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Reading & writing are the most things I have ever loved..
I was born and raised over seas in a big family 5 brothers 5 sisters. As being the youngest, I have enjoyed more privilege than them, but the thing distinguish me was the addiction to reading especially poems, I used to read any book it falls in my hand, I remember once, I garbed a book, sneak into the flat roof of my house, during that I felt into sleep, my hole family, declared an emergency, looking for me were, until one of my brother went to the roof and spot me sleeping, of course I was grounded, and reprimanded, but that did not slow me down in reading & writing.

Fatima Nusairat's Works:

- Vowed to the Wind 2013
- Asleep in the House of Silence
http: //www.amazon.com/Fatima-Ali-Nusairat/e/B00GEXPRD2/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1

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You Failed

You failed, and that's all the thing!
and not the silence folds, with 'ran-wind ',
nor the night, resort to dormancy.

You failed so wider your steps.
Maybe from veins of rock
the tales become green!
Or perhaps from crowded dreams
slips the light with grunts heavenly songs..

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