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  • Gulsher John (1/5/2013 8:01:00 PM) Post reply

    Candle in the wind

    In a dark gloomy night
    And the around was blessed with fear and fright
    Rain, lightning and thunder storm
    snatched away the sweet night`s charm

    A child of ten and two
    Was dressed in red and blue
    Lapped by a mother tight and close
    A last hug of her dear son, she knows.'
    In her tender but shivering arms,
    Try to make him calm.

    Her love Faith and tears
    All were melting in despair
    Helpless to ease her child`s pain
    She prayed but all in vain.
    The mother was sure
    That her son`s curse will never be cured
    And he will never see and hear
    The next rising sun and the morning cheers.

    In his meek broken voice
    The boy stated last his choice
    'But why heaven cursed me so?
    Like storm engulfs an exhausted dove
    Did I do any wrong that much?'
    That spared my soul for devil`s touch?'

    'I just followed the butterflies
    And echoed the singing birds cries
    Wandered around the daffodils and lilies
    And was friendly with every living species
    Loved the colors of rainbow
    And always versed in a gentle lingo, '
    Then why my cursed not ceased?
    Deprived from all fun and feast'

    Ah! His poor broken heart mother
    Kissed him hard and Burst into tears
    'O heaven send thy mercy
    Spare my child from such harsh tendency
    He is just two and ten
    And never did any sin.
    My heart is bleeding
    And you're even not heeding
    Bless his soul and ease his dying breaths
    Be kind O lord! In these hours of death.

  • Payal Parande (1/4/2013 8:08:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    n a black coal mine
    You are the diamond in the rough
    Shimmering as blazing as sun
    You have power to make us blind
    With your sheen

    On the saddest day of the life
    You are the miraculous joy
    Vehement, frenzied and raving
    You have power to make us cry
    With a laugh so hard

    In the abandoned entity
    You are a pleasant friend
    Amusing, affectionate and authentic
    You have power
    To make a veteran truth false

    I hoped you'll stay long
    But you may go because you wish to be so
    But the time with you
    Was crucial, candied and charming
    And no matter how far we live
    No matter how critical time we'll go through
    I'll always miss you
    I'll always miss you

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  • Rosemary Daguio (1/4/2013 12:24:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    My Amnesia Girl

    the past...the memories..all gone
    with the blink of her eyes..i can see nothing but darkness...'s all there.. could it be..
    everything that has been built..
    framed with laughter and tears..
    they.. all disappeared..
    too hard...too hard to bear..
    so many days..years that's been together..
    warmth on my arms..
    it's gone..
    now...just an innocent love whose trying to put things together..
    hoping for any strings..
    images of the past...
    that has been blurred..faded..and buried itself..deeper than the deepest ocean..
    and I...nothing but an old friend..that's what it should be..
    don't try to meddle..
    just past through the hurdle..
    and see what's next..
    I have no choice but to let it be..
    time should will..
    on any other way..these would be all right...

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  • Ronald Britcher (1/3/2013 7:42:00 AM) Post reply

    Hope can be Meaningful
    With sights in and sights out
    Giving up is not an option
    To overcome this doubt.

    Peace can be quietness
    With all the lights on or all the lights out
    Noise is not an option
    To overcome this doubt.

    Love can be sacred
    With intimate love and love that is Stout
    Hate is not an option
    To overcome this doubt

    Happiness can be at PEACE
    With HOPE and LOVE being loud
    Sadness is not an option
    To overcome this Doubt

  • Ronald Britcher (1/2/2013 9:15:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I look at my past with a simple blink
    Wishing you was here so we can still have a drink
    There was good times we had
    There was even times that were bad

    Our heart aches didn't last
    We always started over with a different task
    Hoping to see knew light
    While hoping it didn't end in a fight

    Mom said we are just alike
    When we talk were on a different flight
    Going on about bickering things
    We both ignore what cause's the pain

    At times we were tolerant to each other
    Is the best time we didn't want to be bothered
    I don't want this time to be sad
    Just want to tell you I love you dad

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  • Lex Cecilio (1/2/2013 4:15:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Title: Wired To Kill

    Once upon a time, when clocks weren’t real,

    Around the same time no one knew how to feel.

    A beautiful woman strolled through the square,

    A smirk on her face she knew people would stare.

    But not one pair of eyes pointed in her direction,

    Just silent winds, howling at her reflection.

    The woman was amazed at this unusual reaction,

    So she let her smile do all of the action.

    Still, no one looked, no one cared,

    Nothing but her smile and the sun’s red glare.

    Outraged by this mysterious place,

    Thoughts in her mind as she started to pace.

    Looking around, she saw a figure,

    Out in the far, it was the grave digger.

    She approached this man, and smiled at him,

    No response, as the sun starts to dim.

    Saddened by this terrible shunning,

    The woman thought of something very cunning.

    She re-approached the digger and grabbed his hand,

    Quick as the thunder, it turned into sand.

    Scared to death, the woman let out a scream,

    Just to find herself awoken from a dream.

    She started to weep, she started to cry,

    She catches her breath, while she let out a sigh.

    She looks to the corner, she see’s a man,

    Dead as the night, cold as a fan.

    In shock, she looked at her hand,

    Bloody like hell, it turns into sand.

    Beautiful, lost, and frozen still,

    Just a pretty face, wired to kill.

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  • David Crapper (12/31/2012 3:51:00 PM) Post reply


    Oblivion; eddies, tender tit-
    illation, spearheaded fluctuation;
    egressing from throat's abyss, our Father
    and Mother's virgin tongues lock in tranquil bliss.

    Por que brilliance bore membrane, Por qué?Porque!
    without porqué explodes synergies sin-
    gularity. Theories relativ-
    ity; therefore E=MC²!

  • Ehab Hassouneh (12/30/2012 2:39:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anyone up to a challenge i have this idea in mind we have around 20 contestant and we assign 3 judges the contest will be 3 round, first round only 10 poems will be selected from the 20 contestant, second round 5 poems from the 10 contestant, third round 3 poems, and the 4th and the final round only 1 poem will be selected and crowned the virtual imaginary crown of glory: p so who is up to it?

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    • Chime Justice Ndubuisi (12/31/2012 3:42:00 AM) Post reply

      Two Short Poems Lines Of Poetry Fall From Trees Lines of poetry fall from trees Like leaves fresh from its bud. They fall at random, They fall for nothing But never out of nothing. Trees ... more

  • Nithin Purple (12/29/2012 9:15:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Ode To Melancholy

    O 'melancholy, your hectic chill for human's soul,
    You with your dismal presence, any spirit does ascent;
    unto dreams of tranquil, restful,
    moist, and sometimes of direful views they went.
    Enigmatic woven waves are your curls,
    You traverse in each mystery we bent;
    where life is few configured amid wild whirls;
    Until deaths, mild eyes meet us in an airy haunt.

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  • Ketan Hukare (12/29/2012 5:45:00 AM) Post reply

    In the land unknown
    There lived two ineffable lovers
    Who daily met on a bridge
    Built between banks of a river.

    They were not too young
    They were not that old
    They just were teens......
    Still teens to behold.

    They thought about each-other
    Every second of the long day
    But when they would meet-
    Not a word to say!

    But even silence has a language
    Understood well by those eyes
    Which have affection and care
    But no place for lies.

    Alas! Considering the future
    They decided to part
    Yet they were connected somehow
    What a play of heart!

    They both grew up enough
    To stand tall by their own.
    But needed each-other desperately
    No longer they could stay alone.

    Then they met at the same bridge
    So happy to see eachother's faces.
    So happy to be together
    Like two ends of shoe laces.

    And I, the traveler from that land
    Has come to greet, to shake hand
    With the lovers who came here
    From my unknown land.

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