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Doris Cornago Doris Cornago Female, 63, Philippines (2/1/2014 3:11:00 AM)

In my opinion, you need interaction to write powerful poems. This poem is in response to LP's poem 'Blowjob By The Tracks'. Whether this poem is autobiographical or not is a matter for creativity. One should never question the motive or the background for the poem. Just allow me to make a statement on this matter of 'paid love'. Men look for love in the most unlikely places, but women find it everywhere, and help themselves to it. Many might disagree, but such is my observation of the difference in the genders and their quest for that be-all of existence. If I can hold on to one thing before I go, I would choose that person who has shown me the utmost example of love - without boundaries and definitions, no commitments, no measures, just the pleasure of being together. If you have found such a person - hold this person tight, he/she is the one.

Utter Ignorance
By: Doris F. Cornago

What do you know of love
Something that is peddled
As wares on a side street
by perfumed women in tights
and low cut bodices - their
dead eyes fastened on bread.

Or the course one takes
Upon seeing a new face
Meeting eyes in a crowded room
a nod of understanding
hurry out of the room
before somebody senses.

An excuse from boredom
A rubbing of flesh
A grapple, a cry of pain
She has mistaken you
for somebody more gentle
Now she is screaming poison.

We are strangers from start
we pretend we need love
to unmask others, make them
conform to the person we want
In our utter ignorance, love
turns from unmasking to deception.

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  • Rookie Shelley Stanworth (2/1/2014 3:11:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    I would have to agree.You definitely need interactions to write powerful poems.

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    • Rookie Doris Cornago (2/5/2014 8:59:00 AM) Post reply

      An interaction with another poet is worth ten of ordinary men. I have challenged another poet to a duel of poems and he ran away. I wonder why. Consider jousting with this: " Harmony" ... more

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