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  • Roann Mendriq (4/18/2013 3:12:00 AM) Post reply Stage


    I love to watch the rain, fall in big fat shiny drops,
    I love to know its helping grow, every farmer's crops;

    I love to hear it thunder, and roar loudly as it pours,
    I love to feel it wet my face, my cheeks, my eyes, my nose!

    I love to sit on window sills, and sip hot chocolate milk,
    and watch the rain wash shiny leaves, like velvet watered silk;

    I love brown muddy puddles, I jump and they go 'splash! ',
    And every night I love it, when the lightning starts to flash;

    I love the smell of fresh washed earth, I love the cool crisp breeze,
    When it rains, it's Heaven on earth, as God waters all His trees...

  • Roann Mendriq (4/17/2013 6:49:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    India is a patch-work, of every single hue,
    Vibrant reds and ochres, and pensive shades of blue;

    Skeins of gold light up the sky, when the sun wakes up each morn,
    The heavens weave a tapestry, of a glittering brand new dawn;

    Gilded pink and shimmering peach, the clouds weave in their lace,
    India is spun golden, in the sun's new morning rays;

    At noon the sun is up and bright, the ocean is sun kist;
    Villages and towns bask in, a gilt-edged white hot mist;

    Paddy fields and valleys, reflect the golden green,
    While ribbons of grey roads, mere wisps of silvery sheen;

    As twilight spins her burnished spool, on the fabric whirling high,
    A dusky lilac, wine red sky, breathes out a drawn out sigh;

    As night enfolds my country, with her quilt of deep, dark blue,
    The Master weaver gently smiles, from vantage His point of view.

  • *loved Soul* Christian (4/17/2013 3:08:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    I AM A

    I am a wolf
    lost in darkness
    I walk alone
    searching for the light

    I am a student
    with many questions
    I must strengthen my mind
    to find the anwers

    I am a brick wall
    taking life as it hits me
    I am solid and strong
    nothing can break me

    I am a thread
    in the blanket of life
    holding tight and strong
    until I snap in two

    I am a tree
    standing tall and proud
    blowing in the wind
    never changing what I am

  • Josh Menard (4/16/2013 11:07:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Evil Authority

    Authority, these days
    Got screwed up
    In the heat
    Of the haze
    With respect
    Ever smothering
    To inject
    Starting with neglect
    They aim to redirect
    Criminals of this short subject
    To freedom
    When they deserve
    A sentence
    Maybe, with
    School teachers
    Who are sympatheticly
    Always strived to like
    Even though
    Our Constitutuion glows,
    'All men created equal'
    But not co-equal
    Because when,
    That's a fact,
    When things
    Became untacked
    And the government in
    A scandelous pact
    We do nothing
    Because we're
    Ruled by an authority
    An evil one

  • Gabriel Denver (4/15/2013 1:53:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    My breath catches when you hold your hair up
    As your neck comes alive and invites me to live.
    Lips find the softest of skin as I feel you rise
    And I hear you sigh…

    Together as one
    In that moment there is only us
    In mind, in body and in soul…..
    Timeless love passes through our hands.

    I use your heartbeat as a guide
    My fingers follow it’s path.
    I hear you calling……
    I hear you calling…..

  • Angela Ilyas (4/14/2013 5:11:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Roaring Love…

    “Just like the ROARING THUNDER shakes the earth beneath the darkened skies...
    My heart ROARS like a Lioness for your gentle touch between my thighs!

    Just as nectar from a tropical fruit brings nourishment to the body & soul...
    My heart yearns for the milk of your loin to flow within me as electricity shoots through an electrical pole!

    Just as gold is encased deep within the mountains lair....
    My heart shutters for your fingers to stroke deep within me and slightly tug upon my hair!

    It is YOU, MY KING, that my heart Leaps in a single bound and Hurdles over time & space...
    Because YOU are my EVERYTHING UNDER GOD and have BLESSED me to know my SPECIAL PLACE!

    That Special Place that no other has ever known, you’ve given to Me, here and now in this Precious Life...
    To ALWAYS and FOREVER be called Mrs. Muhammad Ilyas...Your BELOVED Wife!

    It is for YOU, All these and much, much more, that Forces my Heart to just...ROAR, ROAR, ROAR!

    So please don’t mind if I SHOUT IT from the rooftops that it strips down every single layer to the floor …
    For my ROARS are Relentless and cares for Nothing else anymore!

    It only wants to be released so that the Whole World will Forever Know…
    That when Mrs. Muhammad Ilyas, a Lioness at heart ROARS...
    You better Watch Out, because Cupid may just be Knocking at Your Hearts Door,
    With his arrows of unfounded Love that will STRIKE YOU to the Deepest Core!

    So here I go once again...ROARING with sounds PIERCING like STRONG TORNADO WINDS…



  • Pratikxa Sedhain (4/13/2013 3:36:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Trap the Criminals

    We should make a strong law,
    to trap criminals within our paw.
    We should make rules so much tight,
    to fight against criminals bite.

    All the people please be aware,
    and note that criminals are now where???
    Please people help the police to catch those devil,
    after that, you will be said a citizen able.

    We must reduce criminals' dense,
    by punishing them using our sense.
    If we become successful in our plan,
    we can make our country peace and calm.

  • Shivani Pall (4/12/2013 12:17:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    I never gave you time i just gave you night and day...but you divided it into hours, minutes and seconds.
    I never asked you for the price to pay and gave all the things for free like air, land, water and plants but you put the money tag on it and made it chargeable.
    I gave you all the precious moments of life for free but you divided it as youth, middle age and old age.
    I created you all the same way with same bond of humanity but you divided it as poor and rich, for and against.
    I created this planet earth as one but you divided it as countries, state and regions.
    And now i smile and look at your power of breaking things into smaller parts and dividing! ! ! !

  • Roann Mendriq (4/11/2013 12:54:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Lingering lights of a lazy noon,
    creep into my garden nook,
    Green and golden rays on me,
    trace patterns on my book.

    A beetle; curious creature,
    climbs onto my bandaid knee,
    Wisely peers into my face,
    and wanders nonchalantly.

    The lightest warmth is teasing,
    I smile and close my eyes;
    My book shakes off my drowziness,
    and the sound of dragonfiles.

    The fragrance of our Mother earth,
    The smoky scent of swept leaves burnt;
    The aroma of old, ancient herbs,
    Memories of my lessons learnt.

    And then I hear a happy call,
    Come calling out to me,
    It is my darling Grandma,
    and she's calling me for tea!

  • Pamela Deloach Darby (4/9/2013 7:12:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    love hurts
    love heals
    hearts are sad
    true love is revealed
    peace within
    comes from tears
    life is worth it
    if you live the years
    i have seen a lot
    caught a lot of pain
    i felt it all a challenge
    cause I stand today
    God is the reason
    i walk and I talk
    but love will heal
    if you make the mark
    that is why
    i write this song
    cause it comes from inside
    of what I have done wrong
    turn your life around
    see the sun it shines
    don't be a failure
    come to the victory side..

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