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Hugh Cobb Male, 68, United States (2/8/2006 8:09:00 PM)

Just a couple of thoughts on creativity and writing. For myself, and I can only speak for myself, the creative process is quite organic. An idea, feeling, concept gestates internally for weeks, months, sometimes years and then emerges as a nearly intact poem when it is time to be born.

I never plan a poem. Each poem has its own unique and proper form. Some are sonnets, some rhymed in other forms, others blank or free verse. Each is its own expression. The poem seems to choose its correct form.

An analogy to this is how sculptors see a piece of marble or clay and a particular form expresses to them through that medium. Some are pietas and others cheesy Hummel figurines. The incipient form is within the medium.

I often mix blank and rhymed verse. This seems to occur without my trying to do so. and sometimes a well-placed rhyme in a sea of unrhymed lines can be a powerful way to express a focal thought or feeling.

I am not one who can just sit down at a blank piece of paper and write if there's nothing happening. I have learned to trust my fallow periods and not give in to the fear that 'I'll never write again! ! ! ' As I said at the beginning of this ramble, poetry is organic for me. It begins internally and works its way out.

In my recent poem, 'Driving by the Boneyard', I was literally coming home from visiting a sick friend in hospital and passed a cemetary. As I drove by it lines began to come to me. Those lines plus 2 others became the first stanza of that poem.

Inspiration can be triggered by little things that we observe and those triggers can serve to bring out that which has been gestating within our psyches.

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  • Rookie kskdnj sajn (2/11/2006 2:31:00 PM) Post reply
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    Well said Hugh, As you may remember my poem about my D in english...lol., poetry has no education here, just observations and straight from the psyche. That is why I remove some...poetry education may make them better one day, but the ones that stay...well those I like just because. Thanks for the knowledge and thoughts above.

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