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  • Connor Whyte (8/15/2012 4:32:00 PM) Post reply

    Wrote a new poem A Soldiers Lullaby would like to see what people think of it I am sure some people have members that it would relate to.

  • Ndubuisi Okona (8/14/2012 5:31:00 PM) Post reply


    Silence they say is golden and quite glittery
    All it ever brings is pain and total misery
    Everyone wants to be proved right
    But none wants to be left out in love
    A fresco of wasted dreams
    A collage of aspirations cast in streams

    Silence I hear is golden yet so deafening
    I try to speak it’s always a squabbling
    Really scared to disturb the peace
    Tried to piece back one good piece
    It was only a wink in the dark
    The pendulum did not swing back
    Watched love in profile take a dive
    Settled with the ripples of lies and unlusty lives

    Silence I see is golden and so so dazzling
    Autumn’s child came cool and strong
    A blink all green in me was gone
    Oh! The peals of heart break and it stings
    If I could detach my manhood and cry for a moment
    If I could reach back and erase that moment
    I walked up and said “how do you do”

    Twice I loved thrice she lied
    Can this justify my disposition?
    Kindly lace my Valium with deprivian
    Kindly deprive me of this oblivion
    So I could wake up to you
    Lay what is left on you
    Time tells if these would all come true.

  • Shania Bhayana (8/12/2012 11:20:00 AM) Post reply

    must see this once..
    hope everyone likes it :)

  • Immanuel Santos (8/11/2012 8:25:00 PM) Post reply

    She wants me

    A lovely rose kept with me
    And thorns that stuck into my bone,
    It becomes viral to heal the unknown roots,
    Letting me weaker and narrowing the things being hold.

    She wants me die on the vine loving her...

    The infinite moves growing taller
    And blocking my receptors to gather my senses,
    This partially restrained me to isolate from the reality,
    But it cuts my nerves nor feels anything yet I need morphine.

    She still wants me die on the vine loving her...

    My minds controls everything
    And my heart believes on something,
    Even i excreted totally from importantly nothing,
    But my backbone that holds my strength extremely grieving.

    She has it all and wants me die on the vine loving her...

    The cells that connects is strange,
    It binds me to keep me sicker and bitterer,
    And carries no cure that is very much late to take over,
    But the after effect of broken hearted continues to flicker.

    She really wants me to die on the vine loving her...

    There is something left that it haven't touch,
    It is my soul that shows me hopes and lay me on my couch,
    This is the finale of the road, even no clearer direction that much,
    The end point has been rough to get over the mirror line of my past.

    She wants and cursed me to die on the vine loving her...
    Corleto Immanuel Delos Santos

  • Dakotah Broce (8/10/2012 3:30:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    a broken boy and lonely girl
    now have eachothers heart
    they took this leap of faith together
    helpless from the start
    both in love with misery
    neither had a clue
    the fire they were playing with
    the damage it could do
    blinded by the butterflies
    sad theyll soon all burn
    their beauty lost to headrtache
    so much theyve yet to learn
    the things they had in common
    the ways they hurt and why
    the way the two were broken
    theyd both been left to find
    the two were good at falling
    in love and apart
    neither one could stop it
    helpless from the start
    finally finding someone
    that saw the broken view
    loved you more because it
    theyre pieced together too
    once so wrapped up in eachother
    what a shame to see
    only pain now comes from hearts
    that once brought such relief
    everything about them now
    was in the mists of change
    how they loved the way they lived
    not at all the same
    bound by all that hurts them
    not strong enough to run
    they fan the flames around them higher
    found hurts not so fun
    no longer did they savoir
    suffering in love
    pain is pain all hurts the same
    theyd finally had enough
    neither very strong still broken from the past
    they needed more then love to share
    if they ever hoped to last
    they both knew it was best
    they spend some time apart
    finally one was strong enough
    he had to break her heart
    the things they had in common
    the ways they hurt and why
    kept their love a tragity
    the world around them died
    neither one expected this
    as much love as they shared
    theyd let eachother fall so far
    they were supposed to care
    like the love that bound them
    before they had a clue
    their falling turned to dragging
    still nothing could they do
    even though it killed her
    neither could deny
    only bad they were together
    " i love you but goodbye"
    a broken boy and lonely girl
    had broke eachothers heart
    they took this leap of faith together
    hopeless from the start
    once in love with misery
    now they had a clue
    the fire they were playing with
    the damage it would do
    she knew without a doubt
    before he ever left
    his absence ripped her heart from her
    left helpless to the thieft
    lost all faith he had in her
    nothing could he believe
    his only choice to walk away
    pushed be her deciet
    so now know their story
    im sure by now you see
    the ways they hurt, and loved, and lost
    a lot like you and me...

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    • Mabel A (8/20/2012 6:00:00 AM) Post reply

      I like ur poem, its a journey of two hearts much like many. Its a tale that we can all identify with. I just wish you could inject more of your own person in it. Cause u seem to write from the point o ... more

  • Devaki Rockzz (8/10/2012 9:48:00 AM) Post reply

    god blessed every one and he gave different talents fr all but the talent is hidden in every person... when a person who knws his talent and who make it very valuable they are the people have real talent. if any person couldnt able 2 find his/her talent then we r the path to find der talent make them in a right path.

    every find talent from every one and say them to use it in a proper way then only we wil the grt role models.

  • Kharon March (8/9/2012 3:55:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hello all aspiring and current poets I hav been writing poets and i would like some reviews and comments and in return id be open to reading and reviewing yours Thank you all and I wish love and prosperty for you all

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    • Francisca Darko (8/20/2012 3:46:00 PM) Post reply

      Sure, I'll be reading your poems. I'm quite new to the site and I've only just started sharing my poetry so it would be appreciated if you commented and reviewed mine too.

  • Christine Clarke (8/9/2012 2:07:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello, I am Christine, a poet with a passion for writing, poems, songs and short stories. I am new to this site, it seems interesting and would like to know more about it....Thanks..

  • Kathryn Frumberg (8/9/2012 1:00:00 PM) Post reply


  • Annamaria Gagno (8/9/2012 12:27:00 PM) Post reply

    Death beneath my own heart, how can she explain herself, the death toll, risen for a reason, not knowing when or how, just there to understand, no one in life is perfect, she guesses she ain't the one, God came into the light, surround her with a vision of interest, there is hope to fight, there is peace of harmony, faith is to believe, inside herself,
    God is there, to hold her hand, guide her within, the most vision of beauty, God gave her strength to let it go, beauty is the love of God; God gave her the answer, of her death to be, spoken up others, why must she go, God came to her, it's time, when is the time, to say good-bye, to our loves ones, mostly her children, she'll die in peace,
    Knowing who is awaiting for her in the gardens of love, the one most, missed, the general life once there, he was gone, before her time, God came to him, my loving husband, who is much missed by all who endure him, now, it's time for her, to go to her, but God will guide her, to the one, who gave her all, the beautiful within her soul, no one shall endure the faith, she will rise, to the sun, she will tear for the moment, when it rains, letting go, is the most hardest, to do, she knows now, children are all gone, on their own, married, children, loved by all, they will seek, the loving mother once here now gone, grandchildren, will remember the smile, each time, they will arrive, to grandmothers house, as they enter, there is a sent of a smell, fresh baked goods, children of their grandmother, they'll remember the smile, to who she is, now they old the key, of their own parents, to how the loving family is, not now, grandmother gave, the skills, what families are suppose to do, remember us, let her go, she will reunited with her beloved love, a husband to her, a father to his children, and grandfather they never got to know, all stories were told by their loving parents and grandmother, to who was, their grandfather was like, missed by all, now they know, grandmother will be missed, know the silence will be gone, remain, the trust, within their beloved children, as they stand tall, looking beyond a journey, that came to the end, seeing their love ones go, sending a messege through their own hearts, peaceful they know, grandmother pain has gone, reaching out to the sky, God is there, to guide her, to the one she missed, her beloved soul mate, who became all to her, the love of death, is knowing death became beneath her only heart, to die in peace, for the harmony of a blessing, is knowing, God hears each Prayer said and done.

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