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  • Arabella Picken (7/23/2013 6:41:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I'm kinda new to this. Please take a look at my poems; I'd love some feedback - good or bad. I really want to become a famous poet :)

    I'm 16 (nearly 17) and I'm from England.

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  • Klaas Chaos K Senamela (7/23/2013 4:48:00 AM) Post reply

    Dear Brothers And Sisters

    Can You Please Visit My Poem And Give Me Your Honest Opinion, Lets Support One Another Ladies And Gentlemen. Thanks In Advance

  • Hasnain Aaqib (7/22/2013 11:00:00 AM) Post reply

    Dear poets and creative minds,
    Why don't you have a look at my poetry and review and comment my poems?I would definitely love and welcome your criticism and appreciation of my poetry.
    I hope you wouldn't disappoint me in this regard.

  • Abhishek Sharma (7/21/2013 1:23:00 PM) Post reply

    andhera kamra

    dar lagta haii mujhe
    is andhere se
    aisa kyun ye mujhe
    bhi nhi pta
    kyun mai ghabrata hun
    is andhere kamre mai jaane se
    jahan kuch hai hi nhi
    aisa kyun ye mujhe bhi nhi pta
    malum kr lena chahta hun
    mai kya sach hai aur kya jhut
    kya koi raaz too ander
    nhi pal rha
    akhir kyun
    ye mujhe bhi nhi pta

  • Daegonius Bonapartae (7/20/2013 7:04:00 PM) Post reply

    this is an exorcism, the exo skeloten extractor back with his rexo listen, electro fission disects your molicular texture with this irregular secular mechanism, your diagnosed with uncontrollable scoliosis plus liver cerosis, witness the lyrical, metaphysical master mystical individual of spiritual crafts, i am the sorcerer, vocal recorder,26th century galaxy orbiter, straight from the infinite thought database i tought you how to combine the elements in vats to make pretty red acid, and then i cast it, fast at your dome with a rap never known, perfect cadence of science and math in a poem

  • Abhishek Sharma (7/20/2013 4:36:00 AM) Post reply


    mujhe aksar ye mehsoos hota hai
    ki mai kuch bhi nhi
    mere dil mai aksar
    ye bhi khyal ata hai
    ki mai hun ya nhi
    meri zindagi mujhe
    ajnabee si lagne
    lagi hai
    aur mujhe aksar
    ye bhi mehsoos hota
    hai ki meri zindagi ka
    koi maksad hai bhi yaa nhi..

  • Serena Silenced (7/18/2013 5:12:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    What It's Like To Be Me

    You don’t know what it is like to be me.
    To hear them laugh out loud as others make fun of me.
    To see them stare as I walk by.
    To hold it all inside and try not to cry.

    They go to each others houses and talk on the phone.
    I have no one; I am all alone.
    My family asks me if I am feeling okay.
    I lie, because what would I say?

    I haven’t known happiness in a while.
    When it’s expected I’ll use that plastic smile.
    In my room is the place that I hide.
    Sometimes I even contemplate my suicide.

    But I am not ready to give up- not just yet.
    There is someone for everyone, I try not to forget.
    I keep hoping that someone will come my way.
    I just hope that day isn’t to far away.

    I fear my heart is a portal with a locked door.
    Love was inside once but not anymore.
    I hope somebody will find the skeleton key.
    You just don’t know what it’s like to be me.

    (Tuesday, July 16,2013)

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  • Adam M. Snow (7/18/2013 1:51:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    *Please Comment*

    I have seen Maelstroms Eternal
    By: Adam M. Snow

    I write with flowers of ink,
    thou love poured out on page,
    in a slumbering alder away in endless flight;
    swaying with the stars, so white 'gainst the black night sky.
    Facing the horizons, on the calm black waters called -ink.
    -I write for thee that thou heart be free.
    I have seen maelstroms eternal,
    mount in my soul but endless;
    -An abyss without thee, I dare thee not.
    By starlight the rushes lean over thee wide:
    -The ink on the page is erased,
    -The text is long forgotten.

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    • Serena Silenced (7/20/2013 8:48:00 AM) Post reply

      Mmmmm I love the flowers of ink verse. You have an excellent way of expressing yourself. Very eloquent. :)

  • Abhishek Sharma (7/16/2013 12:33:00 PM) Post reply


    Kabhi Maii Zindagi Ko
    To kabhi mai in yadon ko
    Tarashne ki koshish karta tha
    In lamhon ko byan karne wale
    Kwhabon ko dhundne ki koshish
    Karta tha
    Mai zindagi kaa gulam thaa bas
    Chalta rehta tha
    Kahin idhar to kahin udhar bas
    Dar dar marta rehta tha
    Kabhi zindagi to kabhi dost
    Dhoka dete the
    Dost kaun aur dushman kaun
    Ye pata nahi bas mujhe
    Rota dekhna chahte the
    Kya krun kya naa karun
    Bas isi mai uljha saa
    Rehta thaa
    Zalim thi zindagi yaa phrr
    Zalim thi meri taqdeer
    Dono mai se kaun thi ye pata nhi
    Bas isi mai palta rhta tha
    Yadoon kaa pta nhii
    Naseeb mera khrab thaa
    Katill koi aur thaa
    Mgr gunhegaar mai thaa
    Zindagi kaa ye kaisa khel thaa
    Jeet taa koi aur thaa
    Aur hamesha harta mai thaa....

  • ipshita Chaki (7/15/2013 1:23:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    The Surreal World

    It rained from the earth and we waltzed on the sky,
    No soul was coerced to bid life goodbye.
    The Guns sprouted roses and thorns were all woolly-
    Everybody loved the well-behaved 'bully'
    The flowers chirped merrily and the birds smelled divine,
    Every thought was healthy and every night sunshine.
    Hey, parents don't you worry if your little girl is late
    Cause in this surreal world no one suffers that fate.

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