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Jefferson Carter Jefferson Carter Male, 92, United States (11/6/2013 1:14:00 PM)

I'm re-posting this so it more clearly refers to what it refers to!

Jezus, Danny, you Dork, sometimes, I just want to give up on this forum! The contrast ISN'T between poetry and prose; it's between verse and prose. Have you ever heard someone talk about a prose-verse piece?No way, Ofay. Trying to define poetry is like herding cats, both pointless and impossible. The connotations of the term " poetry" are more numerous than the stars above, all of them positive. The term " prose" is too often mistaken for the word " prosaic, " the term " poetry" too often for " poetic."

FORM is the difference between verse and prose; it's not a qualitative thing. Verse is organized by lines and stanzas. Prose is organized by paragraph, and the right margin is justified by the printer. The piece BELOW is verse. The real question is, is it GOOD or BAD verse?

And, Danny, reading your latest post BELOW, I'd agree with just about everything you say although I have no idea how one writes a non-spasmodic poem that would include rhyme, meter, and free verse!

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  • Freshman - 1,224 Points Dan Reynolds (11/6/2013 5:39:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    JC, when you write instinctively, with no regard for the need of form or formlessness, there is a freedom that allows you to mix both or not. Neither genre is preferable, despite your own preference. and as such, the touch of apathy to the norm. is exactly what may create the poetry of the future. What is fresh today may be dated tomorrow, but what we draw from the past has a place in today. The transmission of emotion and the moment, will out, however or by whoever, if the skill can cross that bridge to another's vista, who can be disappointed?And for once, the messenger might not be shot...; ¬)

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    • Freshman - 1,224 Points Linda Ori (11/7/2013 12:14:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      AMEN.....I rest my case. After all, in the end, what's really important is not HOW a poem is written, but whether or not the poem is able to " cross that bridge to another's vista" and be a ... more

  • Rookie - 254 Points Laughing@ You (11/6/2013 4:47:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I enjoy a good " spasmodic" poem from time to time. There is a fine young slam poet, Anthony Blacksher, who performs his poetry and uses a few different styles in his poems. I mean, several styles in ONE poem. He's mindblowingly good. I enjoy his work a great deal. Brandon Cesmat is another poet/professor who breaks out in song right in the middle of one of his pieces. I find it, when done well, to be very effective.

    I can't speak favorably about the writer in question at PH, beca use I haven't read a single poem of his that I've found to be well-written. If he's not publishing anywhere then it doesn't matter if he's bad. He obviously writes for only himself, and a small group of followers.

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