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  • Rookie - 0 Points Trisha Simpson (1/24/2015 11:43:00 AM) Post reply
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    I enjoyed this poem! I think it would make children think. It could also have body action that could go with it. I think it would be a great candidate for the Ladybug magazine.

  • Rookie - 129 Points Alexander Johnson (12/18/2014 10:04:00 AM) Post reply

    What is it that comes out to play,
    In the darkness of the night?
    Digs holes and takes the bread away,
    But in the day keeps out of sight.

    With trails of slime and piles that smell,
    And leaves muddy casts all over our lawn.
    Makes little hills of mud as well,
    But disappears come crack of dawn.

    It steels our acorns right off the tree,
    And Makes off with all the hazelnuts,
    There's nothing ever left for me,
    It must be the biggest greedy guts!

    Whatever it is, it scrabbles around,
    And keeps me up all night,
    When morning breaks it goes to ground,
    Or flies away in fright?

    What is it that would play about,
    In the hedgerow when its dark?
    Yet in the day not venture out,
    And hide when it hears a singing lark.

    What do we think, a fox maybe?
    Or what about a mischievous owl?
    But foxes can't climb a tree,
    And birds don't make piles that smell so fowl.

    A naughty hedgehog or some rascal toads?
    Or maybe a playful rat.
    But rats can't make slimy trails like those,
    And toads won't make muddy casts like that.

    So what is this thing, what could it be,
    That plays around and makes me think.
    Sneaks in and gets it's food for free,
    And makes those piles that really stink!

    A Stinkyslinkygreedysprite,
    Is what this thing must be,
    What creatures make this mess at night?
    That we never get to see.

    Maybe its the Creepyscrabbleguts,
    That makes those holes and steels the bread?
    Who makes muddy hills and eats the nuts.
    Yes it must be him instead...

    Well I think it is now very clear,
    They come out at night to play.
    But when light appears and dawn is near,
    Creepyscrabbleguts hides away.

  • Rookie - 58 Points Hibah Shabkhez (10/26/2014 12:08:00 AM) Post reply

    Fee Fie
    Let’s all fly
    Fo Fum
    It’s all a hum
    Yo yum
    Have a tot of rum
    Do dum
    It’s actually gum
    Ha Ha
    Ho Ho
    Go tango
    No No
    Gimme a mango
    No way
    It’s still May
    Come on
    Perry and Flon
    Derry and Mon
    Come on
    Fee Fon

  • Gold Star - 25,172 Points Akhtar Jawad (10/2/2014 12:33:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Children in the Morning

    Sweet children, sweet children,
    Where are you?
    We are in the wash room brushing our teeth,
    Aren't you too.

    Sweet children, sweet children,
    How do you do?
    Wearing our uniforms,
    Fine, thank you.

    Sweet children, sweet children,
    How is the break fast?
    A tasty one, nice one, by grand mother,
    Unlike other days, it is a contrast.

    Sweet children, Sweet children,
    The bus has arrived, so beautiful indeed,
    Papa we are ready, see you again,
    A parting kiss that's all we need.

    Akhtar Jawad

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    • Gold Star - 25,172 Points Manthra H (10/15/2014 10:56:00 PM) Post reply

      Good one Sir! very cute and sweet! the last line " A parting kiss that's all we need" is very touching." I remembered my mother wrote a article on the same thought in her write up.

  • Rookie - 126 Points Apurva Prabhudesai (10/1/2014 10:43:00 AM) Post reply

    Cock a doodle doo!
    Says the cock
    Rise and shine Mr sun
    Its time to wake up!
    Birds have gone in search of food
    Butterflies fluttering here and there
    Flowers are blooming from their buds
    While the bees are buzzing above them.
    Children are yawning in their beds
    Mothers, scolding them for being late
    Fathers have gone to their offices
    While the pets are left unnoticed.
    It's a new day, a new beginning
    A new way to follow
    And find hope in life's every sorrow

  • Bronze Star - 2,783 Points Points Of View (9/28/2014 8:52:00 AM) Post reply

    " Why make things complicated,

    When it can be uncomplicated"

  • Veteran Poet - 1,063 Points Charity Nduhiu (9/17/2014 8:20:00 AM) Post reply

    I sleep and snore sno sno
    I dream and dream dree dree
    I wake and wake wee wee
    I eat and eat ea ea
    I sing and sing sii sii

  • Gold Star - 15,982 Points Mohammad Skati (8/30/2014 5:02:00 PM) Post reply

    I swim by myself in that big sea The sea loves me to swim in his Big belly anytime and anywhere, I swim together with the pretty Fishes all the time, so we can Dive together in the pretty sea's Big belly anytime and anywhere. ________________________________________

  • Rookie - 126 Points Apurva Prabhudesai (8/28/2014 9:17:00 PM) Post reply

    My Wardrobe
    My wardrobe's
    Got a mind of its own
    Whenever I throw in
    A ball of clothes
    It obliges by throwing it back
    Just like we are playing a
    Game of catch.
    It never complains,
    It's good as gold
    I know it always
    Want to play tricks
    Coz it's got a
    Mind of its own

  • Gold Star - 15,982 Points Mohammad Skati (8/22/2014 4:45:00 AM) Post reply

    Sea's pretty waves are like hair's curls, Yes, they're, The pretty sea combs its pretty hair, so It looks wonderful, but When it's angry, then It turns its angry waves into curls.

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