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Kyla Perry South Africa (9/15/2013 12:48:00 AM)

Hi. My Gran (90 yrs) remembers learning this part of a poem, she thinks the author was Allan Paton, or Allan Junior, please help. Gran can remember the following: some men thank God for the day that is done, but I thank him rather for one begun, for the chance to live as I know I should, and with his good grace as I know I could. So I face the world each morn anew, glad of the work I have to do. The work that tests and trains and try's what manner of spirit within me lies. The work that shows to the men I meet the man I shall be at the Judgement seat.

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,716 Points Laura Burns (9/15/2013 5:20:00 PM) Post reply
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    Here is the poem:


    Some men thank God for a day that is done;
    I thank Him rather for one begun,
    For the chance to live as I feel I should,
    And with His good grace, as I know I could.

    So I face the world each morn anew,
    Glad of the work I have to do;
    The work that gives me my daily bread,
    And the dear home-roof above my head;

    The work that trains and tests, and tries
    What manner of spirit within me lies;
    The work that reveals to the man I meet
    The man I shall be at the judgment seat.

    I'm glad of the chance the new days give
    To gather the wisdom by which men live,
    The wisdom to think and to do the right,
    And that puts all craven fears to flight.

    I'm glad of the chance to do and say
    A kindly thing in a kindly way;
    And of bringing, if but for a little while.
    To the face of another - a happy smile.

    I thank God, too, for the morning ray
    That ushers in the new-born day;
    For the song of birds and the sight of flowers;
    For the growing light of the morning hours;
    For the friends I'll meet upon my way-
    And the welcome home at the close of day.

    Where I found the whole poem (in an Australian Adventist publication) did not list the poet, but some excerpts from it I found elsewhere credited Allan Junior. Allan Junior is also the author of another poem (" Around the Fireside" ;) that I found in an Australian Adventist publication.

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