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Eilidh Macalister Female, 36, United Kingdom (1/26/2005 10:36:00 AM)

I was just wondering if anyone was able to post 'Shooting star (s?) ' by Carol Ann Duffy. I have heard of the poem a couple of times but can't find it anywhere.

Thanks very much

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  • Rookie Ingri Grimstad (3/14/2005 9:18:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies
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    Shooting stars
    By Carol Ann Duffy

    After I no longer speak they break our fingers
    to salvage my wedding ring. Rebecca Rachel Ruth
    Aaron Emmanuel David, stars on all our brows
    Beneath the gaze of men with guns. Mourn for our daughters,

    upright as statues, brave. You would not look at me.
    You waited for the bullet. Fell. I say, Remember.
    Remember those appalling days which make the world
    forever bad. One saw I was alive. Loosened

    his belt. My bowels opened in a ragged gape of fear.
    Between the gap of corpses I could see a child.
    The soldiers laughed. Only a matter of days separate
    this from acts of torture now. They shot her in the eye.

    How would you prepare to die, on a perfect April evening
    with young men gossiping and smoking by the graves?
    My bare feet felt the earth and urine trickled
    down my legs. I heard the click. Not yet. A trick.

    After immense suffering someone takes tea on the lawn.
    After the terrible moans a boy washes his uniform.
    After the history lesson children run to their toys the world
    turns in its sleep the spades shovel soil Sara Ezra…

    Sister, if seas part us, do you not consider me?
    Tell them I sang the ancient psalms at dusk
    inside the wire and strong men wept. Turn thee
    unto me with mercy, for I am desolate and lost.

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  • Rookie Tiffany D (1/27/2005 4:08:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Is this the poem you are looking for?

    ~ Shooting Star ~

    Shooting star. Oh, shooting star
    How bright? Oh, how divine!
    Please grant me this one wish
    That you would make him mine.

    We met not very long ago
    Through all the distant miles
    And now I hurry on each day
    Just to catch one of his smiles.

    You see, he lives so far away
    Clear on a distant shore
    And though he's way across the sea
    Each day I love him more.

    We share each other's day
    Our joys, our woes, and tears
    He is my own true love
    I want throughout the years.

    He knows just how I feel
    And yes, he understands
    He gives me hugs and kisses
    And then he holds my hand.

    So, shooting star, Oh shooting star
    Please tell him this today
    That I'm waiting here patiently
    And I'll never go away.

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