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  • Oloko Oyindamola (5/6/2013 12:43:00 AM) Post reply


    While trying to be generous to someone
    While trying to give your heart to someone
    While trying to make someone else happy
    While trying to be the best you can be to someone
    While trying to love someone
    While trying to make someone love you
    While trying to be friendly and jovial
    While trying to build your future with someone
    While trying to do anything with your heart
    While trying to do anything with your head
    You might give little and take nothing
    You might give much and take little
    You might even give much and take nothing
    You might also give nothing and take much
    You might maintain an equillibruim give and take
    Which ever way it might go
    Just never forget there is one person important
    That you have to consider, , , , , , , Yourself
    Dont forget yourself when doing anything
    You also important to yourself

  • Oloko Oyindamola (5/6/2013 12:32:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    I sealed my hearth so tight
    Holding on to myself so tight
    Cos experience they say
    Is the best teacher
    But, , , All in all
    If we close our eyes for evil tins to pass
    We wouldn't know when good would pass by us
    I made an exemption for you
    I gave u all it takes
    Always wanting you to be happy
    I did all this without expecting a pay
    Did it with a fair hearth
    I just wanted to be that friend
    You would remember and smile
    I thought i could do all those on a platonic field
    But little did i realize my hearth was growing
    To be fond of you
    But just when i was about to start Loving you
    You Let me realize
    I was given you too much, ,
    Just too much than you give back to me.

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  • Darwin Guna (5/4/2013 12:26:00 AM) Post reply

    Am I Exhausted?

    I fell down; they clapped;
    I bleed out; they jumped;
    I tried; they criticized;
    Am I exhausted?

    No air for my nostrils;
    No water for my tongue;
    My sky is starless; full of darkness;
    Time slapped on my face;
    Nature breached its rule;
    Top to bottom against me;
    Am I exhausted?

    I stood alone full of sorrow;
    An only man without his shadow;
    No way for a better tomorrow;
    The whole world became desperado;
    Am I exhausted?

    Oh! My heart don't give up
    Oh! My head don't bow
    Oh! My knee don't bend
    I'll fight till the end.

    -Darwin Guna

  • Savannah Oakes (5/3/2013 8:54:00 PM) Post reply


    I took it all to heart,
    each hasty smile and modest gesture,
    each syllable of dispassionate word,
    to a stage where even I was persuaded,
    the rays veiling your face
    in perfect symmetry,
    were by your own hand.

    I coveted you so,
    for what were you incapable?
    Because you ou were the rays,
    as you werethe smile, the gesture,
    and the word.
    Everything created, then destroyed
    by unadulterated hand,
    but all only in my sight.

    Now I mistrust.
    There are words I thought were spoken
    and actions I thought displayed—
    In fact—illusions and Trickery.
    But now I see,
    how you were a dream,
    borne of a skeptic in dangerous reverie.

    This guise I had burdened on you,
    I all the time unawares,
    For it had seemed,
    that when I said move
    —you moved.
    And when I said speak
    —you spoke.

    How does something appearing
    so concrete, so essential
    be confused with truth?
    —to savor another's words
    and have them be your own—
    Eyes blind and still
    having dreams of distant realms—
    but forget it.
    Happiness has gained on me,
    now knowing the best of truth.

    Now there is only whisperings
    of a voice lost.
    No more apparitions of smiles,
    gestures, or words—
    such trivial necessities,
    conceived by a fool
    in want of an actor.

  • Savannah Oakes (5/3/2013 8:53:00 PM) Post reply

    If I Had Ten More Minutes

    If I had ten more minutes
    and my voice was not faint
    nor my face so devoid
    or my mind so blank,
    I would profess—

    But I'm afraid of words
    which might betray lips,
    For what is kept
    is of my eyes—
    that impulsive organ
    I've attempted to stray;
    hooded, hazed.

    Construing a montage
    ever playing:
    concerns, worries
    fears, and doubts,
    Come to life
    in bursting light
    whilst straining in the dark.

    And if such creations
    could speak—
    or better
    could be heard—
    through the mist of passion
    And masks of pride,

    I would profess
    All in my heart;
    Every quaint murmur
    Forsaken night and night.

  • Erik Esquivel (5/2/2013 10:44:00 PM) Post reply

    For Her Heart [3
    {Para Su Corazon [3}

    El amor se siente por el corazon..
    Rumores se escuchan for rechazos en el pasado..ese maldito dolor!
    El corazon se ama con tiernura y del fondo del alma, eres incomparable, inolvidable, inmaginable, mi kerida dama!
    La niña mas preciosa que ni al final del tunnel encontrarias solo reflejos de los rayos del sol tendrias..en la mirada..
    Que me das y haces hacen mi corazon que derrita por ti, respiro un ultimo respiro por ti antes de morirme.
    Bajaria las estrellas para contarlas solamente al lado de ella..
    El amor que yo te tengo es muy inexplicable, escucha mi linda cansion compuesta con palabras derramando de mi corazon para darte una buena razon, con felizidad llenas de maravillosa fantasias!
    Entiende mi pobre corazon sobreviviente, traizionado, atropeyado madurado y superado, las palabras que te digo no es un sueño, kiero que seas mi reyna por eternidad reynaremos nuestro palacio mientras yo sea tu dueño!

  • Victoria Ly (5/2/2013 10:34:00 PM) Post reply

    The Best Dream by Victoria Ly

    Time to put an end to this pain.
    Standing five stories high.
    I take a deep breath,
    And jump.
    This is it.
    This is goodbye.
    This is my happy ending.
    I close my eyes.
    What am I feeling?
    I am numb.
    Hit the ground.
    The end.

    No wait.
    I wake up.
    Glad it did not actually happen,
    But wishing it did.

    Worst nightmare,
    Yet best dream.

  • Norrel Mcfadden (5/2/2013 5:46:00 PM) Post reply

    What does magic mean to me

    It's just another word away
    It's just another talk away
    It's just another step away
    It's just another walk away
    when you come to me
    is it in the present
    It's just another word away
    it's just another talk away
    it's just another step away
    it's just another walk away
    when you come to me
    is it in the present
    it's just about me
    it's just about you
    it's just about me
    it's just about you
    the things we could do
    the things we could think of
    the things we could do
    the things we could think of

  • Dave Dafes (5/1/2013 2:41:00 PM) Post reply

    If You Were My Romeo

    If you were my Romeo,
    My heart ‘d race in fervent pace,
    When your name I hear without your face,
    Your words me they’ll brace,
    When life’s battles I face,

    Chills will sail up my spine,
    Always for you I’ll pine,
    My heart will be thine,
    For your absence will made it die,

    To you I’d surrender my soul,
    In each other’s arms our time we’d plow,
    Unknowingly this passion we’ll sow
    Then it’ll decline to burn slow

    If you were my Romeo,
    I’ll sleep awake every night,
    Wishing if you could be my knight,
    So for you my troth I could plight,

    We’ll sail away into the rays,
    Love will make our ways,
    Together we shall run away,
    So they don’t keep us at bay,

    If you were my Romeo,
    I’ll come away with you,
    Even to the ends of the earth,
    B’cos this love comes but once,
    Such that I have for thee.

  • Lucy Bren'ee (4/30/2013 10:10:00 PM) Post reply

    She wandered the streets
    never a whisper to dare
    a ghost of the past
    a reaper of the present
    falling in love
    chained her to her past
    links of crushed dreams
    rattled as she walked
    her hollow eyes
    and pale skin
    were enough to warn others
    the danger of
    falling in love

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