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Mary Nagy Female, 44, United States (8/12/2005 12:08:00 PM)

If we are trying to keep away from the personal attacks and only comment on the poetry it shouldn't be that difficult. If you really think the poet has no talent and you just HAVE to let them know that's how you feel, why can't you simply explain why you feel that way? ? If you find the poem confusing....tell them you feel it's confusing. If you find a poem having no flow to it...just tell them the flow was hard to find or follow.....whatever. Come on, is it really that hard to let somebody know they may be lacking in an area without saying they have no talent or they are just a lousy writer. It's pretty easy to find SOMETHING positive about almost every poem here. And, maybe you can just realize not everyone wants their flaws pointed out by the others here. Some people just post their poems to 'SHARE' their thoughts and feelings with others. Sadly, this may be the only 'interaction' with others that certain poets get to be a part of. It would be nice if it could be a positive experience for them.

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  • Rookie - 150 Points Poetry Hound (8/12/2005 5:11:00 PM) Post reply
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    Either it's an astonishing admission or it's yet another case of the pot and the kettle.

  • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (8/12/2005 5:07:00 PM) Post reply

    Right, Mary. I sometimes get the impression from the techtelmechtel on the forum that some who (deep down) know they are not only writing mostly Dreck but even Scheissdreck, will resort to ad hominem attacks in order to prove to the world that they are soooo talented. As if cleverness in personal attacks somehow made up for talent.

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