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Paul Moosberg Male, 33, United States (6/24/2006 11:03:00 PM)

ah that is true, my poems are not good.
but i could care less. i use them to find out who i am
i use them to release my mind.

and like i said before, my poems are hallmarky. but that's fine with me. i do not wish for those that can not get past the rhymes to read it any way. besides if all your doing is complaining about form. maybe you should be so restrictive on your words. i mean if you don't rhyme (as your poems don't) then maybe you should join a new place, or poem posting site. cause i use my poems for pure therapy.

and you know what, i have had a ton of moms, thank me for the insightful clues from my mind as to the relationship to thier own child with a spectrum of autism. so bash me all you want. i think of myself lower than you will ever think of me (trust me) .

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  • Rookie Pali Tripathi (6/26/2006 12:23:00 AM) Post reply
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    I dont know if i understand u correctly Paul, but going by what i do.....'good'poems do not have a set criteria like, 'rhymes/doesnt rhyme, understood/not understood, etc.Good poems are pieces like art....could be a claaic, could be abstract could be an oil or a plain charcoal.The essance is that in the end, whatever u have created, by whatever means, form or structure, has it conveyed what it vstarted out to convey in the first place and with a certain simplicity! So, if ur poem succeeds in doing that for u and fr ur readers, i am sure it is a good one :)

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