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  • Walter Daniel Rookie - 1st Stage (9/15/2014 2:28:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello everyone!

    " Aestas, or Poems of Walter Daniel" was updated on 15 September 2014.
    https: //
    https: //

    Peace and joy,

  • Mohammad Skati Bronze Star - 4th Stage (9/14/2014 12:00:00 PM) Post reply

    I just posted some poems to be read and to be commented on. Thanks.

  • Ging Taping Rookie - 1st Stage (9/14/2014 10:34:00 AM) Post reply

    hey guys! !

    i just posted my new poem..
    sorry it's a long one.
    hope you find time to read..

    thank you all in advance :)

  • Zed Undead Rookie - 1st Stage (9/10/2014 11:36:00 PM) Post reply

    just wondering if you would like to look at my haikus and please give me feed back thanks!

  • Giancarlo Filisola Blanco Rookie - 1st Stage (9/9/2014 2:07:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to know if you could all give me some feed back on my poem. It's the first I ever posted on any website. Hope you all enjoy!

  • Zed Undead Rookie - 1st Stage (9/9/2014 8:24:00 AM) Post reply

    I write haikus look at my first one! Please!

  • Clarence Prince Rookie - 1st Stage (9/8/2014 9:57:00 AM) Post reply

    Seeing as the week is in progress, why not, simply says this: Thank you for today, Oh Lord, be my guide throughout the week, give strength, give me peace, and in all I do be my helper! If you must know, it’s “MY GOD AND ME” everyday and all the way! Why not take a look at my poem " LIFE, IT'S PRECIOUS" please read and comment!

  • Mohammad Skati Bronze Star - 4th Stage (9/6/2014 3:20:00 PM) Post reply

    I am going to publish some poetry later on... I will a collection of short stories....

  • Louis Borgo Rookie - 1st Stage (9/6/2014 10:03:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi I have been on poem hunter for five years. I have just published my book " To Palp A Vow Of Silence" . It can be found at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon and Kindles for 3.99. If it is every a poem any one would like me to read just let me know. I'm always good about giving feed back. Have a great day.

  • Amitava Sur Freshman - 2nd Stage (9/5/2014 12:34:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello - my dear and respected poets allover the globe.....
    In this modern age of the Twenty-First Century, when I see so many improvements in communications, I still find so many differences between people of this world.
    Our basic barrier I find is that we cannot express properly what we want to say to one another, language stands as a big wall between a majority of us.

    Today I posted a poem named " WHY NOT???" This poem was inspired by that background and I believe wise people on earth will pay attention to it.
    I request you all to read this poem and give your valuable comments on it.

    Amitava Sur from Kolkata, India.

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