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  • Benjamin Michael Clark Rookie - 1st Stage (3/25/2013 3:56:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    Ralph Abate, March 25th,2013

    On a good day-
    She celebrates 'round noon
    On a good day-
    She celebrates nude-

    She doesn't want
    Babies - doesn't need anyone-
    She doesn't want
    To change her attitude-

    She traps you with her stare
    She traps you like a tomb
    & You become ancient in
    Her pyramid-

    You could take her
    For a spin like she's
    A Bentley, but she's
    Been bent before-
    Yes, she's been bent plenty (x2)

    She comes wrapped
    In red velvet-
    A perfect present-
    Her dirty blonde locks

    Hang beside the Mountain Tops-
    But she's suspended just for you-
    & She doesn't cost a thing-
    Just a number on the Flute

    & You'll come runnin'
    Back to her before noon
    But she'll be in bed
    With another dude-

    You could take her
    For a spin like she's
    A Bentley, but she's
    Been bent before-
    Yes, she's been bent plenty (x2)

    Yeah yeah just watch her
    Hips move right to your

    Yeah yeah she'll just continue
    To 'till age changes the way
    She looks into the mirror
    & Things become clear-

    Memories of men
    Who played joyful songs-
    Who played sad songs
    Oh the infinite ruse (x2)

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    • Julianna Mcleod (3/27/2013 10:51:00 AM) Post reply

      goof but you need to make it flow better lol: P like transision words: P

  • Sreedevi S Rookie - 1st Stage (3/20/2013 1:58:00 AM) Post reply

    My Biggest Pretend

    His eyes have grown big like a cat
    I think I am in love with you, he purrs
    I flinch at those words
    Inside, my dark tarnished heart trembles
    No, it's an impossibility it says
    You know how it all plays
    You will hold hands and walk through the beach
    He will crack jokes and you will pretend to laugh
    But one day you will laugh quite easily
    Your trigger to be careful
    You would tell him a million times that you love him
    But never looking at him in the eye
    Watching him only in the depth of his sleep
    He is feeling like the pretty tea- cup you press to your lips
    Envies the tea that you take in, its warmth touching you inside
    But he doesn't know what's quite wrong yet
    Doesn't know what to demand
    Until one day with those big sad eyes he tells you he is sorry
    Can't do this anymore
    And you shiver faking surprise
    You watch him as he walk out of the door
    Yes you have won
    Broken him
    In the process shattering into a million pieces
    But a million colours is what I see in his eyes right now
    I look at him and I laugh like he has cracked the biggest joke
    My biggest pretend yet
    He turn his eyes away hurt, offended
    And I close my eyes as he gently walks away

  • Bryn Morgan Rookie - 1st Stage (3/18/2013 12:48:00 PM) Post reply

    The Hour is Late

    Light breaks its back onto the eternal night
    This night with its strange currents
    Its little tricks and shaded faces
    I let myself to the oh wondering dark
    I know that light is coming
    But in this tip of the head I am sodden
    My cawing heart has found his place
    Amongst the endless space
    Populated with those that are
    And will forever be forgotten.
    Bryn Morgan

  • Gin-nie Tanner Smith Rookie - 1st Stage (3/17/2013 7:08:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Among the Stars
    Gin-Nie Tanner Smith, August 28,2009, Copy Right 2009

    There; among the beauty of the stars lay a vision of heaven,
    as per our limited perception and definition,
    for we tend to see only within the span of our reach;
    The heavens are mysterious, vast and awe inspiring,
    much like a fervent believer's faith and position,
    Beckoning points of light shimmer from the darkness,
    angels, perhaps in a poetic mind, guiding us to contrition,
    Lends inspiration to our hearts and souls longing to be,
    part of the magnificence of God's family and creation;
    The freedom of winged celestial bodies and infinite space,
    from the earth-bound fears and self-made constriction;
    There; among the beauty of the stars lay a vision of heaven.

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    • Scarlett Voight (3/17/2013 11:41:00 PM) Post reply

      Wow, that is amazing and just a real thought of things that cant truly be seen. Anyone can relate to this not just Christians but everyone, cause we all wonder what is beyond that which our eyes cant ... more

  • Ayzhelle Mendoza Rookie - 1st Stage (3/15/2013 1:46:00 AM) Post reply

    Brimming with venom inside,
    Raging like a storm, struggling to conceal,
    to thwart thy recrudescing past
    from lacerating a tiny blood chunk
    that is beating in my chest.

    I can't remember whispering
    those three little fancy words
    in the most unpretended form
    next to meeting a beautious soul.

    I am not perfect.
    I wontedly dominate things
    But with thee, thou have learned to
    do things beyond thy limits.

    Thine forever, Thine forever!
    thou shall cherish, thou shall remember.
    Thine flaws, thou shall understand.
    Cold seasons, Thou shall withstand.

    Thy existence will be a fiasco, a ninny
    Without thine love, Thou will be worthless like a dead sea.
    for thou shall never live for more than a jiffy
    with a lifeform other than thee

    I will love thee.
    that is all I'm gonna do.
    Thou shall never utter this as a promise.
    for promises are known to break a lot of trust.
    I will be with thee.
    It doesn't matter how.
    At night, when stars are obscured by the clouds.
    Thou shall be there, Thou shall comfort thee.
    You have saved me, You have loved me.
    Thou shall save thee, thou shall love thee.

  • T Herndon Rookie - 1st Stage (3/13/2013 1:57:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    He ran out of a building,
    Nothing more than a mud shack,
    Covered in dirt and feces,
    I felt like he knew my name,
    I felt as if I was in relation with the child,
    He opened fire:
    The AK-47 kicked his shoulder like a mule,
    Hot, sizzling wasps whispered obscenities in our ears,
    As they flew by on a mission to sting whoever,
    His mechanical wasp's nest seizures relentlessly,
    We all knew what had to be done, but nobody
    Wanted to say the words,
    We fired:
    Tears hammered the desert beneath us,
    Quenching its insatiable thirst,
    We put midnight into his eyes,
    And made a wish for the boy,
    We wished we could stand there forever,
    Crying, filling a well full of our tears,
    So they would never have to walk
    More than ten feet for water,
    They would have the ocean on their doorstep.

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    • Donnaj York (3/18/2013 7:57:00 PM) Post reply

      Moving.........leaving me with a feeling of empty sadness. To those who do what must be done, thank you. To those who destroy the childhoods and lives of young boys, making them do the war work ... more

  • Anoop Nair Rookie - 1st Stage (3/13/2013 1:28:00 PM) Post reply

    I Like My Friend

    I like you not just because you are beautiful
    you sure is so beautiful
    you know it does not have to come from me as
    you must have already got that from hundred of guys i am sure

    you are so elegant that
    you know it would be a lie if i tell
    you that i did not skip a beat when
    you come up the steps while i sit on the front terrace

    oh good lord tell me a single soul who would not blush
    when he look at that long lovely nose and cherry lips
    oh good lord how you make someone breathless
    when he look at that oval shaped chin dimples
    oh lord this sacred creature is blessed with silky hair
    oh god the best feature is her splendid smile

    your charm is so adorable that
    you can set off a firestorm in brigade road if
    you just walk pass by
    you can melt the eyeball of any guy you want i am serious

    you are the inspiration of any poet
    you are the illusion of any painter
    i have no more words for this miracle
    god's creation, you are beyond comparison

    dear friend these compliments are not flattery
    dear friend these are sincere appreciation of beauty
    dear friend you can easily mistaken my approbation and lavish praise
    dear friend i am not writing I am speaking from my heart

    i am not perfect but i try to do my best to be true to every one
    i come in contact with
    i am an ordinary guy with no extra ordinary ability but
    i am a firm believer of trust, respect, share and care

    i never had any fraction of displeasure when
    you did not pick up the phone or stop messaging
    i never had any wrath when you were busy
    i never knew anyone who tried to understand you better than i myself

    i like you because there is a gentleness in the way you speak
    i like you because you listen every time i say something
    i like you because you make me a spontaneous conversationalist
    i was always boring in reality

    i like you because you picked up the phone when you were sick
    i like you because you called me after knowing that i am married
    i like you because you responded when i called during odd hours
    it shows the goodness in you
    i thank you a million for being nice with me

    i like you because i like your sense of humour
    i like you because i consider you as a good human
    i like you because i respect you
    i like you because i like your friendship simple plain and straight forward

    i like you because you are not just another pretty face
    i like you because you are intelligent and highly artistic
    i like you because you are not the stereotypical beauty with no brains
    i like you because you are sharp with a bubbly personality

    i like friendship because its love but not being in love
    i like friendship because its unconditional acceptance without prejudice
    i like friendship because friendship is about accepting one's bright as well as dark side
    i like friendship because its trust but it should be two sided

    i like friendship because its caring even for small things
    i like friendship because its heavenly but only for those who do not let the true friendship go
    i like friendship because it's for those who live life to the fullest
    i like friendship because it's for those who knows that we all live only once

    i like friendship because it's for that real person without any hidden agenda
    i like friendship because it's for those who have a heart and soul
    i like friendship because it's not for the chicken hearted
    i like friendship because it's not for those who procrastinate a helping hand when others crying for help
    i like friendship because it's not for that con man who take advantage of everything

    friendship is divine just like your name
    i like you because i like your friendship

  • Anoop Nair Rookie - 1st Stage (3/13/2013 1:23:00 PM) Post reply

    Dream of a Secret Lover

    Let me see your eyes from the Burj Khalifa vantage point
    Let me see you from my bird's eye view at the kumbh Mela stampede
    Let me look down from Jungfraujoch and find you
    Let me dream both of us waiting in the long line in front of Eifel Tower
    Let me enjoy this reverie of us sky walking at the Grand Canyon

    Let us dream again and go to Amsterdam and pluck some Tulip flowers
    Let me take you to Times Square for Crystal Ball Drop
    Let me take you in front of Geneva Lake and eat some Movenpick ice cream like nobody else
    Let me let you sit in my Ferrari and drive like a Schumacher through the Autobahn
    Let me show you the changing colour of Maple leaves during a fall in Vancouver

    Let's go to Kiwi land and do some Bungee jumping
    Let me follow you as a camouflage while you hiking in Amazon jungles
    Let's go with Venetian and enjoy the Gondola ride
    Let's do some Merengue in Acapulco until we both pass out
    Let's do some scuba diving at the Caribbean

    Let's sleep all day long at the Kumarakom house boat
    Let's learn some Tagalog in Manila
    Let's get some nice tan at the Gran Canary
    Let's dress funny in Rio de Janeiro carnival
    Let's play blackjack at the Vegas Bellagio

    Let's drive through the palm trees in Nice and sip some French wine
    Let's go to Psy's concert in Seoul and dance like oppan Gangnam style
    Let's take Carnival Cruise and have a candle light dinner in the middle of Mediterranean
    Let's play hide and seek like small kids in Coorg coffee plantations
    Let's gulp some Sushi in Tokyo

    Let's stroll through the streets of Vienna
    Let's snorkel all the way to Havana from Key West
    Let's try to infiltrate through the Gaza strip to find some Pyramids in Cairo
    Let's listen to Beethoven's symphony at the Sydney Oprah House
    Let's go to White House and have lunch with Michelle Obama

    Let's pray at the Angkor Wat until all the above dreams become a reality
    Let's go through all the trouble in my dream and make some sense in life
    Let's dream on, dream on like Aerosmith
    Let me be the secret lover

    Let me find my soul mate with my heart and soul or
    Let me perish as a kamikaze in this love war zone

  • Baylie Persson Rookie - 1st Stage (3/13/2013 2:55:00 AM) Post reply

    The Average Questions.

    Not good.
    No one sees my pain.

    I hide under a wall.

    A wall of happiness,

    Or so it looks like.

    I’m dying inside.

    I feel my soul,
    Giving way,
    No one cares.

    I had a person to lean on.

    He left,
    Turn different.
    He’s not Jayden anymore.

    He’s Nedyaj.

    Nedyaj doesn’t like me.
    He dislikes me.
    He’s hurtful.
    They all are.

    WHY! ?
    Why should I care?

    Let it roll off my back, huh?

    I won’t let it roll!

    For all eternity.

    I want to watch their faces at my funeral.
    See how sad they are.

    Will they even be sad?
    Will they still know happiness to carry on?

    I doubt they’ll care.

  • Hao Cheng Rookie - 1st Stage (3/8/2013 4:51:00 AM) Post reply

    Web Site on the Mind
    by Victor

    What blows you onto my mind,
    On a windy and foggy night,
    Along the riverside, across my heart.
    Your innocent smiles weave like water towards me,
    Mists lift, lamps cheer,
    What is melting my soul bit by bit
    - is a whole new website.
    Slow down, time!
    Just let me click that website.

    March 03,2006

    Remark: Thanks to David for helping revising the poem so that you could appreciate it as it is now.

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