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Diane Hine Diane Hine Female, 58, Australia (2/19/2014 6:45:00 PM)

Thanks to Dan Reynolds for his request regarding beer, gout and sonnets -

For the Connoisseur of Gout (a curtal sonnet)

Your toes will thank you for choosing the right beer:
Light Ale’s frisson melds mace and mustard seed
(due to the way urate is crystallized) .
Lager’s snippier, like Grandma’s pinking shears
while Porter stings like a pet centipede
and Stout’s clout is pure Heaven – vulcanized.

And if your toes get hooked on pain – relax!
Just post ‘em off to Rehab. All you need
is bubble wrap, tape and a medium-sized
cardboard box. Oh yea, and one small axe

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  • Sherrie Kolb Cassel (2/20/2014 11:13:00 AM) Post reply

    This was so much fun - and very well written (IMHO) , Real or Imagined.

  • Dan Reynolds (2/20/2014 2:22:00 AM) Post reply

    Home brewed beer seems like the way to go Diane.(Brewer's yeast is one of the biggest culprits, I believe.)

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