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  • Sheraly Espiritu (11/13/2006 6:11:00 AM) Post reply

    well... i guess its much easier if we based our poetry in our own experienced..

  • Becky Ginn (11/5/2006 8:53:00 AM) Post reply

    hey guys,
    Read my poems and, rate and give comments too please!

  • Victoria Dian (11/5/2006 8:47:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    i always remember someone's saying written in his book, I don't quite remember his name actually. But he said like this, '...since it takes imagination to learn language'- i just think that all of us who join this site must be language lovers who like to create something using words-so why don't we just use our imagination, write it freely as it will give others new ideas and clear description about something then share it by sending it=] just simple... but the effect is not quite as that simple.thanks God that there is, i love it much.

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    • Dr. Kolitha Lelwala (11/14/2006 10:54:00 PM) Post reply

      Dear Victoria, I really have the same idea and I found that you have the same idea, great! I admire your advices Kolitha

  • John Barton (11/2/2006 8:47:00 AM) Post reply

    Have any of you guys read Ben Jacobson's poem Feast of Booths, i think it's really good. Arthur Rimbaud like. It's not to over complicated as so many poems often are, it's just right.

  • The poet known as kiibaati (10/30/2006 11:47:00 AM) Post reply

    in writing poetry
    there are only two rules
    give your verses some mystery
    and let your words be tools

  • Bindu Borle (10/25/2006 11:54:00 AM) Post reply


    Read my poems and please rate and give comments too!

  • Rob Abbott (10/20/2006 4:57:00 PM) Post reply

    Hi all.. never tried to write anything before.. today was a first for me after a recent split with my fiance.. honest opinions would be appreciated
    Many thanks

  • Erhard Hans Josef Lang Rookie - 1st Stage (10/18/2006 8:54:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Dear poets, one small, but substantial change was made to my latest poem

    Eclipsing Untimely Queues On Whims Of Practical Intuition,

    which has made it all the more readable now, as I think, in its final form. Still, I'm always open to any suggestions by yourselves on matters of how to improve on my writings linguistically, dear poets, especially by you poets born with the English tongue (I, a German, was held and spoken to as a baby for some time by a colored American G.I.'s wife who then lived with us as tenants) .
    Please don't be hesitant to inform about anything in my use of language, or even of style, for that matter, in case something had striked your senses on reading my poems. Thanks a lot for your attention. It'll be a rewarding thing!

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    • Mary Ramey (10/24/2006 9:51:00 PM) Post reply

      Erhard, English, much like German, does lend itself to the condensing of language. You can shorten and intensify your line if you give thought to the vernacular that you employ. Granted, all poetry is ... more

  • shirts Williams Rookie - 1st Stage (10/14/2006 7:09:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    hi every one my name is Evan williams i am a very new poet looking to be discovered im 16 sophmore in highschool so yeah send me a message love to hear critizism good or bad so message me i hope to hear from you all

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    • David Lovell (11/27/2006 11:20:00 PM) Post reply

      I have read several of your poems and was very impressed. I intend to read all of your posted poems soon, and would encourage you to post more. Without a doubt, my favorite one right now is Greed 2.

  • John Michael Angelo Rookie - 1st Stage (10/6/2006 9:27:00 PM) Post reply

    Read my poem! Fellow poets, you will surely take it with you!

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