poet from South Africa. I usually write about Africa, human nature, sadness and my experiences & beliefs in life. Please feel free to read, comment, rate & share my poems to other social networks & I will do the same. It's a pleasure being here.

  • Rookie Sajit Nair (5/11/2012 4:55:00 PM) Post reply

    Been a poet since I was kicked out of a Physics class for narrating an apparently not-so-funny poem about Physics.

    I am an experimentalist by nature....and by it's very nature.... a few poems I write have been controversial in nature. I would paste a sample for your reference.

    This is my homepage - ] www.poemhunter.com/sajit-r-nair/. Do check in. No compulsion but perhaps it might help you in understanding my poems a bit more.
    Feel free to send in your Feedback & comments.Please note.. Criticisms in all forms gratefully accepted.. Questioning on Parenthood.. not so much...

    One of my poems...

    'My Mother... The W*ore'

    Born in the brothels of White-chapel...
    You would easily mistake me for a swine..
    I wouldn't blame you, good Sir, for that...
    the credit would go to the dear mother of mine...

    You jump into conclusions about my ancestry...
    About the Pig that might have been my father...
    Honestly I little cared for who he was..
    the possibilities countless.. I painfully gather...

    I could romanticize my mother's tragedy..
    the barbaric girl-trading in this world..
    But dis not the sob story of a common whore..
    This is the tale of my dear mother.

    She never uttered about her dealings...
    Painfully aware of an unbreachable wall..
    Her money equally spent on my siblings...
    all five of us 'bastards' to the core.

    She never knew how to read..
    yet stayed with us through those unending nights..
    And when we used to show her our reports...
    d*mn! ! ! When delighted..she was an awesome sight! !

    You would never call her an 'ideal' mother...
    Her past clouding your views..
    and yet she was always with us..
    inconspicuous as the morning dew..

    She stood behind in all our victories..
    never coming to the fore..
    She feared about our 'bright' futures..
    so far untarnished by her chore..

    and then that day came... I introduced her to my lady..
    anxiousness all over her face... she came shyly to the fore..
    Unconcerned by her past, my lady gave her a kiss...
    and then my mother smiled.. the happiest.. never before

    It's been 8 years since that day...
    my  beautiful daughter by my side
    a few roses for a stony grave
    and for my lovely mother who never died

    Thank you

  • Rookie Gabrielle Martin (5/10/2012 1:43:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello there, fellow poets and poetry lovers! It would be fantastic if you were to take a quick look at some of my recent works. I will gladly return the favor and comment where applicable. Thank you so very much!

  • Rookie - 48 Points Joe Foster (5/9/2012 10:15:00 PM) Post reply

    Im new to the site. Please check out my poems on my page. I would like to hear your comments so I can improve my skills. Thanks

  • Veteran Poet - 1,523 Points Godfrey Morris (5/9/2012 8:56:00 AM) Post reply

    Nature’s Ying and Yeng
    By godfrey morris

    Perfect beauty flows in abundance from her bosom
    so vividly displayed in divine design
    Splendor is sure in green vegetation within the midst
    of the sun-lit glow, illuminating the deep blue engulfing sphere
    In nature, lies great serenity that leaves all to wonder
    for more of its majestic glory. Her secrets are a mystery,
    as in its peace great horror wreak
    what new ills do omens seek?
    The earth trembles, a sudden shock that tend to break the faults of rocks
    the violent wind may blow, displacing all earthly things you know
    violent fire emerges from a crack to burn all things within its track
    water travels upon the earth to sweep and clean for all to weep
    earth- wind, fire and water, the elements of our nature’s wonder
    Copyright © 2012

  • Rookie - -1 Points Mark Walters (5/7/2012 9:41:00 PM) Post reply

    I'm a brand new member here. Howdy from Texas, folks.

  • Rookie Tom Hamilton (5/7/2012 9:37:00 PM) Post reply

    My name is Tom. I welcome everyone to read my poems if they have time. Comments and leaving a rating are encouraged. Thank you, here's the link.


    If anyone wants me to read, rate or comment on their poems, simply ask me and I will be glad to oblige.

  • Rookie Bloodshed 207 (5/7/2012 7:36:00 PM) Post reply

    New to this site, wondering what people would think of my poems. They're pretty depressing, so keep that in mind. Thanks

  • Rookie June Walker (5/7/2012 12:26:00 PM) Post reply

    Joined this site today. I like nature poems, such as by John Clare, Ted Hughes, and William Blake. I write some poems too and have a site with some of my previously published poems at: - http://poemsbyjune.webs.com/ Looking forward to browsing this site and meeting members.

  • Rookie - 0 Points Alok Mishra (5/7/2012 2:18:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello all, I just posted a poem " The Most Tragic Love" need all your suggestions and guidance. Thank you.

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