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Mohammed Alhadri Yemen (3/13/2010 10:11:00 AM)

Hi everyone

this is one of my poem or may be verses. i wish to see your opinion about it.


The dark come and my tears on the papers seep
My ache draws wishes, child dreams I feel them weep
Beautiful days carry my love's funeral with everything I keep
Faith buries my doting in a dusky grave and very deep
I see the world sad, feel the tears fill my pillow and creep

Yeah! In your eyes I read collections which said you don't care
In your smile I saw derision in every time I try to share
I saw your heart black, covers your emotion's eyes like your hair
The world felt me, even dumb shouted that is not fair

I've always waited your heart to mellow
I've talked to myself may be tomorrow
But time cheated me and give me sorrow

Ignorance was your weapon without any statement
Only one I hear! tomorrow is my engagement
You crashed my love to the dark's pavement
You left me apart! Do I deserve that for payment?

If you think clouds fall rain because their collision
No, they feel my pains, and cry seeing me living in your illusion
If you think wolves never sleep because their nature
No, they feel my aches, they wake to think of my dire future
If you think birds meet in the sky because they'll flock
No, they carry my deathless love to memories doors to knock
If you think your perfume smells good because a beautiful rose
No, that's my soul's smell mixed with happiness I lose

To whom's bosom I can relief
Even my Mom far away from the place I leave
Nobody in my life except God we all believe

Death is kinder than see people manage your weeding
Feel swords in my chest stabbing, my eyes with tears bleeding
Don't know with your love I grow up, in your smile you were feeding

I swear on the one who catches the sky without pillar
You are the one who wished to turn back my coat's collar
Without you! I'm an aimless planet around the system of solar

I swear on who fills the sea kinds of fish
Happy for you, say it my heart coz I'm not selfish
My heart forever with your love will be lavish

That's your right and I try not to be sad
Be sure you earned a loyal man not cad
Pray for you when his life good or bad

By. Mohammed Ahmed

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  • Rookie Khalilah Mackey (5/9/2010 10:06:00 AM) Post reply
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    This poem, I give this poem a seven, I think that it is a good poem.

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