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Sisirachandra Vaduge Male, 49, Sri Lanka (9/22/2013 3:20:00 AM)

Eurasian Hoopoe, commanding...

My restless sleep interrupted by an anti-electronic alarm on and on
At four hours and thirty two minutes in an antemeridian dawn
Room temperature indicating centigrades twenty two. zero one
Deep darkness unveiling clothes for bathing under the foothills of Namunukula Mountain

Wake up dear, another day of destruction born
We remind you haven’t settled yet nature’s premium
See this mother earth yet to be burning
Nor we tolerate, ready for duty we’re commanding

Go, Go, Go, and pacify the minds of warrior human
Soothing however, teach them eco-systems and plant protection
Nature is the most powerful blessing teach your children
We are hunting for preventing such destruction

Glowworms signaling yet no construction danger zone demarcation
Bees and wasps on alert ready to attack destructive giants anyone
Fishes and butter fly dragons spying on forest burning
You’re sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and sleeping

Everywhere competition, ongoing profit bargain gaming production
Fencing perched lands pointing supply water line
World wide web space complication, busy communication
Consuming jungle fruits and grain energy we voice spreading instant authenticating

I hear that voice command from Karanda treetops nearby stream next to my room
How can I identify she, thanking still darkness out zooming
Fear and run away if my flash lights shoot on
Silently murmuring I thanked her fine you’re encouraging

Yes I am ready with my wisdom weapon sharpening act against corruption
Worshiping all powers of spiritual pleading empower me too join them
Wonderful is her shrieking demanding bird’s aspiration
Voicing again and again do it sir, do it, do it, do it this is our nation

Plot: Dusky morning an [Eurasian hoopoe] invisible power commanding.
Source: Outside the poet’s country side sleeping shack at Pelgahathenna the foothills of Namunukula Mountain Uva Province Passara Srilanka.

Ps.Karanda is an ingenious medicinal tree in south asian countries that grow well in tropical rain forests.In Buddha legend Karanda sticks used to substitute tooth picks after maha sanga almsgiving.

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