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Pooja Dharmapal India (4/8/2013 11:57:00 AM)

Colourful Life:

Life comes in many colours,
To some it is colourful like a rainbow,
To some it is black and white,
To some it is grey,
But who is to tell
Whose perception is right?

There are some, who battle it with all their might,
There are some, who keep their head high in times of trouble,
There are some, who fall prey to their own pessimistic attitude,
There are some who inspire others and go a long way.

Life may not always seem as simple as it appears to be,
There are lots of twist and turns,
There are happy and sad days,
There are days when everything seems to be falling apart,
There are days when everything seems to be just right.

Like how there are infinite number of colours,
Life has infinite number of possibilities,
Infinite number of choices,
Infinite number of opportunities,
What decide one's fate are choices and the determination to work towards one’s goal in life.

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  • Rookie Angela Ilyas (4/14/2013 5:01:00 PM) Post reply
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    I really like your poem! It's full of life's colorful Truths! Keep writing and staying true to oneself! Good Luck to You! Blessings...

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