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Robert Lawrence Male, 28, United States (2/11/2005 1:38:00 PM)

Just another shot, I really want some insight, good or bad, here i go (see which is better paragraph free verse or a rhyming poem) :

Loneliness. Resting on a song. Priceless whispers curdle my skin. I should have kept you in a tightly locked box. But now you’re gone forever. The trees don’t grow as tall. The water is never as clean as it was before. And I wish to be somewhere else. In that place you created for me. When I was resting; listening to the music of the water, the creatures in the trees, and your voice. In tune. Harmony. Love never felt this brilliant. And it kills me I can’t return. My slavish body is now drenched in muddy water. Your spirit haunts these woods. Never speaking to me. Always paying attention to something else. I’m dead; lost; my heart is broken. There’s this constant pain in my chest that never goes away. It was there since you left me. This is how I feel without your music.

Children fall in rains of December
Autumn leaves turn silky and soft
They make me think and try to remember
What light this world has given and lost
Lost are the ones who bleakly dream
They decay and rot like September breeze
Cool and gentle, it fades its gleam
Often a rose loses its thorns in relief
With a sigh, they shake off their wings
And let go; they strive to be complete
Without a conscience they linger
Through the forest of the dark and obsolete
To find a purpose; we all possess this thirst
To break through and grow out of the worst

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  • Rookie Navin , (3/5/2005 12:30:00 AM) Post reply
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    I think rhyming is more compact and better readable and as visuallly it encites
    reader into it

    What do you think

  • Rookie louis sacre croix (2/24/2005 3:53:00 PM) Post reply

    Robert I love the first one and yet I think it could have been written better had it not been in paragraph form.
    Why not let the words find their own place on the paper.
    Do not restrict them, let them add to the picture you paint.


  • Rookie Gina PrettyBrownEyes (2/15/2005 7:33:00 PM) Post reply

    i think both styles have their good pointss. rhyming poems have a good, definate beat and rhythm. it makes reading it like a song.paragraph free verse lets your mind wander and create its own rhythm. its like reading a story only there's much much more to it than that. it all depends on what you want the reader to feel, what form to use

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