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Michael Gray United Kingdom (12/16/2013 8:37:00 AM)

Hello all,

I'm trying to track down a poem that my Grandad used to read every New Year's Eve. We have recordings of him reciting the poem in years gone by, and half of a text, but he never knew where the lyrics came from, or even how they ended.

Here's what we have;

‘Reggie Duff’

Greedy youngster, Reggie Duff,
Christmas pudding, ripping stuff.
Saw his mother make a lot,
Saw her take them from the pot.
Saw her put them on the shelf,
Thought he’d like to help himself.
Hadn’t pluck enough to try,
Had to wait ‘til by and by.

Christmas dinner, turkey first,
Pudding ‘til he nearly burst.
What a greedy little chap.

Felt so ill he went to bed,
Tried to sleep but had a dream,
Saw a ghost upon his bed,
Reggie felt inclined to scream……

Any help in tracking it down would be much appreciated! Thanks, Michael

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