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  • Rookie - 992 Points Gulsher John (1/24/2015 7:53:00 PM) Post reply
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    The new holocaust

    It was a morning of pale spring
    that felt like a dry autumn,
    when an angelic spirit(might be a forgotten faith)
    came to me (when i was lying drunk)
    and sang the glory of Chaos:
    " wake up, it's no time to rest
    my child...
    the mysterious melodies
    of the impending doom
    approaching fast,
    and the new faith of Cannibalism
    shines bright in the dark.
    (Surely i see) it haunts again, and
    we're the compelling witness
    of this new holocaust-
    in the name of gods.
    Don't you see
    this poor poor wealthy world
    wants to be fed
    more with blood and gore...
    it's better to burn out
    all the aesthetic pleasures
    and norms.
    O! you can find more cheers
    in a graveyard than my heart,
    Here I see the young perish and
    the old lingering long.

    P.S. this happened when on Dec 16,2014, few militants entered a school building ans shot dead more than 140 young innocent children, in the name of god, the snaps of the incident were so terrible and tragic, everywhere there were blood and gore of the young bodies.

  • Rookie - 274 Points Jeremy Horsford (1/24/2015 6:17:00 AM) Post reply

    Life through a colleague's eyes 

    I have trust issues. Which no one person can be directly accused. 

    I have lived a life of being beaten and cheated. In many ways 
    psychologically defeated. 

    My small and petite stature, has left me open to the world's abuse. 
    My small and petite stature has set me up to have a life where I 
    constantly lose. 

    Why have I been designed for failure?Why is it I seem to attract 
    predatory creatures? 

    I am now of the mind where I expect to be hurt early on in relationships. 
    I find it difficult to resolve challenges within relationships. I run from 
    inexhaustible issues within relationships. 

    Something needs to change and I do not want to agree to a new a found 
    friend's opinion of my state of mind. Although I can see he will never 
    leave me behind.

  • Rookie - 672 Points Sean North (1/24/2015 3:07:00 AM) Post reply

    all ways n aLLways....thnx n thanks...for ur time..to peek@chew?enjoy..dont.. you the captin..my captin...l8r

  • Freshman - 1,302 Points Professor Plum (1/23/2015 10:18:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I just want to get Barry off the front slot. Hello everyone!

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  • Rookie Barry A. Lanier (1/21/2015 2:17:00 AM) Post reply

    Just wanted the say I'm Back

  • Rookie - 546 Points Ko The Skipper (1/20/2015 7:58:00 AM) Post reply

    post traumatic disorders: 1940-1945 due to 14-18

    there is no science without prescience
    it wouldn't be a science

    every science has its prophets

    medicine changes the body
    the body changes the medicine

  • Rookie - 64 Points Kathleen Neff (1/19/2015 11:13:00 AM) Post reply

    To all those who read my earlier post,
    I am sorry to have worried you so but I am not going to kill myself. Its just that, in my family when a person becomes a certain age, their parents decide to stop celebrating their birthday because they are to old to celebrate it. I just don't want to stop celebrating my birthday though.
    As I said before I am terribly sorry to cause such worry.

  • Bronze Star - 5,772 Points Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (1/18/2015 5:51:00 PM) Post reply


    Dotage pervades upon the ashen grey,
    mercurialed waves of a rankled brain;
    thank Christ insanity smothers p a i n.

    Hemispheres networks sore estranged,
    obstruction, occlusion, neurologic stain
    like leaves besmirched by driving rain.

    Waning, draining, consumed in bereft,
    so hauntingly loud be their final breaths
    until mercy comes by the heart of Death.


  • Rookie - 249 Points Mysia Hayling (1/17/2015 5:53:00 PM) Post reply

    Poetry is truly an art I really enjoy reading other people's work and finding pleasure in doing so. Just want to encourage all poets to continue to writing.

  • Freshman - 1,486 Points Mike Acker (1/17/2015 2:35:00 AM) Post reply

    Brother's Keeper

    When baby strollers are instant coffins
    and body parts are stepped upon;
    when gray matter hangs on walls
    like sticky cotton balls,

    on-lookers continue doing what they do.
    Those who eat, eat.
    Those who sleep, sleep.
    Those who watch, watch.

    When children are skinned and their parents
    lose their head, then their minds,
    when rape and rapine become commonplace,
    leaving no room for solace,

    witnesses don't stop what they do.
    Those who laugh, laugh.
    Those who look, look.
    Those who think, forget.
    Mike Acker

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