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  • Sir Zvavanhuvevhu (4/12/2014 12:50:00 AM) Post reply

    I just translated Adrienne Clark Strachn's poem " SPAR DAY" to Shona language from english language enjoy the new lines in another language with more than 7million people who speak the Shona language in the sub Sahara of Africa.
    If you want your poems translated too just hook up with me.

    Nhasi  ndirikuenda kumbodzamisa wangu mufungo.
    Ndokumura madhende ndoshonga dzembanhete.
    Zvese zvinovonekera pandiri zvonjenjemera.
    Ganda rakare  Ndoshonga.
    Dzasakara dzandakapfeka dzova itsva.
    Dzangu tsoka dzaneta dzotsiviwa nedzinesimba  netsva  .
    Shangu dzangu drove itsva. 
    Zvese zvasakara  kumarara. 
    Ndomboenda Kunoterera mashoko ezvinepfunditso.
    Iyanla Vazant pamwe
    Ndochizvigadzira  nzara dzangu ndichiterera.
    Ndikageza neLavender zvingaita.
    Inondidzira  simba.
    Ruva riri muvura yokugezera  mubhavhu.
    Kuitira zuva idzva.
    Nhasi ndichararama sa nhasi. 
    Zuro aive mumwewo Inini.
    Nhasi tiri padanho repiri.
    Ndakazvidzamira ndiripakati pemweya.
    Ndanga Ndine marwadzo andangoregerera.
    Mufungo  wanga uchida kufungururwa.
    Netsvina Zhinji tanga iri mutirangi.
    iWe chitoravo
    Nhasi izuva re spar.
    Zuva rangu.
    Tora Inini wakare.
    Handichatomboda kumuvona zvakare.
    Ndiri kunakirwa Naro zuva re spar.
    Pfungwa itsva, ini mutsva.
    Regedza ndive inini muzuva ranhasi.

    Translated to SHONA Language by 

    $ir Zvavanhuvevhu. 

    Jerry Mugweni.11/04/2014

  • Sir Zvavanhuvevhu (4/12/2014 12:50:00 AM) Post reply

    I just translated Adrienne Clark Strachn's poem " SPAR DAY" to Shona language from english language enjoy the new lines in another language with more than 7million people who speak the Shona language in the sub Sahara of Africa.
    If you want your poems translated too just hook up with me.

  • Sir Zvavanhuvevhu (4/12/2014 12:43:00 AM) Post reply

    Ndibate Zimbabwe.
    Ndibate chero pawandibata.
    Bata Bata chero wandibata.
    Ita seunozora Bata.
    Usarega kubata wakati MBA a a a  a a a a! ?! ?! ?! ??.
    Ndibate semabatiro avanoitana pachivhiti vhiti.
    Dzvanya wakambandidzira chiriki riki.
    Ndibate chero pasingabatiki. 
    Ruvoko rwako ngarwusvike parwusati rwambosvika.
    Pauri zvomene Musika Vanhu vakasika.
    Ndinongosvika rangu Sadza wabika,
    Mvura yokugeza  , watotuvidza.
    Ndibate Zimbabwe  nyatsonditi Mba a a aa a a a a a a a! ! ! ! .

    Bata nechapapapa
    Ugobata nechapapapa.
    Uchisviyanga Nyanga dzapapapa.
    Ukavona meso ndatsinzinyira kubutsvatsvatsva.
    Ziva zvino  pandiri atove makubukasva.
    Wandibata  sewakabata rwatsvatsva murutsva.
    Zimbabwe ndinokupa ndose! .
    Kurumidza  mhani kundibata Bata.
    Vasati vasvika vaya zvitota.
    Kuzotota mastaera ekubatana. 
    Ndibate panyama nhete.
    Ndibate seusingadi kundibata.
    Ndibate pausakambondibata..
    Kana waNdibata ndobata denga.
    Bata  a a a a a a a a a a a  a a  a a a a a a a! ! ! ! ! ! .


  • Jitesh Shah (4/9/2014 11:24:00 AM) Post reply

    my poem nari tu originally wrien in gujarati and i also translation to other language so my poem read every one

  • Edgar Stevens (8/6/2013 3:54:00 AM) Post reply

    Poem Hunter Poetry Contest has officially started. You can enter with your favorite poem now or write a new one and submit it before August 31st,2013.

    Prize is $1,000 for the winner and $250 for the 2nd and 3rd place..

    You can write in any poetic style and on any subject.

    Entering the contest is free.


  • Tsubasa Kenji (6/6/2013 7:59:00 AM) Post reply

    Gurindam Dua Belas

    Ini gurindam fasal yang kelima:

    Jika hendak mengenal orang berbangsa,
    Lihat kepada budi dan bahasa.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berbahagia,
    Sangat memeliharakan yang sia-sia.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang mulia,
    Lihatlah kepada kelakuan dia.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berilmu,
    Bertanya dan belajar tiadalah jemu.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berakal,
    Di dalam dunia mengambil bekal.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang baik perangai,
    Lihat pada ketika bercampur dengan orang ramai.

    The Twelve Gurindam

    This is the fifth clause of the gurindam:

    If the well-born you would identify,
    Look for their kindness and courtesy.

    Those who are happy and prosper,
    Waste and idleness do forswear.

    If the noble you would perceive,
    Do look at how they behave.

    If they are ones with knowledge you require,
    Of questions and learning they never tire.

    As for the wise, it's easy to tell,
    In this world, for the next they provide well.

    If the good-natured are whom you seek,
    When they are with company you must peek.

    This gurindam was written by Raja Ali Haji in 1847.
    Raja Ali Haji bin Raja Haji Ahmad (1808–1873) was a 19th-century Buginese Malay historian, poet and scholar.
    Gurindam is a type of irregular verse forms of traditional Malay poetry. It is a combination of two clauses where the relative clause forms a line and is thus linked to the second line, or the main clause. Each pair of lines (stanza) provides complete ideas within the pair and has the same rhyme in its end. There is no limit on the number words per line and neither the rhythm per line is fixed.
    -From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia-

  • Peter Strugnell (4/10/2013 7:21:00 AM) Post reply

    This is a poem of mine originally written in English and beautifully translated into french by a friend of mine Fanny Rondeau:

    ACCEPTER SOI MEME traduction français par Fanny RONDEAU

    Today I have some difficulties, some scars still remain
    full of self doubt, through injury to the brain,
    a brush with mortality, it's got to change a person,
    it changes your view, and previous assertions,
    it's like a rebirth, or even a second chance,
    i thank my lucky stars, fate and circumstance,

    Aujourd'hui j'ai quelques difficultés, quelques cicatrices reste toujours,
    en plein manque de confiance en soi, par des blessures au cerveau,
    quand on fleur la mortalité, C'est obligé que ça change une personne,
    ça change votre vue, et revendications précédentes,
    c'est comme une renaissance, ou une seconde chance,
    je remercie mes étoiles chanceuses, le destin et circonstance.

    forced to re-learn, many forgotten skills,
    i curse these accidents, and the neurones that they kill,
    i'm slower in thought, but quicker in temper,
    i'm quick to tire, and slow to remember,
    i know damn well, that life can be rough,
    but you can't tell me, that acceptance aint tough.

    obligé à réapprendre, beaucoup de compétences oubliées,
    je maudire ces accidents, et les neurones qu'ils tuent,
    je suis plus lent dans la pensée, mais plus vite dans le colére,
    je suis vite de fatiguer, et lent pour se rappeler,
    je sais bien, bien sur, cette vie peux être rude, mais on ne peut pas me dire, que 'acceptation n'est pas dur.

    you've got plenty of ability,
    you're probably better than you think that you are are,
    of course you have some difficulty,
    but step by step you're gonna go far,
    your true value, you should accept,
    you are you, no apologies, no regret,
    so go ahead my friend and accept yourself!

    vous avez les compétances en abondance,
    vous étes probablement mieux que vous en pensez,
    naturellement vous allez rencontré une certaine difficulté,
    mais pas à pas vous irez loin,
    votre vraie valeur, vous devriez accepter,
    vous êtes vous, aucunes excuses, aucun regret,
    allez ainsi mon ami s'acceptent!

    there are things of course that i don't do brilliant,
    sometimes weak, sometimes resilient,
    it's the same for everyone, to some degree,
    self pity is a handicap, my worst enemy,
    like a warm embrace, from an old acquaintance,
    i welcome him in, my old friend acceptance.

    il y a des choses naturellement que je ne fais pas brillant,
    parfois faible, parfois résilient,
    ces pareilles pour tout le monde, à un certain degré,
    valide, handicapé, ou avec le dissability,
    comme une embrasse de chaleur, d'une vieille connaissance,
    je lui souhaite la bienvenue, mon vieil ami acceptation.

    i didn't know then, i'd recover like i did,
    i'm ashamed to say, i didn't want to live,
    i shouldn't complain, but i often still do,
    hardship is a teacher, of things i never knew,
    acceptance you know, doesn't mean you give in,
    not an end to it all, but a place to begin.

    je ne savais pas a l'époque, que j'allais récupère comme je faisais,
    j'ai honte à dire, que je n'ai pas voulu vivre,
    je n'aurai pas se plaignent, mais je le fais souvent quand meme,
    les épreuves sont un professeur, des choses que je n'ai jamais sues,
    acceptation vous savez, ne veut pas dire que vous tous lachez
    ce n'est pas une fin à tous, mais un endroit à commencer.

  • Anthony Davydov (3/8/2013 2:20:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hello. I translate poems into English, mainly from Russian.
    Here is Alexander Pushkin's poem " Upas" , others can be found in my profile.
    I know, that there is another translation of it at poemhunter. Don't you know, is it possible to add my translation there?And, if it is, who should I contact?Thanx.
    Unfortunately, there're some mistakes with pasting original Russian text here.

    Alexander Pushkin

    In the desert, dry and stingy,
    On the ground, fried for days,
    Upas, fearsome and stinky,
    Stands and dies along in space.

    Born by always thirsty plain,
    In the day of Wrath and Ire,
    Inflates verdure with ptomaine,
    Turns the roots to rigid wire.

    Poison's dropping through it's bark
    Melted fast at midday heat
    And cooled down at the dark
    To the rosin, dense, limpid.

    Birds and beasts avoid this place
    Only gloomy hurricane
    Flying touches tree of Death
    And rushes away, toxic, insane.

    And when cloud, raining, shades
    Walking through its perished leaf
    From the branches, venenenate
    On the flamed sand currents leave.

    But landlord sent his forlorn servant
    To upas, heard the moaning.
    Slave flown to the cursted plant
    and poison brought at morning.

    He gave the ruler rosin dead
    And branch with withered leaves
    Death-damp down pallid forehead
    Was running, closing eaves.

    He brought and grew weak, declined
    On basts, without sword
    And poor servant was to find
    His death before his lord.

    With poison saturated king
    Of arrows large amount
    And send with them the death and ruin
    To foes across the bound.

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  • Linda Neill Poet Digter (2/8/2013 10:38:00 AM) Post reply

    South Africa - Music in colour

    Sanibona! ¹Greetings to you!
    Feel the sun drums of my land
    Musical words made by hand
    sand shimmering sounds in gold
    what a beautiful place to behold

    Come! Woza! ² A gift for you!
    Earth rhythms dance celebrating
    peace over South Africa's being
    My country heart has a great beat
    Blow penny whistles in midday heat

    In music colour let us take a tour
    a love flavour a honour downpour
    Hear the train sounds in the trumpet

    Sanibona¹ (Greet a group)
    Woza! ² (Come)

    Copyright belongs to Linda Neill

    Feb 2 2013

  • Tasruzzaman Babu (2/3/2013 7:25:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    X-ism: At the second floor of the land-lord house

    At the second floor of the land-lord house
    A lantern gleams all night long
    Its light can be seen beyond the sash of window
    When nocturnal birds also return to nest
    The eyes of stars are languished due to drowsiness
    Footfall is already stopped
    Fireflies are also tired by sparkling light
    The voice of cricket are also chocking
    In a room of the second floor of the land-lord house
    A lantern flickers dimly
    All night long…

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