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  • Nouran Samy (5/18/2013 2:38:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    She waited till everyone have slept and she walked out of her room
    Walking with a lighted up candle, trying to forget about the upcoming traumatic doom
    She tries to be sanguine, but she knows the end is soon

    She reached the door, memories began to cascade
    She want to speak her heart out before it's too late
    But she doesn't want him to build high hopes, then leave

    She doesn't want to touch his heart then plod away
    Or maybe she would fall for him more that she would like to stay
    She texted him, " Meet you on the last hour of May"

    The next day she texted him the place
    Her heart was beating in a great race
    She feels that tonight, she will have her longest daze

    She waited for him, he appeared, wearing his big black combat boots
    Only one look in the eyes, made her lose
    He clasped her to his bosom, that made her soothe

    " I'm fearful of having one foot in grave before holding you tight
    I was never planning to fall for you, it was away from my sight
    So here I am, standing infront of you, after losing my self fight"

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  • Myla Rose Gigante (5/18/2013 6:29:00 AM) Post reply

    Too Painful To Recall
    by: Myla Rose Gigante

    Hard as it may seem again
    Staring with all the pain
    Bear in mind t'was just a game
    But in heart it was a shame
    How could I let this betide
    When I still got blear-eyed
    I looked up and closed my eyes
    But just heard the sad goodbyes
    I wish t'was just a nightmare
    Seeking castle in the air
    Grabbing every piece to hold
    Trying to escape the cold
    I opened my eyes and saw
    An old and black rose that grow
    Full of thorns in each dark bud
    Leaves surrounded with cold blood
    I touched the arrow-like thorns
    But just got deep cuts and burns
    I placed my hands in bosom
    And felt t'was deeply broken
    The innermost was shattered
    Love and hope were obliterated
    How can I dwell this feeling
    If its like a hell burning
    Heart is melting and screaming
    My mind's silently crying
    Gasped to unthink of it all
    For t'was too painful to recall
    No more feelings to be drained
    No more such love to be cared

  • Myla Rose Gigante (5/15/2013 1:51:00 AM) Post reply

    Please Stay..

    I found myself walking barefooted under the rain
    In a cold, dark and lonely night
    I was alone, shivering and freezin'
    In a white night gown
    I tried to look around
    But I saw nothing
    All I can see was the darkness of the night
    And raindrops was all I can feel
    I tried to call your name
    But no voice came out in my mouth
    I am still freezin' and still walking in the middle of nowhere
    I embraced myself and felt that my heart was beating too fast
    I was so terrified and my feet was trembling
    I don't know where I am
    I don't know this place
    I tried to run but I stumbled and fell on the ground
    I tried to get up but I can't moved my body
    My feet was in a great pain
    My heart was broken and crying inside
    And felt my tears run down my face
    I tried to shout many times
    Somebody help me please?
    But I heard nothing, not even my voice
    For 'twas my mind that kept shouting for help
    It is so painful
    Knowing that I'm the only person in this dark and unknown place
    So deeply broken
    While my tears flowed so hard as I plead
    Where are you?
    Will you please stay with me?
    'Coz I don't know what to do
    If you're not here with me
    Please, I am longing for your love,
    Your touch
    Your kiss
    Your comfort
    The whole you is the only thing I needed
    Now and forever
    Please come and stay with me...

  • Sophia Engel (5/13/2013 12:13:00 AM) Post reply

    The Black Stallion
    By Sophia Engel

    Aloft the wind
    I ride the night sky
    I see the world through a much different eye
    Rural, black and Deadly I am

    Power, beauty
    Strength and grace
    I feel the spirits of ancestral space
    I speak the unspoken word
    of mother natures brutal world
    Rushing winds
    And tearing storms
    Threatening yet not achieving
    To bring me down

    Pride of herd
    The leader
    The stallion
    Sisters and brothers
    I live ever-watchful standing by others
    Watching, listening
    For threat and danger

    We run and gallop
    Through wind and rain
    Never stopping
    Never resting
    A kaleidoscope of colors
    Flying through the forest pride
    Through nettles, thorn and deadly tide
    The short, the tall, the long of mane
    No two ever the same

    I know the chance
    I know the fear
    I know the forest ways
    I live on the edge
    For death crouches near
    I feel its breath on my neck

    On my back I carry a load
    Through storm and calm
    Ever vigilant and bold
    Strength and bravery rage inside me
    Natures will always guide me
    Through wind and rain
    To high and low
    Over cliffs and Mountain tops

    I have died in battle twice already
    Killed by man
    Hunted by predator as I roamed the land

    Yet I survive
    I take each step with pride
    I am ever loyal to those who seek
    The free life, the wild life
    For I am feral and wild
    For I am the Black stallion
    The King of the wild

  • Savannah Oakes (5/12/2013 3:13:00 PM) Post reply


    I took it all to heart,
    each hasty smile and modest gesture,
    each syllable of dispassionate word,
    to a stage where even I was persuaded,
    the rays veiling your face
    in perfect symmetry,
    were by your own hand.

    I coveted you so,
    for what were you incapable?
    See, you were the rays,
    as you were the smile, the gesture,
    and the word.
    Everything created, then destroyed
    by unadulterated hand,
    but all only in my sight.

    Now I mistrust.
    There are words I thought were spoken
    and actions I thought displayed—
    In fact, illusions and trickery.
    But now I see,
    how you were a dream,
    borne of a skeptic in dangerous reverie.

    This guise I had burdened on you,
    I all the time unawares,
    For it had seemed,
    that when I said move
    —you moved.
    And when I said speak
    —you spoke.

    How does something appearing
    so concrete, so essential
    be confused with truth?
    —to savor another's words
    and have them be your own—
    Eyes blind and still
    having dreams of distant realms—
    but forget it.
    Happiness has gained on me,
    now knowing the best of truth.

    Now there is only whisperings
    of lost voices.
    No more apparitions of smiles,
    gestures, or words—
    such trivial necessities,
    conceived by a fool
    in want of an actor.

  • Savannah Oakes (5/12/2013 3:12:00 PM) Post reply

    If I Had Ten More Minutes

    If I had ten more minutes
    and my voice was not faint
    nor my face so devoid
    or my mind so blank,
    I would profess—

    But I'm afraid of words
    which might betray lips,
    For what is kept
    is of my eyes—
    that impulsive organ
    I've attempted to stray;
    hooded, hazed.

    Construing a montage
    ever playing:
    concerns, worries
    fears, and doubts,
    Come to life
    in bursting light
    whilst straining in the dark.

    And if such creations
    could speak—
    or better
    could be heard—
    through the mist of passion
    And masks of pride,

    I would profess
    All in my heart;
    Every quaint murmur
    Forsaken night and night.

  • Cherryl Ann Ilustre (5/12/2013 11:52:00 AM) Post reply

    Little Forest

    In a solitude standing beside the window,
    The memory of childhood in my mind pass through,
    As I close my eyes and let the past flow,
    Half of a sweet smile in my face and pinch of pain draw.

    I used to have my own kingdom and sanctuary,
    Where my bare feet stepping the carpet of a green grass,
    The touch of the cloud curtain dazzling calmly,
    And the ceiling of a blue sky keeps the scenery perfectly.

    There, I have a special bench made by branch of a tree,
    And a wall of a huge and tall plants protecting me,
    The breeze of my friend wind always kissing me,
    While I'm overlooking the real nature of beauty.

    I treasured that kingdom where I am the princess,
    When I'm coming I heard the clapping of the leaves,
    And the trumpet began humming by crackling of branches,
    All vowed and dance saying " Welcome Your Highness" .

    Lying In that soft bed of dry leaves is my favorite,
    With a pillows of hard and rough roots of the trees,
    A comfortable blanket that invisibly made,
    Give me a warm feeling to have a deep sleep.

    But there's one thing I really adore in that place,
    If I sang a song i heard the second voice of the birds,
    I can hum, shout and follow the beat of music,
    And nobody will say.. " Go away and stop it." i missed that little forest.

  • Zeki Madjid (5/11/2013 6:18:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    ?? ????? / Oh Syria!

    Reality is lost and I fear…
    That someday.. somewhere so near…
    I will fall amongst the people so dear…
    I fear…that I’ll just be another one
    Another one lost…

    I wonder what the cost of my life is
    Not to get too political…
    But i want to know what the cost of my life is
    Is it money…is it land
    I do not own any of them…I’m just a simple man

    I remember..when I ran across your land…
    I remember when I kissed my grandmother’s hands..
    But you ripped my away from her..from my home
    You ripped my away from my heart…you ripped me away from my soul

    I feel helpless..I feel low…
    It’s hard to play along when I know…I have no role
    I have become a slave.
    After all the love i gave.

    When I look at my country…people I want to save
    When I look around me…people I need to change
    It seems like a hard thing to do…
    when the range of people is way bigger than you

    Freedom…oh how much I've heard that word
    Freedom…oh how this idea has become absurd
    When God gave us life…
    He warned us only he can take our lives…

    Oh Syria…my home
    Oh Syria…my all
    Oh Syria…what did they hurt you for?
    Oh Syria…I’m here…I won’t let them hurt you anymore…
    I am Proud to be your son…

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    • Abdu Musa Rookie - 1st Stage (5/13/2013 7:30:00 PM) Post reply

      I really loved it. Especially, the these lines: 'That someday.. somewhere so near... I will fall amongst the people so dear...' ... and it is interesting to 'wonder what the cost of your life ... more

  • Javin Taylor (5/10/2013 10:42:00 PM) Post reply


    Who am I?What can I say?The sting of thorns dripping with poison brands my heart as life slips from those eyes that I thought I knew so well. In my state, I have become the doll that mourns in silence. The strings cut that gave me life and allowed me to bring that smile to your face. Who has lost the most?You have passed, the world of life has gone, and now you enter that land of mists.

    I, however, have lost you. The one who took a fragile beating heart and patched the holes that were growing greater by the moment.

    In the end I, the doll frozen in time, beg for the clock to stop, for it to settle. But it does not. In this final hour, I hold you dearest to me against all words, and meanings this last breath you give takes away the light I had.

    As the warmth you had dissipates, I refuse to close my eyes as you have. I desire one last look at your comforting smile. My angel, my rose I wish for you to pass without pain and tears. Do not cry, as I will. I am silent and stilled. Your heart stops, and the world we had crumbles.

    My love,

    This is the final separation.

  • Rachael Aislynn Musgrove (5/10/2013 10:26:00 AM) Post reply


    I thought I could find a different line of work.
    Thought insanity was something I could quit.
    With Cryptic little riddles,
    You play your little fiddles.
    But I'll be content with this.

    Maybe I'm wrong.

    I tried to straighten up.
    Couldn't fill my tip cup.
    Couldn't make a living with my beaten old guitar.
    Shouldn't have listened to my mother, when she said " You're gonna go far."

    But Maybe i'm still wrong.

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