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Michael Shepherd Male, 86, United Kingdom (3/20/2005 3:50:00 PM)

'CR..' said Pooh, 'what's a Stanzer? '
'Well, Pooh, ' said CR, 'Back in a place called Italy where Italians live and write poems in Italian 'cos they can't write English, it just meant 'standing place' in the Sixteenth Century. You know the way Eeyore likes to stand in that special corner of the field when it's windy? So you might walk past one windy morning and say, perhaps in Italian if you were Italian which you aren't, 'Oh, I see Eeyore's in his usual stanza...' and I'd nod and say 'Yes Pooh, so he is. It's windy today' '
'I see' said Pooh; wondering why Italians whoever they were, couldn't just say what they meant.
'But then' said CR, 'Italian poets started to write poetry in little bunches of four lines, because four lines feel rather comfortable together, like four of us under one umbrella when it rains... like your poem about Rupert Brooke: and after four lines, you rather hope there's another four lines coming, and you get a sort of comfortable feeling, like when you're walking along a path with a fence, and after one fence post you take a few more steps, and inside yourself you might think 'there's another post coming' and so it does and you feel comfortable about fences, like fences themselves do. It's called Agreeable Repetition'

'I see' said Pooh; not knowing, of course, that one day when he was Very Famous, his Hums would be translated into Italian and sound rather like honey talking...

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