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John Hess John Hess Male, 49, United States (5/26/2013 12:21:00 AM)

In The Comfort Of My Dreams

I close my eyes in the comfort of my dreams;
Reconstructing its land, pierced by a stream.
The sky I paint with whites and blue;
Birds soaring high, through and through.

The plushest of grass and tallest of trees;
Decorate the land as far as can see.
Flowers now created to fullest of bloom;
They scent the air with their perfume.

A mountain now, in the far distance;
Snow cap tops, now in existence.
The sun to shine with its warm rays;
Lasting forever throughout the days.

A gentle breeze crosses the land;
All plant life swaying by its hand.
A comfort to know I still can imagine;
But missing something, something called passion.

So now I stand here in the comfort of my dreams;
Watching the picture coming apart at the seams.
And try as I might I find I can't hold it;
The cost is too great to simply ignore it.

Shut my eyes harder, clearing my mind;
Searching for answers, but it's you that I find.
The mountains in the distance begin to crumble;
My beautiful wife now causes me to stumble.

Back turned to me, she walks away;
Grass and trees no longer sway.
Whites and blue turn to gray;
For the voices have woken and they say.

'Pain is your calling, she's yours no more;
Your dreams are fading and shall never soar.'
'The climate of your dream has been destroyed;
Replaced by its wake is this endless void.'

To dream again is my one passion;
But with you on my mind everything goes ashen.
I know that your future holds me no more;
And to move on without you tears at my core.

I know that our fights, our children do hate;
Affected them so, as of late.
Now it seems the end is closing in soon;
I feel trapped, alone, as if marooned.

Truth be told, it is you that I seek;
Dreams an escape now, I've become so weak.
For reality now, has become my nightmare;
And my dreams now, holds all that I dare.

For here in my climate of dreams;
You hold me for all time, has become the theme.
For this is the place that I remember when;
Laughter and love was hand in hand.

So here in the climate of my dreams;
The fabric of time has no seams.
Together we stand ever so close;
And to make it last time even slows.

My heart you have captured, to the end of time;
But reality breaks through and this is a crime.
For without you I stand and my dreams fall apart;
Never knowing my course or where to start.

So I close my eyes in the comfort of my dreams;
Reconstructing its land, pierced by a stream.
The sky I paint with whites and blue;
You by my side, through and through...

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  • Diana Rose Tolentino (5/30/2013 6:52:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    This is one of the best poems i have read so far. The words and the emotions seems to pour out smoothly from this page unto my heart.

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    • John Hess (8/2/2013 11:13:00 PM) Post reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Hope that you can take the time to read others I have written.

  • Vartika Pandey (5/26/2013 12:46:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Your beautiful poem relives the style of William Wordsworth and the best of romantic poetry.. Congratulations friend! I love this rhyme..

    Replies for this message:
    • John Hess (8/2/2013 11:11:00 PM) Post reply

      Thank you for the kind words, and I apologize for replying back so late. I hope that you have time to read the others I have written. Anyways thanks again.

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