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  • Jokotade Olumide Joseph (12/16/2012 1:07:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi everyone, am new here and i've just uploaded some poems. I'll be very happy if u read and help critique it. Thanks

  • Sarah Mohyla (12/15/2012 2:13:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey I am new on this site and I just uploaded some new peoms. i'd love it if you could read them and give me your comments and critiques. Thanks

  • Elysabeth Faslund (12/15/2012 8:00:00 AM) Post reply

    My name should be familiar to you, as you have been reading quite a lot of my poetry lately. I am a professional, internationally published poet. My biography only says 'something here for everyone, ' as indeed it is, but the whole story can be gotten from me...message me and I will tell you.

  • Austin Straussfield (12/14/2012 7:51:00 AM) Post reply

    Check this out peeps, though a little rough...your advice and criticism is would go a long way to smoothen my writings...
    Quietly bending my pride,
    for you to become my bride
    so as to have a smooth ride
    till a child comes our way.
    Take this not as dried
    or too crunchy fried.
    But rather be mild,
    and see me as wild
    with no where to hide
    'trying to pass the tide
    created by your dad...'

  • Rookie - 21 Points Gary Kedron (12/13/2012 10:06:00 PM) Post reply

    Hi Im Gary...kind of new to the site, any takers on reading my work?" Thy Hunts Mans Hound" , I like this one...any feedback would be greatly appreciated...When I can will return the favor.

  • Rookie - 21 Points Vikas Chandra (12/13/2012 11:18:00 AM) Post reply

    hi, I am vikas chandra, a 3rd year engineering student from INDIA. I have been doing poetry from quite a long time and till now i have been showing my poetry skills at www.touchtalent.com - India's largest online portal for art and talent. I would like you all to come and see some of my art there. Now its time for me to showcase the same on international platform and who other than poemhumter can provide me this opportunity?I would look for a good interaction with you all and also will be waiting for your valuable comments.
    Thanks :)

  • Rookie - 21 Points Joe Cangelosi (12/12/2012 4:57:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello, this is my first time on this site. I just posted a few poems, and would love criticism of any kind. Thanks for the time.

  • Rookie - 21 Points William Lamebull (12/12/2012 3:58:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello PoemHunter members,
    My name is William LameBull, called " Frenchy" by my friends.
    A friend named Tony from Thoughts.com told me of this site and even though computer illiterate I managed to get here and sign up as a new member.
    I look forward to reading the poetry and prose herein posted.
    Thank you

  • Rookie - 21 Points Christy Blassingame (12/8/2012 5:39:00 AM) Post reply

    Falling asleep with you on my mind.Awaken from a dream of you knowing now theirs no escaping this love that shall be a dream of you! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Rookie - 21 Points Christy Blassingame (12/8/2012 5:33:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello There! ! I would to start by telling that I love poetry I like to dabble in it mine our usally short and sweet! ! !

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