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  • Rookie - 64 Points Zeki Madjid (6/22/2013 5:45:00 AM) Post reply
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    On the wings of two angles I was brought into this world…
    My mother and father I’ve called them since I first spoke,

    To their arms I ran when I first walked…

    When my heart was not calm

    Their love would come…

    When no one believed
    They saw what others couldn’t see
    When I would cry
    With a calm sigh they would smile
    And the whole world would stop and the pain would die…
    They taught me to not lie…
    They taught me to be human…
    On the wings of two angels I was brought into this world…
    My mother…her beauty puts the stars to shame….
    My father…his heart stronger than all the men that walk among us…

    I thank my lord for giving me
    The biggest treasure on this world,
    Love that is clearly out of this world…
    Thank you…
    ????? ????

  • Rookie - 16 Points Julius Lenjatin (6/18/2013 9:48:00 AM) Post reply

    If we were born blind

    If we were born blind
    We couldn't have differentiated mankind
    We couldn't have seen the differences
    Marked as races

    If we were born blind
    We couldn’t have been able to find
    The differences in us
    Marked as colors

    If we were born blind
    We couldn’t have seen the many notions
    We couldn’t have seen these differentiations
    Marked as white or black nations

    If we were born blind
    We couldn’t have seen Julius as black
    We couldn’t have seen Nick as white
    Marked as racism

    If we were born blind
    We could have seen only one color
    We could seen the color of humanity
    Marked as uniformity and equality

  • Rookie Paul Okojie (6/17/2013 7:00:00 AM) Post reply


    I wish i was there
    i wish i had that chance
    i wish my eyes witnessed it
    i wish i was

    i wish i told her
    i wish she loved me
    i wish we will be
    i wish i never was

    i wish i am him
    i wish i had everything
    i wish i would never need
    i wish i was

    i wish i would be you
    i wish you would be me
    i wish it was us
    i wish i was

  • Rookie Doat Pham (6/16/2013 11:34:00 PM) Post reply


    Grasping is too much for one….
    Knowing is a different game.
    Judge me whatever way you please…
    Way I look is an excruciating vision and…
    Tormenting is a common thing…
    Damn it’s the same shit all over…
    Like a song says “Nothing Else Matters”
    Listen and then come…
    Experience it then I’ll let you…
    For now I’ll cry myself…
    To scare these tears runs in vileness.
    Turn off these lights is my wish…
    No more no more no more please.

  • Rookie - 10 Points Olumide Familusi (6/16/2013 4:54:00 PM) Post reply


    Every single day in Africa
    There's a child out there
    Who's hungry and sick without meds.
    And also without shelter and clothing
    Needing for your love and succor

    Every single day in Africa
    A child goes hungry to bed
    Looking badly malnourished and ill-fed
    Not sure where and when the next meal comes
    Lives in slums in unhygienic conditions
    In a bid to break barriers and above par

    Every single day in Africa
    A child drops out of school
    Due to Abject poverty and starvation
    And an inability to pay school fees
    Which results to disillusionment

    Every single day in Africa
    A child is psychologically abused
    Sent out on the cold streets
    To eke out out a living for his family
    Inspite of very imminent dangers on his way

    Every single day in Africa
    A child wakes up to harsh realities
    Sold into prostitution, slavery and crime
    Against their own very wishes
    To a world of hate and bestiality

    Every single day in Africa
    A child is faced with humiliation
    Despair and suppression of own voices
    He cant be heard and he's preyed upon
    In a world where he seeks protection and love

    So many have lost hope.
    Some have had their trust damaged
    Some are living for the day
    Waiting for what tomorrow brings
    In a cruel world that care less
    About the future of the Africa Child..

  • Rookie Kierra Davis (6/16/2013 9:43:00 AM) Post reply

    " The midnight tears"

    Silent cries awaken the night. Hearts breaking because of the fright. This battle here is such a hard fight. Never knowing if it's promised to be alright. The pain, the hurt && questions for God. Clueless, speechless && left alone. Dealing with these problems trying to stay strong. Where to go && who to go to.... wanting advice but nothing helps you. It's late, it's dark && the clouds begin to move. A crumbled heart && a mind very confused. Sorrow, hope, love they're all such words. Vision blurred, speaking slurred.Praying for this illness to be cured. This life that is lived, you will soon to forgive, the hurt is has caused. It's not easy, we noticed. And it is not accepted. The clock turns && midnight is here. Fear is alive && so are the tears.

    - Kierra Davis

  • Rookie Mohammed Jafer (6/15/2013 2:05:00 AM) Post reply

    Who am I?

    I dream of a garden of peace, I am alone walking on it with a hearty smile;
    When I wake up all I see are tides of darkness crawling on me like a snail,

    I dream of an angel, who whispers about peace
    I found is the devil, which apprehends me to please

    Why I am unable to reach out the sky?
    Who am I?Who am I?Who am I?

    I want to break the cage of the hate around me
    I want to free my soul from the omen surround me

    Perhaps, finding myself in me is a hard task
    May be I am someone who wears a funny mask

    Alas, I lost my identity with an Aim to fly
    Who am I?who am I?who am I?

    All I hear is Humanity taking a humble soft ride
    What I see is Cruelty intheir heart’s dark side

    To whom am I looking at (God) , to save my life?
    He who smiles, when I walk on the sharp knife!

    Yet, I prefer to live rather than die
    Who am I?Who am I?Who amI?

    Regards, - Mohammed Jafer

  • Rookie J Renee Holmes (6/13/2013 3:32:00 PM) Post reply

    I understand

    Do you have any idea how it feels to be stripped away of your person
    For your emotions to be taken for-granted made to feel total desolation
    Sometimes I’m recognized, sometimes I’m not
    It all depends on if the world loves me or not
    Will the world wait for me if I decide not to speak?
    For I have waited on the world & have been let down
    Love & hate such powerful words whose meanings can bring joyous days or devastating nights
    I am only human or did you forget
    My feelings aren’t here for you to use or dismiss
    You’re happy now & things are great
    What more can I ask for
    Or do I even have the right to ask anymore
    The things you said are etched in my mind as if written in stone
    You know what happens to the past it gets forgotten
    I’m a part of your past & your building a future
    Don’t misunderstand your happiness is my happiness, your gain is my reward
    I just hate to feel like I’m not important to you anymore
    I know I’m not as needed or wanted as the love of your life
    I can only ask that you remember me & our times without strife

  • Rookie Popeye The Sailor (6/13/2013 10:04:00 AM) Post reply


    The only thing that rules is money.
    For all the sour things, it’s honey.
    It’s the best thing to have and live with
    And things are away without this penny…..

    Today it dominates each and every thing.
    From childhood toys to a wedding ring.
    It’s true, it always runs away from the needy
    And sizzles with those have plenty to swing….

    Earlier it was an illusion now reality.
    Just own it and you have a variety.
    Show it and you can play any game
    And convert any fake thing to originality..

    No doubt, it’s the power and everything void.
    Use it anyway for any damn thing to avoid.
    Yet, it’s wish has ill-effects too
    And can send you from tranquility to paranoid……

    It makes new relations every time.
    On the surge of forgetting an olden time.
    It doesn’t bring all the happiness indeed
    And still we consider it the sweetest wine……

    So dude and dudette take this advice.
    Never go mad running behind this wine.
    Though, it tastes sweet but effects are sour
    And it’s a silent killer, will kill you anytime…….

  • Rookie Pamela Deloach Darby (6/10/2013 12:40:00 PM) Post reply

    How about a walk in the park
    How about a walk in the rain
    How about a piece of my heart
    How about me being vain

    Come stay with me
    Come be my love
    Come walk with me
    Come to me my love

    Test the water with me
    Test to seek my love
    Test the hands of time
    Test the stars above

    Long to be with me
    Long the hours of day
    Long to be my partner
    Long in every way

    Cast down the thoughts of high
    Cast down the thoughts of loss
    Cast down the worst of it
    Cast down the weary thoughts

    Lost is not an option
    Lost is to be found
    Lost is where we were
    Lost is behind us now.

    By Pam DeLoach Darby 6/11/13

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