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  • Rookie Paul Moosberg (8/8/2006 10:03:00 AM) Post reply
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    just for you jefferson carter:

    Contempt of What This Is
    Contemporary poetry
    Seems to restrict my visions
    For I find rhymes without deliberation

    Yes, I am a Hallmark card
    American Greetings in a cage
    Those who think my poems suck
    Can show me how I don't care

    So I journey through the pipes
    To squeeze my shadow's soul
    But all I want is to hear
    To see what I am

    And when I wrote this poem
    All of it rhymed, as I can not help
    But I can change it, Yet didn't want to
    Since it is not my notions
    Of what this was

  • Rookie Bel Shade (7/11/2006 7:27:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I became a member of this site some months ago but have had probs. logging on 'till today. Now instead of intellectual repartee and inspirational thought I find narrow minded bigotry and bickering in the name of poetry. It should not be outside the grasp of any poet to write both rhyming and prose poetry and to appreciates other's efforts in the same. I have to queston the integrity of poets who uses words to discourage and belittle each others work.

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    • Rookie Tom Zart (7/11/2006 11:24:00 AM) Post reply

      Dear Bel, look Tom Zart up on google and you will find what you are looking for in American poetry.

  • Rookie - 110 Points Ernestine Northover (7/6/2006 3:07:00 PM) Post reply

    JC I think you must be a very sad and desperate man, to narrow your opinions, to what you think is the only type of poetry the world should know about. I love the poetry of our previous Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjeman, a fantastic poet and a rhymer to boot. Anyone can write continuous drivel without having to think, it just rolls of the tongue without any basic structure or understanding of what is being written. This is just a case of 'showing off' trying to out-do the next person, and I can't see any joy in that at all. I never push my opinions on anyone, whatever they write is their own concern, but to call us rhymers, Hallmarkers, is quite frankly something only someone who is unsure of themselves and afraid that someone else will get higher than them would stoop to do. It is a pathetic name, and if you were of any calibre you would apologise to us rhymers. You don't have to read our poems, we would prefer you not too, so just fling your hook, please and go find something else to fill your obviously frustated and lonely time.

  • Rookie Archie Langford (7/5/2006 3:44:00 AM) Post reply

    rhythm is the most importent rhythm and rhyme that`s poetry
    keep at it.

  • Rookie KB & CO. (6/28/2006 1:05:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    I so enjoy rhyming poetry, just about all I write. Can anyone give me a clue on how to write a different style? Check mine out & you'll see what i mean, thanks.

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    • Rookie Tom Zart (7/3/2006 9:09:00 PM) Post reply

      You keep on rhyming more people love rhyming poems than those who do not. Most who do not like them can't write a good one so they hate those who can. Look Tom Zart up on google and you will see whe ... more

    • Rookie Ernestine Northover (7/2/2006 3:34:00 PM) Post reply

      Hi There! ! ! You keep up your rhyming, and take no notice of the people who say that we are just writing stuff for Hallmark Cards. I write both types of poems but mostly rhyming. JC tends to think he ... more

  • Rookie Jane Groom (6/27/2006 10:02:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    can anyone help i need a poem to read at a friends wedding

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  • Rookie Untitiled and unnamed (6/27/2006 6:38:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hey Melisa...Not sure if i am the only one but cannot view the links that you posted? ? But here is something for your consideration...

    Black Or White

    Am I Black, Am I White…

    What does it matter?

    For I see you as a person,

    You breath, you bleed, you fight,

    Who am I to judge you, in this plight?

    To live this life as we do,

    Why should society so judge you to?

    For you are just like me,

    A human being who wants to live through,

    This life that was given to you,

    So… I take this life that was given to me,

    And hope that it will be,

    A footprint on this earth,

    That will be true to me and you,

    And will be remembered, as I’m still so blue.

    As what does skin color…really mean to you….? ?

    Written By Lee Stedman 27/06/06

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    • Rookie Missy Trinity Ferrari. (6/27/2006 9:33:00 PM) Post reply

      Is it ok if we entitle the poem... 'So Im black... Or White'? Because our editors need it in strictly 'So I'm' format.. please and thank you. Sincerely, Melissa Ferrer

  • Rookie Paul Moosberg (6/24/2006 11:03:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    ah that is true, my poems are not good.
    but i could care less. i use them to find out who i am
    i use them to release my mind.

    and like i said before, my poems are hallmarky. but that's fine with me. i do not wish for those that can not get past the rhymes to read it any way. besides if all your doing is complaining about form. maybe you should be so restrictive on your words. i mean if you don't rhyme (as your poems don't) then maybe you should join a new place, or poem posting site. cause i use my poems for pure therapy.

    and you know what, i have had a ton of moms, thank me for the insightful clues from my mind as to the relationship to thier own child with a spectrum of autism. so bash me all you want. i think of myself lower than you will ever think of me (trust me) .

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    • Rookie Pali Tripathi (6/26/2006 12:23:00 AM) Post reply

      I dont know if i understand u correctly Paul, but going by what i do.....'good'poems do not have a set criteria like, 'rhymes/doesnt rhyme, understood/not understood, etc.Good poems are pieces like ar ... more

  • Rookie Untitiled and unnamed (6/24/2006 5:22:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies


    Why do you seem so abusive to others work? ? ?

    At the end of the day people post there work on here to read and maybe hope others can connect with, as most people I have come across write about there own troubles and strife’s,

    So why bitch about the poems that rhyme and them that do not? ? As I am new to this type of writing, why not let it be up to the individual whether or not he/she writes contemporary or lets it rhyme, at the end of the day who are you to say what we should write? ? ?

    I’m sorry mate but I really dislike what you have posted, I think you should keep your views to yourself and if you don’t like what others post then my advice is not to read it? ? ? ? Simple…

    Enough said...

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    • Rookie Untitiled and unnamed (6/27/2006 3:59:00 PM) Post reply

      Jefferson Carter… 1st of all I feel as though I need to apologize ref my first post to you, as I think that I came on a bit strong and had no right to do so.. After all who am I to come barging ont ... more

    • Rookie Pali Tripathi (6/26/2006 12:29:00 AM) Post reply

      Hey, i totally get what u mean, but from another point of view, if one can take Jeff's views as a feedback, and then accept it or discount it based on its utility, it would be a more constructive appr ... more

  • Rookie Paul Moosberg (6/22/2006 12:32:00 AM) Post reply

    maybe there is a reason that somethings are meant to rhyme.
    maybe there is a reason that some people try to shine
    but i think that is your own quest
    and not part of mine.
    cause i rhyme everything, with more riddles that i bet you can't find.

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