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Jim Valero Male, 62, Mexico (12/15/2005 9:36:00 AM)

Here's another bit of satire: 'Modest Proposal Revisited.' If it is shocking, so is the ghastly ghost of hunger, poverty, & violence haunting the world today. Jonathan Swift, that Master of Satire, knew this well, & used his pen to expose the heartless exploitation, corruption, & decadence in the Ireland of his time. Sadly, three centuries ahead, the world still suffers from much the same social maladies Swift denounced.

'A Modest Proposal Revisited'

Several years ago, Jonathan Swift,
that Leviathan of the Pen, propos’d,
to strike out Famine, Poverty, & Plight,
to take the children of the poor to roast;
then, spiced up, well-dress’d, & tenderized,
to serve them at the table for a bite.
What best solution for the Brave New World
that’s dying to be born, the Brave New World
of globalized Commodities & Goods,
where nothing holy is but is for sale,
than end up Famine & increase our stock of foods—
a brand new meat to eat after cocktail!

Certainly the poorest nations of the world,
which see their markets flooded with Oriental
goods, their peasant’s hopes like trash being hurled
into the mud canals, would take this mirthful
chance to double, triple, & even quadruple
their incomes as they finally are able
to sell good, tender meat worldwide, & cater
to the delicate, sophisticated palates
of the Rich & Mighty with a meal that’s better
than pork, venison, or veal. With large frigates
going ‘cross the oceans, up & down,
with infants’ meat for Paris, London, & New York—
the poorest part of this poor planet would become
a Paradise on Earth, the Greatest Boomtown
in our Brave New Globalized & O so awesome
Cen – tu - ry!

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  • Rookie Wayne Guy Butterfield (12/15/2005 7:28:00 PM) Post reply
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    Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' certainly is a classic of satire. And as you suggest, Jim, in many ways sadly still applicable today. Thanks for a very interesting post! Best, Wayne

  • Rookie - 200 Points Ernestine Northover (12/15/2005 3:58:00 PM) Post reply

    Now this takes some reading, Jim, I shall have to read it a few times, but having read it twice already, I'm beginning to take it in. It certainly covers a lot and explains a lot, and what one reads isn't too pleasant really, is it. This is mind churning. Love Ernestine XXX

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