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  • Chris Leermakers (4/20/2013 5:51:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Your Version:

    Tell Me Of Your World
    And I’ll Tell You Of Mine
    Increasingly Unpopular
    The Black Light Divine
    Where The Sun Hits Down Hard
    From The Earth To The Moon
    Tell Me Of Your World
    And I’ll Tell You Of Mine

    Look Up
    Tell Me What You See
    Are There Eyes Looking Down
    In The Forest Of Night
    Can You See The White Lagoon
    Within The Limits Of Your Sight
    So There The Creatures Sit
    And Wait For Your Command
    Wondering For A Moment
    Impatient Thus They Hunger
    Confusion Rules The Land
    Next Emotion Anger

    Bitterness Surrounds Us When Sweetness Is A Lie
    I Can See Them Laughing
    In The Corner Of My Eye
    In Time They Will Discover
    The Wrongs That Have Been Done
    Let Them Stay And Take Cover
    I’m Heading For The Sun
    The Place Where I Reside
    Fresh Inexperienced Fruit
    Make Me Want To Hide
    Here Is Only Freedom
    And Beauty All Around
    Nothing To Distract You
    Or Move You From Your Ground
    We See Ourselves As Children
    Stuck In An Adult Frame
    Every Day Is Different
    And Nothing Stays The Same
    The Path To Life Is Simple
    You’ve Heard It All Before
    I Want To Hear Your Version

    So Come And Tell Me More
    It May Not Be Short And Sweet
    Or In Another Time
    Tell Me Of Your World
    And I’ll Tell You Of Mine….

  • Chris Leermakers (4/20/2013 3:12:00 AM) Post reply Stage


    I Got The Feeling
    That Feeling Just The Other Day
    Went For A Walk
    Couldn't Hear Any Talk
    Yeah Couldn't Hear The World Talk

    The Light Seemed Dim
    And No Shade Could I see
    Just Darkness Looking
    Looking Down On Me

    When I Looked Up
    At The Sun
    It Didn't Look Happy This Day
    Doesn't Look Happy Today

    Yes Still Blinded
    Blinded A Little
    But I Couldn't Look Away
    Couldn't Move My Eyes
    Just Couldn't Look Any Other Way

    Light Just Got Darker
    Sun Still Didn't Look Happy
    And I Was Just Distracted
    Yes We'll Were So Detracted

    Our Sun Just Turned Black
    Now Just A Black Star Shining
    Sending Darkness Over Everyone
    Killing Our Fun And Killing Our Sun

    We Were To Dumb To Run
    And Too Dead To Die
    Yeah We Were To Numb To Run
    And To Dead To Die

    When Some Of Us Woke
    Mona Lisa's Face Was Melted
    Some Still Alive
    Many Just Cremated
    Bur Most Of Us Still Very Sedated

    Millions Crying
    Asking What They Did
    Asking What We Created
    Now Just Darkness
    No More Morning
    Yes No More Dawn

    But We're Going to Find A Way
    Find Another Way
    To Spawn
    As There's Always Another Way
    To Just Mourn
    Now Is It Time
    To Just Spawn, Cause:

    We Were To Dumb To Run
    And Too Dead To Die
    Just Too Numb To Run
    And Too Dead To Die

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 9:45:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Life Contemplations:

    Sometimes I sit and wonder why is my life this way.
    Sometimes I lay back and contemplate but don't know what to say.
    I wish that I could change the past erase the things that I have done wrong.
    I know that I can get through life as long as I stay strong.

    I'll never make my mama proud I know that deep inside.
    I know I'll break my mama's heart those feelings I can't hide.
    I know she wants to see me do good I am her baby boy.
    She wants to see e succeed in life it would bring her lots of joy.

    So sometimes I sit and wonder how can I make her proud me.
    I want my life to go how it should how it's suppose to be.
    So I know when I get I'll find myself a wife.
    Love the woman that I'm with and live the rest of my life.

    So now you see that in my life there's a lot of complications.
    So at night I lay back and review lifes contemplations.

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 9:37:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    A Psychopath's Mind:

    I don't live a hippies life I just smoke my weed.
    I never asked for anything I have all I need.
    People think I'm slow because of how quiet I can be.
    That's the sign of a psychopath so come on fuck with me.

    Then you have the fakers who likes to run their lips.
    But when they let them out the gate they some how always slip.
    I don't go and play the gate it's just not fun for me.
    If he sees me on the street my fist is all he'll see.

    See I'm not the one to play no games I do what I gotta do.
    And if you get on my bad side then I feel bad for you.
    I won't kill you off the bat you'll live a little but.
    You'll die a slow and painful death with every cut and every slit.

    They'll never find your body I'll set the whole place on fire.
    Just to see you die will be my passion and my desire.
    Just remember one thing and I hope you can see.
    That I can hurt you really bad so come on fuck with me.

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 9:19:00 PM) Post reply Stage


    When you think of Christmas you think of happy times.
    You think of Christmas dinner pies and sweet red wine.
    You think of all the presents underneath the tree.
    You think of all the family and how happy they will be.

    You eat your Christmas cookies and drink your eggnog too.
    You think of all the presents that someone gave to you.
    You sing some Christmas Carols and watch some movies too.
    Then you dream of Santa Clause his beard and big red coat.

    You know St. Nick is tired from all the presents he has to tote.
    So you leave him milk and cookies so he can have a little rest.
    You know it won't add up to much but you know you did your best.
    Your just glad it's Christmas that special time of year.

    So you decorate your house and spread some Christmas cheer.
    So yes it is that time of year we know it to be true.
    So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! !

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 9:07:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Riding Out:

    As I sit here in prison for a crime I didn't commit.
    Girl I have to be honest I think this time I'm hit.
    It's lonesome here in prison without you by my side.
    It's hard to do my time in here without a girl that will ride.

    The moneys not a problem you know just what I'll do.
    My words are gold but fuck it all all I want is you.
    And you know that I eat triple trays and I would sleep good at night.
    But without you here in my arms I can't help but fight.

    I tell the boys to watch their mouths when they come out their neck.
    I know without you in my life girl my life's a wreck.
    I thought I had it bad when I looked death in it's face.
    But that was easy this is hard I need your loving embrace.

    I'm not afraid of many things but this one thing I know.
    I'm afraid that you might leave me I'm afraid that you might go.
    Come on girl and say you'll stay say you will ride with me.
    Tell me that you love me show me the rider that you can be.

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 8:57:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    My Mother's Love:

    Mom I love you and I want you to know.
    That I want to Thank You for helping me grow.
    You taught me lessons I needed to know.
    I'll make you proud I'll find a good wife.

    I'm glad that I had you to help me be a man.
    I'll make you proud anyway that I can.
    I can't put into words no I can't say.
    How much I love you in every way.

    You showed you cared yeah you showed your love.
    You taught me to pray to the powers above.
    You made me the man I needed to be.
    I'll make you proud watch and you'll see.

    Now your boy has grown into a man.
    Mom I'll make you proud anyway that I can.

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 8:50:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    The Devil's Dance:

    The Devil came and said to me I will have your soul for eternity.
    You have done wrong and now you are mine you know you should have walked the line.
    Now it's too late and you're trapped here in hell.
    Here where the demons and sinners all dwell.

    You will be tortured for the rest of all time.
    You will wish you had never committed your crime.
    You will come and you'll beg for forgiveness from me but forgiveness from me is the last thing you'll see.
    I looked at Satan and spit in his face then I told him he was a disgrace.

    I ripped out his tongue as he started to yell.
    Then I said it's time I took over hell.
    Bring me the she devils yes bring them to me.
    I'll plant my seed watch and you'll see.

    They brought Satan's daughters every last one.
    They all carried my seed when I was done.
    Then I looked at Satan and said I'm not through with you.
    You have to be tortured but what should I do?

    So I called upon Meducca and she turned him to stone.
    Then I grabbed his pitchfork and took over the throne.
    Satan's still made of stone still to this day.
    You'll see fear in his eyes but he has nothing to say.

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 8:40:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    The Fates Fate:

    The fates have decided to let me live some more.
    They want me to see the future so they opened up the door.
    They looked me in the eyes and said go and live your life.
    Go now child and roam the earth and find yourself a wife.

    Go and enjoy every last breath before your time is over and you are sentenced to death.
    Go and enjoy the sun in the sky so when life is over you are willing to die.
    Go and enjoy the green of the earth go have your children and witness their birth.
    Go enjoy life everyday live a good life until your old and your gray.

    When it's your time to die you will pay the toll.
    The price of the toll is your very own soul.
    I looked at the three and said you're nothing but hags.
    A trio of witches dressed up in rags.

    I've met the Devil and he sweats when I speak.
    He knows next to me he's nothing but weak.
    I've made Satan run and leave his pitchfork behind.
    He knows that my evil is one of a kind.

    I scared the Reaper he ran from my sight.
    He wanted my soul but i put up a fight.
    Now the words I have heard they sound like a threat.
    The words you just said I will make you regret.

    I will be back when my time is through.
    When I come back here's what I'll do.
    I will go up to Satan and take over the throne.
    He'll run into Meducca and she'll turn him to stone.

    Then I will come and torture you three.
    Go ahead and laugh now but wait and you'll see.
    That when I take over my demons will rage.
    They have spent way to long locked in their cage.

    You will come and you'll beg with your face to the ground.
    But I won't hear a word no I won't hear a sound.
    You'll be slashed with a whip all night and all day.
    I'll torture you slowly in every single way.

    So when I return it will be way too late.
    You've danced with the Devil you've sealed your own fate.

  • Larry Reed Jr (4/19/2013 8:25:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Will You Be My Valentine?

    I hear cupid singing, in a soft and beautiful way.
    Singing for all the lovers, on this valentines day.
    The singing is so beautiful, such a beautiful work of art.
    He goes around singing songs, to open up your heart.

    I want you to know, my heart belongs to you.
    Each and every night, i know our love is true.
    I pray that you know, i love you in every way.
    Your the one who holds my heart, on this valentines day.

    I long for you with all my soul, and with all my heart.
    I'm so in love and confused, i don't know where to start.
    I want to hold you in my arms, in a loving embrace.
    I want to say i love you as we're standing face to face.

    I think about you everyday, in my wake and in my dreams.
    And i know that love, is not always what it seems.
    When i am around you, the world feels so right.
    I want to hold you in my arms, everyday and every night.

    I never want to lose you, you are my one desire.
    Your the one i think of everyday, you set my soul on fire.
    I know one thing thats for sure, i'm glad that you are mine.
    So i have just one request, will you be my valentine?

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