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  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:57:00 PM) Post reply


    Looking Out For Love
    Just Be Careful
    When You Turn That Key
    And Don’t Turn
    Don’t Turn The Knob If
    You Think It’s Going To
    F%$^ing Burn

    Burning Your Hands
    Are You Burning
    On Your Own Front Door?
    Yeah Burning My Hands
    No I’m Not Playing
    No I’m Not Joking
    I Think Someone’s
    Trying To Settle A Score

    Absolute Power
    Can Lead To Absolute Betrayal
    Now, I’m Not Laughing
    But Be Careful
    When You’re Still A Fool
    Well It’s Still Me Here Trying
    Trying To Help
    Help You With Your Right Tool
    Yes It’s Just Me Who Is
    Trying To Stay Cool
    And Yet,
    I’m Not Even Close To You

    Do Your Dreams Always Work Out
    Even In Another Time?
    Why Don’t You Just
    Keep Drinking
    Keep Drinking Your Own Pathetic Stale Wine

    I’m Not Playing, I’m Not Shaking
    With You Any More
    I’m Not Going Down
    Yeah I’m Not Going To Burn For Any Score
    Haven’t We Seen All This Before
    Behind Your Door?
    Yes - Haven’t We Seen It All Before

    Now Look At Your Hands
    Look At Your Face
    Look At Your Eyes
    Those Eyes
    Now Tell Me Who’s Burning

    I’ve Already Tried Cooling You Down
    But Yours And My
    Wishing Well Has Already
    Gone Bone Dead Dry
    And That’s Why You Haven’t Heard
    You Own F^%$ing Bell

    Now You’re Burning
    Yeah Now Burning
    Burning In Your Empty Cell
    Burning Yourself All The Way To Hell

    666 Is Just A Number To Me
    Some Chose It For This
    Some Chose It For That
    People Living In Reality
    Already Know That Shit
    Our People Don’t Worry
    Worry About Little Fire Ants Like You
    But Maybe Only A Few –
    Yeah Maybe The Few That Will
    Never Be Free

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:56:00 PM) Post reply

    All That I Needed:

    I’m Sorry For The Pain
    I’m Sorry For My Rain
    Yeah I’m Sorry For That Dark Rain
    I Finally Found Who I Am
    You Never Forgot Who I Really Was
    Always Offering Your Help
    I Just Took A Long Time
    And Finally Found My True Self

    I’m Sorry For The Stress
    Yes, I’m Sorry For The Distress
    I Wasn’t Just Being Self Fish
    Just A Little Stressed
    Just A Little Distressed
    That You Would Be
    Taken Advantage Of
    And Fooled
    By Some Snakes That Never Rest

    I’ll Always Care
    Always Know Your True Hearts
    As I Have From The Start
    In That Time
    And Over Time
    Sometimes Lazy
    Not Gentle Enough For You
    Still Living In The Fast Lane
    When It Was The Right Time
    To Slow Down

    I Would Never Lie To You
    It Was Me Causing Your Explosions
    No Fault Of Yours Anywhere And
    Still Trying, Supporting Me
    Still Trying, Not Letting Me Go In Your Heart
    But I Was The One Who Was Corroding
    And Should Have And Could Have
    Easily Fixed It From The Start
    I Guess I Never Got That Part

    Over Time, You All Will See
    The Real Truth About Me
    I’m Not Worried Anymore
    As Your Own Intelligence
    Will Let You See,
    What You Need To See
    That I’m Just A Friend
    With No Evil Agenda
    Just A Friend Around The Corner
    Yeah It’s Still Me

    I’ll Always Be There
    Be There For My Children
    Anytime And Anywhere
    You Know You Can Depend On Me
    See, It’s Still Just Me

    Nothing Here
    Nothing Said Today Is Just A Line
    It’s All About The Truth
    And In The End
    That Should Be Fine
    All I Needed Was Time
    Time To Heal
    And Time To Deal
    Like We All Already Know
    All That I Needed Was Time To Feel.

    Now All That Has Been Said
    That Needs To Be Spoken
    As You Now Know
    Some Things In Me Have Always Awoken
    Yeah Never Really Broken
    When All Is Said And Done
    There Is Nothing Lost
    Yeah When All Is Said And Done
    There Is
    No Love Lost.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:54:00 PM) Post reply

    Have ONE On ME:

    I’m Still Thinking
    Thinking About Last Night
    Yes Still Dreaming
    Dreaming A Tomorrow’s Dream
    Have You Forgotten
    Forgotten Tomorrow
    Forgotten Me
    Everything Already?

    Yeah We’re Not Tired, Just A Bit Wired
    No Not Tired, Yet
    So Have One On Me
    Just Have Another One On Me
    And I’ll Have 3
    Angel I Said
    Just Have One More On Me

    Morning Is Nearly Here
    I Should Get Some Sleep
    Before The Sun Hits Our Room
    But You’re Still To Beautiful
    Too Beautiful For Me
    So We Better Lock The Door Soon
    Yes, Welcome To The BooM

    Sometimes I Can See Past Your Heart
    And Feel Your Love Inside
    Don’t Get Embarrassed
    Just Show Your Pride
    And Have One On Me
    Just Have One Absinthe On Me
    Yep, Now We’re Back To The Start

    Yeah We’re Still Awake
    Making Love – Half Asleep
    Laughing And Screaming
    Why Not Another One On Me
    She Had Another One On Me
    Am I Still Dreaming?
    Dreaming About Last Night
    Yeah Still Thinking
    Thinking About Yesterday
    I Know You Haven’t Forgotten About Me
    Haven't Forgotten How To See

    You’re Still So Beautiful
    So Beautiful - An Angel To Me
    Still Seeing Beyond Your Heart
    See Her Love Inside, Now The Absinthe
    Is Turning It All Inside Out
    Be Proud My Angel And Have One More
    On Me
    But Only If You Can See!

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:52:00 PM) Post reply


    I Can See You
    Coming From A Mile Away
    I Can Hear You Thinking
    Thinking Every Day
    I Can See Your Motive
    Even In The Ashtray

    But It Won’t Break Me
    It Won’t Break Me
    Whatever You Try
    You Can’t Break Me, Cause
    Are My Stool
    You Won’t Break Me – I’m A Misfit Already
    Haven’t You Heard Of That Tool?

    Walls Can’t Hold Me
    Your Doors Won’t Stop Me
    Mind Is Clear
    My Mind Is Fine Right Through
    But Do I Have
    A Maze For You

    You Won’t Break Me
    Silly One Understand
    In My Life There Is No Strife
    So Go Back To Where
    You’re From
    Go Back Where You Really Belong
    We Will Never Get Along
    And..I Think You’ve Already Heard This Song

    You Can’t Break Me
    Can’t Break Me Down
    Logic And Reason
    Always More Powerful
    But I’ll Throw You A Bone
    Just Take Your Little Clip Board Notes
    And Try And Carve Them In Stone
    In Stone

    Have You Seen Your Exit Yet?
    Have You Read Your Next Line Yet?
    Haven’t Felt My Words Yet?
    Cause It Might Just Burn You
    Even In A Cool Shade
    Yeah Even In The Dark Shade
    In Your Dark Shade

    Your Heart Of Darkness
    Won’t Confuse Me
    It Won’t Use Me
    Cause All I Need Is Me – You See
    No One Can Break Me
    As, I Am – Just Me
    Being Free
    And No One Can Break It
    Break It From Me

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:49:00 PM) Post reply


    Never Really New
    From The Beginning
    Looking Up At The Stars
    Yes The Stars Were Shining
    Running Around Like Children Do
    But At Night Roaming The Streets
    Looking For New Friends To Meet

    Our Sun Is Still Shining For Now
    Earth Is On The Right Tilt
    On Its Right Axis
    But It Really Doesn’t Take Much
    To Distract Us

    Some Say:
    An Extinction Level Event
    Is Coming
    Some Pray:
    For Some Of This Special
    And Deadly Rain
    To Wash Away Our Worlds Pain
    And Some Claim:
    They Know The Date, But
    They Are Just Foolish Or Insane
    No One Knows Our True Fate

    Every Eon
    Every Age
    Just Natural
    Earth Changes
    Not Many Are Man Made
    Changes In Space Right Above
    But Out
    Right Of Our Control
    Scaring Some Right
    Through Their Soul

    Some Call It The New Age
    I Just Call It A Progressive Stage
    Maybe It Is The End
    The End Of This Age
    But I Think We’re Ready
    For This New Stage

    A New Stage Of Intelligence We Will Follow
    The Sun God J.K Is Almost Finished
    As It Even Said “I’ll Be With You
    Until The End Of The Age”
    Remember Age Equals Eon And Eon = Age

    All Evolving, All Receiving
    Looking Forward
    Not Backward
    We’re The Ones Who Survive
    Each Eon Or Age
    Not Afraid Of Any New Stage
    This Is The Nature Of Things
    It’s What It Can Bring
    Every So Often
    Something Erupts In The Sky
    Erupts In Out Of Space
    But On Earth We Can Get
    A Dangerous Light Show
    Yes A Dazzling, ...And Magnetic Display
    But Dangerous Magic Embrace

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:46:00 PM) Post reply


    Maybe I Was Wrong, To Go On
    Really Wrong
    To Go On
    And On
    I Was Right When I Was Right
    And I’ll Always Win That Fight
    All I Really Did Was Plan To Sing
    Yes, Sing All Night
    Can I Go On?To See What I Bring?

    Maybe I Was Wrong, Not This Time
    Not This Time At All
    I’ve Always Had A Fine-Line
    But Chose The Right Line
    Not Picking On The Small
    But Sometimes I Did Fall

    Right Equals Right
    Can Let That Rest?
    Any Mistakes?– Yes, I Confess

    What Ever The Occasion
    No One Is Always Right
    So If I’m Wrong Don’t
    Get Uptight
    Because I Will Not Fight

    Seeing Through Your Lies
    Are A Little Easy For Me
    I Came From The Same Neighborhood
    Remember – I Won That Fight For Good
    Won From Your Very First Major Lie
    I Was Next To You
    At Your Starting Line

    Maybe I Was Right, Maybe You Were Wrong
    But True Facts = Equals Real Truth
    Every God Damn Time

    If You Want To Dance
    Go Right Ahead
    If You Want To Play
    Better Stay In Sync
    Better Look In The Mirror
    And Not Forget
    To Be Sober And Use True Ink
    If You Are Really My Friend
    As Your Lies, Even When In Ink
    Would Burn Under My Fire
    Yeah Burn From My Fire

    Questioning Your Judgements
    Now?- Seeing Through
    Your Self-Deception?
    Because You’re Shouting Me Gifts Again
    That Would Never Quiet Me Down
    I'Ve Already Paid For My Sins, And That Has Nothing To Do With Religion,
    I’m An Atheist Too
    You Silly Clown
    Don’t You See?
    The Pen Has Always Been
    Always Been More Powerful Than The Gun
    Can You See At All?

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:45:00 PM) Post reply

    A NEW State:

    I’m Back Into, Entering The Maze
    Or Something New To Find
    Yes, Just Passing Through?
    Just Passing Through
    The Next Phase

    We Wonder
    Wonder When Our Time Has Come
    Some Say It Will Take Forever
    Could Be True
    But We All Have Seen A Thing Or 2

    Some Times Black Stars Shine
    Am I The Only One - Hope Not
    It Could Be Put On My Epitaph?
    Survival Always Strong, Strong At The Start
    Lifelong, Stronger In The Heart

    What Ever It Is
    Whenever It Rises – The New State
    Will Always Stay, Always Be
    Ready I Say
    No Matter What It Is
    The New State Will Always Get To Play

    Time Ticking Sometimes Feels
    Like A Rock
    Always Looking For A New State To Dock
    Cities By The Sea?
    Sounds Good To Me
    There Is No Bitter End
    Just A Better End
    The Days’ Are Still Hot
    Some Nights Are Still Cold
    For We Are All Just Here
    Waiting For The New State
    Watching It All Unfold

    I Just Got Out Of That Last Maze
    It Was Just Something
    That Could Never Work
    Something Just Like A Hazy
    Memory, Something We Already Solved
    Who We Really Are
    From What I’ve Been Told
    Who We Really Are?
    You Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet
    No We Are Not - Just One History Scar

    In The New State
    We Should Smoke A Cigar?
    Cause If Our Time Has Really Come
    Are You Ready For It All?
    Or Will You Just Fail
    Will You Wail
    When This World Falls Apart?
    Yes When Your World Falls Apart?

    Not Everyone Will See It All Through
    Maybe Not Even Me Or You
    But One Thing I Know Is Sure
    There Will Enough Last One’s Standing
    To Make This All Work Pure
    Last Ones Standing

    Never An Easy Job, But Just Remember
    The Last Ones Standing Will Be There
    When The Corrupt Fall Apart
    When The Churches Fall Apart
    When The U.S Of A Begs To Be Saved
    Yes, When The Old New Word Order
    Is Taken Down
    When The New Age Takes Its Crown
    Takes Over From All The Older Fools
    Who Thought They Were The Clever At The Start
    The Elite
    Won’t Want To Let Go From Their Savage Bite
    Not A Pretty Site - A Lot Will Cry…
    And A Lot Will Die

    Although In The End Science, Youth & Intelligence
    Will Win Their Plight
    Yeah Will End The Whole, But Bloody

    After That, Not Much Left
    Those In Power Give The Cue
    For The Venus Project To Start
    Designing The Future – Looking Forward
    And Ahead Of Their Own Time
    To Shine And Rebuild Our Timeline
    And It’s About NOW
    Yes NOW Is The Right Time

    For It Is A New State
    Already Thought Of
    Already Plans Drawn
    Drawn Up Many Years Ago
    Give Your Thanks This Time
    Give Your Credit – Please Guess
    Who Saved Your Life – New Chances?- Yes I Think So
    New Stances
    New Chances For All Our Children - Yes Yours And Mine

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:43:00 PM) Post reply

    Home RUN:

    Did You Hear That Thunder Scream?
    Everything Is Not What It Seems
    Did You See That Lightning Strike
    Yes Right On Top Of You
    It Just Missed Me To

    Stars Falling Down
    Your Empathy Starts To Drown You, Please!
    Don’t Throw Away Those Tears
    Yeah Just Don’t Throw Away Those Years
    Don’t Throw Away These Years
    Always Watching
    Always Listening To The Skies Above
    Not Many People –
    Look Up These Days
    Not Even A Star Gaze- Far Away
    Too Busy Following Each Other
    Around In Their Own Little Daze

    Just Say You’ll Be Home Soon
    Very Soon, I Bet
    Yeah Home Very Soon, Even
    Better If It’s On The Moon
    I Know It’s Not April Fools Anymore
    Sorry About That
    I Just Had To Settle Another
    Personal Score
    Just Like A Home Run
    I Think You Understand
    Cause This Is Just The Beginning
    Not My Last Stand
    It’s My Home Too
    I’ll Be Home Soon
    Yes, It’s My Own Home RUN

    We Heard The Thunder Scream
    Yeah Everything Is Not
    What It Seems
    Most Of The World Is A Stage
    But Not Anymore – Not On My Page
    Did You See The Lightning
    Before It Missed Me?
    Did You Feel The Lightning
    Enter Your Body
    Yeah It Only Sparked You
    Sparked You Today
    But I’m On My Home Run Every Day

    Always Watching
    Always Listening
    Yes To The Space Above
    Don’t Worry You Won’t Be Going
    Home Soon, Not Even To The Moon.
    Just Find Your Own Home Run
    Maybe Then
    You Could Reach Your Sun

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:41:00 PM) Post reply


    It’s Found
    Found In The Back
    In The Back Of Our Minds
    Science And Sanity We Will Find
    It’s A Redesign Of A Culture
    Yes, It’s Back In Our Hands
    Always Backing Up Each Demand

    A Firm Hand Is Needed
    The Sleight Of Hand Required
    To End The Distortion Of Our Time
    Time To End The Hatred And Lies
    Some Might Even Try To Escape
    Escape And Fly Away Like Flies

    Watch Out For The
    Devils, Drugs And Doctors
    Still Trying To Redesign
    But They Spoiled Their Chance Last Time
    Just Like The Economic Hit Men
    From The Past
    These People Will Never Last
    Cause We’ve Always Been Watching
    Been Watching Strong And Fast

    Welcome To A New Future
    Yes Welcome To The Real
    Real Function
    No More Destruction My Friend

    All Of Us Have A Part
    To Kick Start
    To Kick Start Our Home
    Kick Start Our World Again

    Living In The Now
    Looking In The Now
    Forget The Past
    It’s Just A Charade
    Just Like 9/11, The New Pearl Harbor
    Just Like J.F.K
    Just Like Port Arthur
    Yeah Just Another New World Order Evil Charade
    Marching In Their Death Parade

    Those Who Seek It Will Find It
    Some May Not Like It But,
    The Truth Is Back
    One Way For Another
    Twisting Some Inside Out
    But In The End, Just Shout
    Yeah Just Shout
    Truth Is Back Inside And Out

    We Have Nothing To Lose
    Everything To Gain
    But Ignorance Is Bliss For Some
    Too Late For Many
    Now The World Spins Properly
    Maybe It Has Already Begun?

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:38:00 PM) Post reply


    Do You Know What Is Coming
    Mirror Cracks Appearing
    Isn’t It So Revealing
    Can You See It
    I Don’t Think So
    Can You Feel It
    We Don’t Know
    But You’re Still Here
    Not Letting It All Go
    Never Letting Go Until
    You Fall Into Your Pit

    The Weak, The Meek
    Won’t Fold
    Won’t Choke
    You Wont Hear Any Cries
    I’ve Got The Ace Of Spades
    And The King Of Hearts
    Always Had The Upper Hand
    While You Were Born With Your Head
    In The Sand
    We Wont Choke
    Choke On Your Force Fed Lies
    Please See Yourself
    Through Your Own Blood Shot Eyes

    Another Silly Test?
    I’m Not Your Enemy
    Or The Devil In Disguise
    So Funny Really
    Or Do You Even Recognize
    Who It Is, What It Is
    Confusing You
    Don’t You Want
    My Bullshit Proof Vest?

    Speaking Truth Is Not Easy For Some
    Sometimes It’s Not Meant To Be
    And Doesn’t Come Free
    But It’s Just So Easy For Me
    It’s Just What I See
    I’m Not A Prophet
    I’m Just Me
    Yes Just Am I, Actually

    Betrayal And Self Denial Are Easy
    Have You Lost
    Yourself Again
    Led Yourself Astray
    Not Me
    Keep Your Criticisms To Yourself
    No One Is Listening
    No One Is Waiting
    Everyone Has Stopped Believing
    In Your God Delusion Today
    It’s Your Blind Faith
    Keep Your Own Blind Faith

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