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  • Rookie - 58 Points Rex-mayor Ubini (12/19/2013 10:01:00 AM) Post reply
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    Darker Than The Medieval

    First meeting with the twelve wise men,
    Who visit in cycle like monday and her friends,
    The moons that say welcome to the planet earth,
    Ere the last went home for the first to reappear,
    A tender breath on the arms of care,
    Life was real as the hostile face of night,
    Yet it seemed surreal as tale told in the ray of moon light,
    Like a blank memories of nine months sojourn
    In the warm womb of a worthy woman
    Can't tell the memory of the colic
    Neither the taste of the colostrum
    Nor the sight that broke my virgin eyes wall
    And it seems I never exist until life
    Began to school my skull, and the duo,
    Dwelling within began to guide my thoughts,
    It seems life was not in existence,
    yet it existed in the absence of now,
    And I realized without cultivating on the soil within
    One would somehow dwell still
    In this time darker than the medieval

  • Rookie Jamie Jordan (12/18/2013 3:35:00 PM) Post reply

    Unknown World
    I’m trapped in a world I don’t want to be in. I hate here the people are mean and just plain rude. They stand around poking and laughing at me. I don’t understand why. I don’t know any of them at all. They call me fat and ugly, it hurts. They say I’m a waste of space, I’m not normal like they are. But the worst thing they call me is a freak. It feels like a knife just piercing my heart. I suffocate on those words. My body drops to the ground I can’t breathe. I scream out “HELP! ” They just stand around laughing and not caring that a young girl is slowly dying. “STOP! ! ” I hear a loud voice in the distant yell out. The crowd becomes silent and I can breathe again. My heart is no longer aching with pain. I rise up and walk through the crowd and only see a single rose with a pink note attached to it. “This rose represents your beauty. Don’t let these awful people bring you down. You are beautiful, more than normal and have an amazing body. And there is one guy out here who loves you. That guy is….” I look around and see no one around where is he?Why did he just leave a rose and not his name?There are many unanswered questions. But the most important one is why am I trapped in this unknown world?

  • Rookie - 1 Points Ludovik Celaj (12/16/2013 1:24:00 PM) Post reply

    Winter Symphony

    Shivering off when i stand
    weather known as the notorious
    this nature can not deny
    but a little clumsy to survive

    They get hot in the burning sun
    and we asked for a little freshness
    Months went by aligning
    to come back in winter

    Not as bad as has fame
    already the longest stays merzisja
    burn all the trees in this forum
    ripe cake for warmth

    Indigent hideouts birds warble
    the naked trees is so transparent
    have nowhere to go barefoot snapper
    the coast is more leisurely for somnolence

    Wearing white horizon
    as a furry polar wolf in
    Sometimes as for symphony
    we feel that it is winter.

  • Rookie - 1 Points Ludovik Celaj (12/16/2013 1:01:00 PM) Post reply

    Gods Fault

    I cant always look back and think
    About my sad and happy days
    I must think more ahead of that
    Making better efforts to move on
    From what it is already gone
    It has left showing on my bones
    Along with the wrinkles to impress
    Within my sins to confess
    For it my spirit to redeem
    To my soul to comprehend
    That it was all done taught
    On Gods purposes of fault.

  • Rookie David Barnett (12/13/2013 1:27:00 PM) Post reply

    Poemhunter.com..I have a problem I am davidjbarnett not davidbarnett who is an establised poet..Thank you davidjbarnett..

  • Rookie - 67 Points Tee Daniel (12/12/2013 5:23:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    " Say It Isn't So"
    Skies are dark it's time
    for rain
    Final call you board the
    Heading for tomorrow
    I wave goodbye to
    Wipe the tears you hide
    your face
    Blinded by the sorrow
    How can I be smiling like
    When baby, you don't
    love me anymore
    Say it isn't so
    Tell me you're not
    Say you changed your
    mind now
    That I am only
    That this is not
    This is starting over
    If you wanna know
    I don't wanna let go
    So say it isn't so

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  • Rookie - 21 Points Sunday Champion (12/9/2013 6:37:00 PM) Post reply

    Do you lack motivation?You can't be easily inspired. check out my poems they can help you and you on fire with passion. You've got to understand, wether you fail or succees in life, its your doing....... You are responsible for what so ever that happens to you in life... Take charge, you are the boss

  • Rookie - 21 Points Sunday Champion (12/9/2013 6:32:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

          My season of Silence

    Just like an eagle have I soar 
    above the cloud
    My heart has He taught to lunch deep at this season
    The season of silence
    In silence have i gain sense
    Not that of mediocracy
    but that of meditation
    In my season of silence have I gain wisdom
    not bothering about problems
    I have learn to close my mouth
    not to talk with my mouth
    but to think with my brain in silence
    " even fools becomes wise at this season"
    In my season of silence have I gain maturity
    " if only there could be a substitute for brain,
    then it has to be silence"
    In my silence have become a master of wisdom
    In my nights of silence
    I know beyond my others
    Silence is the daily meal of the wise
    but fools loves talking
    Sounding like empty drums
    without worth
    Not that parrots and ducks can't soar,
    but they likes talking and quaking
    Talk less and think more in silence
    For this a key to greatness.


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  • Rookie Milton Styner (12/4/2013 3:44:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    The Nation's Ink

    I remember in the church preachers was teaching about the truth

    I remember when people praised God and they meant it.

    I remember when we sang helms we felt the melody.

    But now

    Some preachers are quick to sell a fantasy but not reality.

    Some preachers are quick to get a buck than desire to serve.

    People are closing their ears and screaming.

    Hearts stop beating because we stop believing.

    I remember when fathers treat responsibility to his family like a Grammy.

    I remember fathers leadership gave his family hope through tragedies.

    I remember fathers were the rock and God was always the center piece.

    But now

    Women are both parenting positions.

    Some young men don't have male role models.

    And now

    Thugs are being the vision.

    Policies are being the teachers;

    While jails are being the education.

    I remember women treat their bodies like a temple.

    I remember women clothes had respect.

    I remember women carried theirselves as a queen.

    I remember women love was a treasure.

    I remember women beauty had purpose.

    But now

    Short skits are being the symbols.

    And now

    Being independent is the new motto.

    Focusing on outer beauty than inner beauty is the reason Because emptiness is in this season.

    I remember the elderly spoke wisdom and told story's to the kids.

    After kids heard them change start to begin.

    I remember the community was united.

    I remember when situations happen we fought for our rights.

    But now

    We are selfish.

    We are slaves to the green.

    Some people are quick to give their souls for a little fame.

    And now

    We wonder why the youth is not tame.

    I remember Hip Hop had meaning.

    I remember after the beat people desire to engage the nation.

    But now

    Hip Hop have no light.

    Now It's only bass and The four amigos: money, cars, clothes and sex.

    I remember America was base on life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    But now

    The nation is blind and trying to see the future.

    I remember Dr. King wrote these lyrics and called it a dream.

    But now

    The generation is in a nightmare and we call it peace.

    I remember when we was so filled with hope.

    But now

    We are filled with unknown destinations.

    I remember when love was the nation's ink.

    I remember " In God we trust " was the nation's heartbeat.

    I remember a dream was the nation's vision.

    But now

    Stereotyping is the bullet that kills the youth identity.

    Money is the new Bill of Rights.

    While the Pursuit of Happiness has relinquish the equality to the Nation's conscience. By: Milton Styner Jr.

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  • Rookie - 39 Points Malini Kadir (12/4/2013 4:33:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Is the Poetry contest over?Have I missed it?How do I join one in Poem Hunter?

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    • Rookie - 39 Points Cassandra Jasmine (12/4/2013 8:00:00 PM) Post reply

      Malini, Yes, the Poetry Contest has ended, and the results have already been posted on line. In order to join the Contest, all you need to do is be a member (which you already are) , and write a po ... more

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