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  • Rookie Mary Nagy (11/7/2005 12:30:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies
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    I think it should be said for ALL POEMHUNTER MEMBERS: lulu.com is how this book is going to be put together. ANYONE can do it. I heard about it but never checked because I thought there must be a catch or some big upfront cost but......there isn't. So, if anyone wants to make a book and have all their friends from Poemhunter (or just themself) ....this is a FREE thing that is open to EVERYONE. If you are a poet here that wants to have your poems in a book like the one that is being put together, there are step-by-step instructions on how to do it. (It looks pretty simple) . I'm saying this so anyone that feels they may have been overlooked can have a chance at participating in this (even if it's in a different book) . There is no 'rule' saying only one book can be published by people here. I hope there are many books put together by poemhunter users. What a nice collection that would be! Sincerely, Mary

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    • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (11/7/2005 4:05:00 PM) Post reply

      Exactly, Mary. I think it should stay with the original plan of three per poet.* Call it Volume I. If it gets real thick you can use it to tyake the wrinkles out of photos. Best H * (Don't fiddle ... more

    • Rookie Lori Boulard (11/7/2005 12:43:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      absolutely! And as I said before, there are SO many poets here - a truly impressive mix of people and poems - I hope we have many more collaborations in the future.

  • Rookie Lori Boulard (11/7/2005 10:03:00 AM) Post reply | Read 10 replies

    Phew. Thinking more clearly after coffee. Going on first come, first serve basis, with a few slots allowed for regulars, we have twenty poets so far w/three poems each, listed below. BEFORE YOU JUMP - THIS MAY NOT BE THE OFFICIAL LIST, PLEASE READ QUESTIONS FIRST!
    1) How long do we want this puppy to be? If we can add about ten more newbies, we'd have a really good mix of material and contributors from all over the world.
    2) Would any of the regulars who have already sent their 3 be willing to sacrifice one poem for someone else to have one poem in? Again, depending on how long we make it. I would be happy to as well.

    Contributors SO FAR:
    Michael Shepard
    Sherrie GK
    Marcy Jarvis
    Herbert Neirlich
    Mary Nagy
    Max Reif
    Sally Clarke
    Lori Boulard
    David Nelson Bradsher
    John Kay
    Uriah Hamilton
    Tiffany Etter
    Nikhil Parekh
    Raynette Eitel
    Alice Vedral Rivera
    Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari
    Ernestine Northover
    Peter Crowther
    Ulrike Gerbig
    Poetry Hound

    There are still a slew of interested and deserving poets, so depending on questions 1 & 2 we have room to go. This is turning out to be really special!

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  • Rookie Lori Boulard (11/7/2005 8:26:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Oh, happy Monday. Morning report as follows:
    Good news: 76 emails between last night and this morning show just how wonderful this idea is...and how many people actually read the Forum/postings on our dear site.
    Bad news: ain't no way everybody can be included in the FIRST issue.
    Good news: I sincerely hope this leads to more coordination (I really am having a blast with this) and more pooling of talents in the future.
    As I sift through submissions, being fair to the regulars who really need to be represented as well as newbies brave enough to come forward, I'll make 'the list' (I hate that term) and post later on today. Now for some coffee..

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  • Rookie Michael Shepherd (11/7/2005 7:31:00 AM) Post reply

    Guyzngals: Those of us who dreamed up this little solve-your-Christmas-presents-with-a-book lark, addressed to those who regularly chat on this Forum and know each other, cyberwise, are getting flak because we should either have kept it a secret (why wasn't I chosen...) or made it an official formal business of editorial board (why wasn't I chosen...) making a 'subjective' communal selection (why wasn't I chosen...) . The response has been far greater than we expected, often from people who have not joined in discussions here (such as they are...) .

    Apologies if we have misled, forgotten the worthy, trodden on toes, failed to inform in time... Lori, who eventually volunteered for the hefty task of getting this onto paper with a limited space, had just a week spare... and who before Print-On-Demand heard of a book set up in a week?

    So as Marcy said, this is open to all; and we all have our e-books anyway. So do the same thing with your poet friends; or we might do a more formal selection thing (not me, I'd run a mile from quality judgments) next year, OK?

    PS I've posted this without referring to Lori, who's snowed under...
    Wish us luck.

  • Rookie - 0 Points Lucy Burrow (11/7/2005 6:21:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Hello, I am new in these parts, I am blown away by some of the writers on this site. Since I joined a couple of weeks ago, I have tried to read a couple of peoples work each day, or at least a sample of it - and I always try to make constructive comments - I would love some feedback too, so if any of you could spare some time, and of course, I will take a peek at your stuff too.
    Regards, Lucy

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    • Rookie - 0 Points Lucy Burrow (11/7/2005 4:30:00 PM) Post reply

      Thank you all for your responses, and for taking the time to read my poems, I will take on board all your comments, and take time to look at your stuff too. Regards, Lucy

    • Rookie - 0 Points Mary Nagy (11/7/2005 6:27:00 AM) Post reply

      Hi Lucy! I'll try to check out some of your poems in awhile.....(once I get to class I have some time to kill in the computer lab) . I look forward to it. :)

  • Rookie Mary Nagy (11/7/2005 6:15:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Note to Lori: Just to mention, if you're 'copying and pasting' poems directly from this website, there will be problems with the quotation marks. (also the ''double p'') I have had this problem when I've pasted my poems from here to another place so I thought I'd mention it since I'm sure things are probably rolling along quickly. :)

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    • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (11/7/2005 6:30:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      Note to Lori from me: Would you keep us all informed about the steps as you take them and confirm (I know this will cost time) just prior to 'execution' meaning the point just before the point of no ... more

  • Rookie - 150 Points Poetry Hound (11/7/2005 5:06:00 AM) Post reply | Read 5 replies

    If Nikhil Parekh has not already submitted his 3 poems, I’d like to propose these ones of his:
    Immortally Overpowering
    Immortally Splashed
    More Immortally godly than ever before

    If there happens to be room for 3 more, then include these:
    Loving you more immortally
    Our love would immortally conquer
    Supremely Immortal

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  • Rookie Allan James Saywell (11/7/2005 4:22:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


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    • Rookie Marcy Jarvis (11/7/2005 5:00:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I'm hoping people will take the baton and run with it here. The Poemhunter UniVERSE isn't limited to one little old peapod... POD With Print On Demand You're at the command.

  • Rookie John Kay (11/7/2005 4:01:00 AM) Post reply

    I was almost human but then something went wrong
    I was a human being but then I became a victim
    I almost became a human being but then I ran out of time
    I was one of two human beings involved in a hideous crime
    I was one of three human beings caught up in a mystery
    I forgot what it was like to feel human a long time ago
    I was set off as a human torch in the eyes of my fellow man
    I was human but then it stopped paying off
    I was one of two human beings in love with a third
    I felt godlike but it didn't last
    I was human but it felt strange to me
    It was fun being human for awhile till the fun wore off
    I was human but then I was in too much pain
    I loved a human being once and can hardly believe it now
    I saved a human being once but couldn't save myself
    I pulled a human being out of the water once
    but it was already dead
    I was a human being as long as it was in fashion
    I was in the business of being human
    I hunted down humans for a living
    Act like a human being he cried and then fired the gun
    I saw a human being once from a great distance
    I wanted to get close to a human being once but I failed
    A human being once wrote a beautiful letter to me
    but I didn't have the courage to answer it
    I watched a human being get away with murder
    A human being was singing once and then it stopped
    Human beings can be found everywhere
    yet I have never really known one
    Until you have lost a human being you loved
    you can't really call yourself human
    A great human being was said to have lived here
    I looked in the mirror once and saw something that looked
    like a viscous animal
    So that's what they look like, I thought
    It didn't look half human when they were finished with it
    I wouldn't want to be a human being for all the money in the world
    Now that 's a human being I thought and then it went for my throat
    I saw the most gentle human being the other day.
    She didn't see me.

    by Willima Cody

  • Rookie Vidushi Khera (11/6/2005 10:20:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey i'm new here...just felt like saying hi....just found out that people here hold regualr discussion... would love to be a part of them... i'm also quite new to the site...as in...i started posting here only last month....do have a look at my poetry...and i hope to involve in interesting discussions around here...
    till then

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