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Janine Mullens Australia (4/28/2005 3:27:00 AM)

Revisiting the forum today. It seems hard to believe the immaturity in this place.
I was surprised to see Herbert Nehrlich appear again and I would strongly advise him to stay off the forum.
So, Mr. Baxter and myself are really not who we say we are. Hilarious? No.
It is clear to me that the clever comment by Mr. Fry and Poetryhound amounts to a death threat, even if it is a light-hearted one.
Adults do not make death threats, even in jest.
I did not think that the comments of Herbert were all too helpful in this meleƩ, as he is clearly outnumbered by the opposition, having said that, none of the other contributors covered himself with any glory either.
People who see the need to hide their identities ought not to be allowed on a public forum, they have something sinister to be concealed.
Yes, Mr. Erwin Baxter said it succinctly. I can see no talent worth mentioning in the gang of hounds who have nothing better to do but attack one person. It appears to me that there is a racial element involved, but, considering that Nehrlich was 2 years of age at the end of World War II, it does lead one to the conclusion that the racist accusations are as unfounded as the drivel about correspondence schools.The racial hatred appears to come from the hounds.

It has always been my experience that the very individuals who are neither accepted by their peers nor able to produce works of art or poetry or succeed in a world that expects achievement, are the ones who feel driven to go and destroy.
The tools they use for these destructive rampages are many, none have anything to do with fairness or decency.

You people paint a picture of hate, incompetence and, yes, envy without realising how you look to the casual observer or to those of us who take a closer look. The cowardly act of posting very cruel and nasty messages, only to remove them quickly is typical only of cowards and hateful people.It was mentioned that Nehrlich somehow prevents the discussion of poetry on the forum. During the time of Nehrlich's absence from the forum I have seen only very amateurish talk about poetry on this forum,
however, I may have missed a gem or two.

I had a teacher who was very fond of saying: 'If you want to be up yourself you must first be someone.'
I think I will write to the owners of this website to make some suggestions.

It will be very interesting to see what the future will bring, I will dropp by now and then.


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  • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (4/28/2005 5:31:00 AM) Post reply
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    Hi Janine: Would you send me a message to my inbox or LOOK AT YOURS!
    Best wishes,

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