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Rachel Branscombe Rachel Branscombe Australia (12/16/2012 5:18:00 PM)

New topic everyone write a poem about loss

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  • Rookie - 0 Points Kandi Behagg (12/26/2012 5:38:00 PM) Post reply
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    Tragic Shock
    No one wants to believe
    All they can do is greive
    It should of never happened
    Tragic Shock
    The pain will not go
    The world is now a black whole
    Everyones tears begin to roll
    Tragic Shock
    The news was just to deep
    No one could speak
    Each innocent soul God will keep
    Tragic Shock
    They were all so young
    Their lives had just begun
    It all ended because of a gun
    Tragic Shock
    Everything is still a blurr It
    It truly shouldn't of occurred
    Without them lives wont be the same
    In the gun man lies all the blame

  • Rookie Tj Minchew (12/22/2012 8:26:00 PM) Post reply

    Downward Into Doom

    They say they want truth,
    But still refuse to see.
    They say they want the answers,
    But yet they don’t believe.

    With mundane lives,
    And one track minds.
    They float through life,
    And think their fine.

    Content with looking at the curtain,
    Not knowing what’s behind.
    Eyes wide open they swear they see,
    Not knowing they’ve been blind

  • Rookie China Kelly (12/18/2012 3:33:00 AM) Post reply

    These things don't give you a grin they make you feel as if you sinned
    As if you have nothing to amount to, it makes other people even doubt you.
    You become more insecure because that person that you thought would never hurt you, did,
    So you hid behind the curtains of despair only to remember who was there before you, so you can leave the rest behind you and let your new love find you,
    They say to never forgive or forget, but if you do you'll live in regret.
    For life has no time for sorrow, so dream of tommorow
    for this is YOUR time to be, so go back to sleep and only worry about your family.

  • Rookie April Swan (my Diary Of Bitterweet Chocolate) (12/17/2012 4:15:00 PM) Post reply

    'Campfire Dream'
    I thought that was love
    that greedy needy linger wispering in you eyes
    I thought that your love truly but was mine
    reflecting all my sighs
    but now fire has died
    just you and I
    but not thee
    a lie and the dream I wished inside.
    Good bye my sweet
    sweet glow of firelight

  • Rookie - 22 Points Leon Somer (12/17/2012 9:53:00 AM) Post reply


    Shaddows like flames consume,
    As broken tears grow like a weavers loom,
    A casket rest alone in lonely room,
    Silently awaiting the tomb.

    Waiting in silence,
    I hear the words,
    As they let out their longing hurt,
    Last good byes i can never say,
    Before the dirt,
    Hides me away.

    How painful it will be,
    When you are as you imagine me,
    To have to hear loves last goodbyes,
    And be unable to even cry.

    How lonely it is,
    To be alone,
    Laying inside the funneral home,
    And wishing that i could say.
    I love you, okay?

  • Rookie Ehiowoicho Abah (12/17/2012 7:05:00 AM) Post reply

    " Nooooooo" was her heart wrenched cry
    Tears flowed heedlessly
    When from her crouch she was pulled away,
    Her heart stayed behind

    Death has claws too strong
    Crushing the toughest of us.
    Time, they say, heals wounds
    But some gashes are too deep
    For it's penetrating tick tick

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