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Anthony Davydov Male, 18, Russia (3/8/2013 2:20:00 PM)

Hello. I translate poems into English, mainly from Russian.
Here is Alexander Pushkin's poem " Upas" , others can be found in my profile.
I know, that there is another translation of it at poemhunter. Don't you know, is it possible to add my translation there?And, if it is, who should I contact?Thanx.
Unfortunately, there're some mistakes with pasting original Russian text here.

Alexander Pushkin

In the desert, dry and stingy,
On the ground, fried for days,
Upas, fearsome and stinky,
Stands and dies along in space.

Born by always thirsty plain,
In the day of Wrath and Ire,
Inflates verdure with ptomaine,
Turns the roots to rigid wire.

Poison's dropping through it's bark
Melted fast at midday heat
And cooled down at the dark
To the rosin, dense, limpid.

Birds and beasts avoid this place
Only gloomy hurricane
Flying touches tree of Death
And rushes away, toxic, insane.

And when cloud, raining, shades
Walking through its perished leaf
From the branches, venenenate
On the flamed sand currents leave.

But landlord sent his forlorn servant
To upas, heard the moaning.
Slave flown to the cursted plant
and poison brought at morning.

He gave the ruler rosin dead
And branch with withered leaves
Death-damp down pallid forehead
Was running, closing eaves.

He brought and grew weak, declined
On basts, without sword
And poor servant was to find
His death before his lord.

With poison saturated king
Of arrows large amount
And send with them the death and ruin
To foes across the bound.

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  • Rookie Anthony Davydov (3/8/2013 2:24:00 PM) Post reply
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    The very last stanza: not " Send" , but " sent" , sorry.

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