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  • Mary Nagy (11/1/2005 8:21:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Ok, I'm posting this in response to Michael's question regarding the 'romantic poetry' and whether spouse reciprocate this idealistic view of the other...etc. etc. I said I was going to ask Todd (my husband) to write me a poem.......figuring he would tell me where to go because he normally teases me about my poetry BUT...while I was in class tonight HE DID IT and I am posting what he wrote. I hope we can be gentle on the 'comments'... :) Keep in mind this is his first poem ever. (I will say I was encouraged to read the title: A Husband's Love (part one) .......hmmm I wonder if I've started something here? Mary

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    • Mary Nagy (11/2/2005 5:58:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Thanks for commenting on his poem you guys! He tried to act like he didn't care........but he sure was smiling when I told him the remarks and scores. He even commented on his 'next poem...' (he c ... more

  • Max Reif (11/1/2005 12:57:00 PM) Post reply | Read 4 replies Stage

    Here's a question: I read some romantic poems this morning that extolled the beloved and painted a picture of him/her as FAR, almost INFINITELY more beautiful, significant, worthy etc. than the 'mere' lover, who comes off kind of as a speck of dust.

    Do you think this attitude 'comes along with the teritory' in Romantic Love? Is is the attitude most poets expressing romantic love in the past have taken? Is romantic love POSSIBLE if one sees oneself as equal to the beloved?

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    • Michael Shepherd (11/1/2005 4:59:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

      I'm just thinking about your last line, Max...imagine a 'romantic' poem where you praise the beloved's exquisite taste in choosing to love your own perfectly sublime self!

    • Max Reif (11/1/2005 2:09:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      Thank you for articulating these additional dimensions of the matter, Michael. Being a dilettante, I can't adequately answer them (I can scarcely spell 'adequately') , but who knows when PoHo or Lamon ... more

    • Michael Shepherd (11/1/2005 1:56:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies Stage

      Since romantic poems are normally written by one party only, and then usually 'before the event', it would be interesting if not unique, to have both parties to the romance/partnership writing of thei ... more

    • Mary Nagy (11/1/2005 1:23:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      I think the most romantic kind of love i ... more

  • Dee Maguire (11/1/2005 10:03:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Hi everyone Im new here and slowly getting through all of your most poems, they are so good.Ive recently wrote my own poem and I would apprecait it if you could give me your honest opinion.


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    • Michael Shepherd (11/1/2005 11:10:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Welcome, Dee. But honestly, since you ask: it's like wandering through a cemetery, seeing the freshly dug graves, the fresh flowers on old graves... you know that every one of them is a huge huge even ... more

  • Lori Boulard (11/1/2005 9:14:00 AM) Post reply | Read 5 replies Stage

    Now for something more Forum-related. Did anyone notice the story about Britney Spears - newly Jewish thanks to Madonna - being commissioned to write kids' stories? What do you think about celebrities writing 'just because they can'? Be honest. Anyone read any that are really good?

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    • Richard George (11/2/2005 5:20:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      From my side of the pond, not all 'celebrities' are bad writers - Stephen Fry (British comedian and actor) is a fine writer. So is Amelia Bullmore - a British actress who's played (among others) com ... more

    • Poetry Hound (11/1/2005 2:57:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      Everyone thinks they can write a children's book, just like everyone thinks they can write poetry.

    • Max Reif (11/1/2005 2:11:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      They say that Jamie-Lee Curtiss' are really quite good. I don't remember reading any celebrities' childrens' stories, so far. Guess I haven't been curious enough. You just evaluate their merits, the ... more

    • Lori Boulard (11/1/2005 10:15:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Hey, Sherrie, at least you're honest! A ... more

    • Lori Boulard (11/1/2005 9:18:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      I'll offer the first take. Viggo Morten ... more

  • Lori Boulard (11/1/2005 9:10:00 AM) Post reply | Read 5 replies Stage

    Hello hunters, I hate to get tech-y on such a beautiful Tuesday, but does anybody know how to find recent comments posted to your poems w/o checking each one that's been read? It's fine with ten or so poems but now it's downright silly, and I don't want to miss anybody. Thanks in advance for any tips!

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    • Lori Boulard (11/3/2005 12:06:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      aaahh, I see I'm not alone. Max, I'll take your suggestion and bug the web-spinners.. or maybe take Andrew's tip & hit my site every five minutes until I'm NUMBER ONE, BABY!

    • Michael Shepherd (11/2/2005 4:53:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      This is a bit weird - there seemed to be this facility at one time - confusingly, 'comments' in one place got the commonts BY you, 'comments' on your stats page got the comments ON you - but I can 't ... more

    • Max Reif (11/1/2005 11:25:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Yeah, the mgt wrote me some months back that they're workin' on it. It would be nice to have an update. If you e-mail them about it, you might have to be a little 'direct' in saying you really need th ... more

    • Michael Shepherd (11/1/2005 11:03:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Go to your poems and hit those marked 'N ... more

    • Mary Nagy (11/1/2005 10:55:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      I don't think there is a way Lori. It s ... more

  • Allan James Saywell (10/31/2005 10:33:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    i wrote a poem the other day on Austalian race mare 'Makybe Diva' she has just won the Melbourne cup for a record third time in a row she is now the greatest AusTrAlian race horse since PHARLAP

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  • Max Reif (10/31/2005 9:19:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    a lengthy interview with William Stafford:

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    • Marcy Jarvis (11/1/2005 2:26:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      great interview. I was especially interested in what he had to say about how he didn't involve his family in his writing. He seems very sanguine about that. I also was curious about how he thought A ... more

  • Poetry Hound (10/31/2005 12:15:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Here's an unusual word usage site to bookmark - http: // It's called the Double-Tongued Word Wrester: A Growing Dictionary of old and new words from the fringes of English. For example: Share Of Throat n. the proportion of the beverage industry’s sales belonging to a specific brand or manufacturer.

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    • Marcy Jarvis (10/31/2005 6:00:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      I'm stuck on pocketbook and flawn and it couldn't help me with either of those, but thanks.

  • Allan James Saywell (10/30/2005 9:31:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    i write under a couple of alter ego's on poem hunter but i still find it hard to decide which poems to allow my charactors to have i find it's like having duel personalaties after a while you become distant from them they start to assume personalities of there own one of my charactors i dont like him at all

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  • Jerry Hughes (10/30/2005 5:40:00 PM) Post reply | Read 7 replies Stage

    Greetings all. This hasn't anything to do with the current discussion, but to tell you I'll be off-air from this afternoon (Melbourne time) , until the morning of Tuesday, November 8.

    I'm off to Queensland, to visit my eldest son Mark, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons some time ago. But it seems the current regime of medication he's on, isn't doing what its supposed to.

    The dread fear of any parent is, one of their children proceeding them to the great unknown. However, I'll take your good wishes and pass them on. God knows, Mark needs every good wish he can get. Thanks, Jerry

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    • ***** ***** (10/31/2005 6:39:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Your love for him is palpable. That should help you both through whatever comes. S.

    • Michael Shepherd (10/31/2005 4:34:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Jerry, sad news and best wishes. But I feel I must offer this: that my own slight shake responds instantly to meditation. It's as if one vibration takes a superior precedence over the other in the ner ... more

    • Richard George (10/31/2005 12:40:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      All the very best to you both - always especially cruel when some one's struck down prematurely like this.

    • Jerry Hughes (10/30/2005 10:30:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      Sherrie, Linda, Herbert, Kitten, Jeffers ... more

    • Herbert Nehrlich1 (10/30/2005 8:23:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      No worries, be happy Dad. Best H

    • Mary Nagy (10/30/2005 7:29:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      We'll all be praying for your son Jerry. ... more

    • Max Reif (10/30/2005 7:08:00 PM) Post reply Stage

      Bless you, best to you both, Jerry. Hope ... more

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