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  • Rookie Allan James Saywell (11/7/2005 4:22:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    • Rookie Marcy Jarvis (11/7/2005 5:00:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I'm hoping people will take the baton and run with it here. The Poemhunter UniVERSE isn't limited to one little old peapod... POD With Print On Demand You're at the command.

  • Rookie John Kay (11/7/2005 4:01:00 AM) Post reply

    I was almost human but then something went wrong
    I was a human being but then I became a victim
    I almost became a human being but then I ran out of time
    I was one of two human beings involved in a hideous crime
    I was one of three human beings caught up in a mystery
    I forgot what it was like to feel human a long time ago
    I was set off as a human torch in the eyes of my fellow man
    I was human but then it stopped paying off
    I was one of two human beings in love with a third
    I felt godlike but it didn't last
    I was human but it felt strange to me
    It was fun being human for awhile till the fun wore off
    I was human but then I was in too much pain
    I loved a human being once and can hardly believe it now
    I saved a human being once but couldn't save myself
    I pulled a human being out of the water once
    but it was already dead
    I was a human being as long as it was in fashion
    I was in the business of being human
    I hunted down humans for a living
    Act like a human being he cried and then fired the gun
    I saw a human being once from a great distance
    I wanted to get close to a human being once but I failed
    A human being once wrote a beautiful letter to me
    but I didn't have the courage to answer it
    I watched a human being get away with murder
    A human being was singing once and then it stopped
    Human beings can be found everywhere
    yet I have never really known one
    Until you have lost a human being you loved
    you can't really call yourself human
    A great human being was said to have lived here
    I looked in the mirror once and saw something that looked
    like a viscous animal
    So that's what they look like, I thought
    It didn't look half human when they were finished with it
    I wouldn't want to be a human being for all the money in the world
    Now that 's a human being I thought and then it went for my throat
    I saw the most gentle human being the other day.
    She didn't see me.

    by Willima Cody

  • Rookie Vidushi Khera (11/6/2005 10:20:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey i'm new here...just felt like saying hi....just found out that people here hold regualr discussion... would love to be a part of them... i'm also quite new to the site...as in...i started posting here only last month....do have a look at my poetry...and i hope to involve in interesting discussions around here...
    till then

  • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (11/6/2005 10:14:00 PM) Post reply

    The following is ALMOST poetry (in fact I may make a poem out of it later on) .

    The Director of the National Museum in Iceland says that it is definitely established that during 600 years,1200 to 1800 in Iceland, there were no dental cavities. The foods they ate were milk and milk products, mutton, beef and fish. They ate no carbohydrate. The only exception to this was a little moss soup in the summer, but this was a rare 'fun food' of little nutritional importance. Two Indian tribes reveal the same thing.

    The prehistoric Indians of California were vegetarians, unlike most folks of that period, and they had tooth decay. In contrast, the Sioux Indians lived on buffalo meat and were devoid of cavities. The Pueblos worshipped the Corn God, but he was not grateful. They have the most wretched teeth of all the American Indian tribes. They live on corn, squash and beans. The Laplanders, who ate mostly reindeer meat during the 18th century, rarely had cavities. Modern laps have a decay rate of 85% of their teeth.

    Best wishes

    Look Ma, no fluoride....!

  • Rookie allan james saywell (11/6/2005 8:11:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    hello hello hello whats this then a book being produced without me, i see
    a little bit of discrimination oh well every dog has his day even old shep

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  • Rookie Lori Boulard (11/6/2005 5:21:00 PM) Post reply

    OK, we're getting a good list going, but let's 'close the doors' until I hear from those we've already invited. I'm sure everyone wants in, but I need a minute to tally the volume and space requirements before we proceed. I'll post tomorrow am where we stand.

  • Rookie ***** ***** (11/6/2005 4:35:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Am I too late? ... have stopped in tonight to what looks like a done deal... S.

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  • Rookie - 7 Points Max Reif (11/6/2005 4:27:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Do we send a bio too? How long, like a paragraph? I missed that.

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    • Rookie - 7 Points Lori Boulard (11/6/2005 5:35:00 PM) Post reply

      brief bio, please, like a SHORT paragraph (most have around 3 sentences) .

  • Rookie Marcy Jarvis (11/6/2005 4:02:00 PM) Post reply

    I am very much looking forward to seeing a mix of our work side by side in this way as I find book reading to be an entirely different experience than reading posts on the internet! I hope anyone looking in will feel free to send 3 of their best poems and their bio to Lori in time for inclusion, as there doesn't seem to be any huge danger of it getting too big at this point.

  • Rookie Michael Shepherd (11/6/2005 2:18:00 PM) Post reply | Read 4 replies

    Five more names have come to me. Will you kind people alert them? I'll alert Rich.

    Rich Hanson
    Albery Vynckier
    john tiong chunghoo
    Richard George

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    • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (11/6/2005 8:25:00 PM) Post reply

      Kelly Vinal......! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! H

    • Rookie Marcy Jarvis (11/6/2005 3:57:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I've sent out the word to a few people whose work I read, including John, tonight so hopefully some stuff will be rolling in to Lori by tomorrow. My book is 90 pages and costs $6.50 wholesale, Michael ... more

    • Rookie Richard George (11/6/2005 2:48:00 PM) Post reply

      Many thanks, Michael, but I'll forego this as I've been in print a lot already - my second full-length collection's out at the beginning of next year, hopefully. Make sure Sonja Broderick's in, if ... more

    • Rookie Michael Shepherd (11/6/2005 2:37:00 PM) Post reply

      and I've asked dear Joyce Lazarus of hap ... more

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