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Sulaymon Tadese Faozahny Sulaymon Tadese Faozahny Male, 26, Nigeria (8/27/2013 2:59:00 PM)


How cans a man
Love me,

How cans a man
Love me,
When I don’t love him?

How cans a man
Love me,
Without limit?

How cans a man
Be faithful
While me unfaithfulness?

How cans a man
Tell me, he love me
In my unfaithfulness?

What a manner of man
Will run after me
Even as I go astray?

What a manner of man
Will call at me
Even when am so far away?

What a manner of man
Will stretch out his hand
To rescue me?

What a manner of man
Will forgive me no matter
How many times I wrong him?

Why wills a man
Want me despite
My filthy attire?

Why wills a man
Of high class come down
To my level just to be with me?

Why wills a man
Sacrifice all he has
Just for my happiness?

Why wills a man
Give up all he has
For my freedom?

Why wills a man
Take my place for my comfort
After what I have done?

Why wills a man
Pay a debt
He never owed?

So love the universe
His passion, deeper than oceans

Higher than the heavens,
Reaches than the stars
In the sky

His amity has no bound,
No limit, no expiring date,
His love never grows sour

His affection is merciful
Full of compassion,
Grace just name it

So unfaithful
As I am,
He still is faithful

So ungrateful
He’s still providing

Going my own way
Yet he call out to me
My love takes my hand.

Is so great.

Your embrace
Is so warm
And comforting.

Your voice
Is so sweet
And soothing.

You are the almighty,
All wise, the kingdom
Of the heavens and the earth

You are the one
Who gives life, causes death
And He is able to do all things

Which of blessings
Of your God will you both deny?

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  • Rookie Sulaymon Tadese Faozahny (8/29/2013 1:17:00 AM) Post reply
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    thanks to all

  • Freshman - 1,020 Points Peter Stavropoulos (8/27/2013 9:51:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hi Sulaymon, I like the theme of your poem. It touches on some important ideas which have deep repercussions. It immediately reminded me of a quote by Martin Lurther -
    “Christ is an astounding king, who instead of defending his people, deserts them. Whom he would save, he must first make a despairing sinner. Whom he would make wise, he must first make into a fool. Whom he would make alive, he must first kill. Whom he would bring to honour, he must first bring into dishonour. He is a strange king who is nearest when he is far and farthest when he is near”. Best wishes, Peter.

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