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Poemhunter Moderator Poemhunter Moderator Female, 36, Turkey (5/15/2012 1:23:00 AM)

Words & Music
A weekly segment of Friday Evening Classics with Will Duchon
On WMNR Fine Arts Radio


Dear friends,
“Words & Music” is a relatively new segment on my weekly radio program on WMNR. I’ve always loved good poetry, and the way a poem, like a piece of music, can evoke deep emotional and spiritual response. The format of “Words & Music” is simple: a poem is read immediately followed by a piece of music that, to me, reflects the soul of the poem…or vice versa.

WHAT TYPE OF POETRY MAY BE SUBMITTED?Generally speaking, I am looking for poems that are accessible, and have a “universal” appeal, meaning that they convey a particular emotion, perspective, or experience that many people can identify with (I realize this is a generalization) , rather than poems that are deliberately complex or contain references to obscure personalities or historical events, or the Civil War, or fried bananas, etc.

Because there are copyright laws regarding any broadcasting of written words, it is necessary that poems submitted for consideration be accompanied by a SIGNED letter of permission from the author, granting WMNR authorization to broadcast the author’s work. A simple letter is all that is needed, and can be submitted
1) Via e-mail: willduchon@gmail.com or
2) Via regular mail:
Words & Music/ Will Duchon
WMNR Fine Arts Radio
PO Box 920
Monroe, CT 06468

There is no compensation for any poetry used on “Words & Music”. WMNR is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station, staffed by volunteer broadcasters. We have quite a substantial audience, and there should be some satisfaction on the part of the poets to know that their work is being heard and enjoyed by many listeners.

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  • Rookie - 26 Points Elizabeth Fontaine Grieco (5/19/2012 7:21:00 AM) Post reply
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    Dear Will Duchon,

    I am happy to have this venue. I've been writing poetry for thirty or more years! I just recently started posting on
    www.poem hunter.com and became an overnight sensation with especially one poem called " Similarities" . My poetry
    is definitely inspired by the muse and I would like to read " The Driller's Wrath" if I may. But you can read my poetry
    on www.poemhunter.com and let me know which one you would like me to read aloud. I used to attend poetry
    forums and studied poetry and the classic for over two years. where we read in front of an audience. It was awe inspiring.
    Let me know if you like " Truth" and " Judgement" too.

    Thank-you for giving me consideration to share my words to the world...when you get back to me, I will send you that

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