Fareez Nasir

[Smug Cobra] (2 April 1995 / Singapore)

Biography of Fareez Nasir

Muhammad Fareez Mohd Nasir (born April 2,1995) is a teenage poet from Singapore. He is the second and also middle child among two other brothers. He is also known as Phalez among friends and goes by the pseudonym 'Smug Cobra'. His name is familiar in poetry and art, especially graffiti. His poetry was inspired by music, the late Tupac Shakur and also his own life.

Fareez Nasir had been interested in poetry since he was 11 when his primary school teacher introduced a poetry website to his class. He started reading and collecting poems. He only started writing his own when he was in grade seven as a student from Woodgrove Secondary School, where Literature was one of his subjects in school. At the same time, he slowly showed lesser and lesser interests in studies. However, he never skipped school as he said he loved them as it was his only way to be away from home and to be with friends. He also started to come home late and was once a troubled child who started cutting his own arm. It was this part of his life that contributed to some of his 'darker' poems.

In grade eight, Fareez Nasir started keeping the poems he had written in his school's exercise books. One of his first few poems was The Lady I Adore which he dedicated to a friend. As time goes by, he started writing more of them and more frequently. He quoted Plato's line 'At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet' when asked how he started writing.

Fareez Nasir was retained on grade nine for an extra year after failing all his other five subjects except Mother Tongue. Art wasn't one of his subjects then. It was on his second year in grade nine when he switched D&T for Art, following his interest. However, Literature was already not one of his subjects.

In 2012, Fareez Nasir finally sat for his GCE 'O' Level as an Express student. He only passed his Mother Tongue and Art, which showed he really was into art. He loves drawing graffiti and portraits.

He graduated from Woodgrove Secondary School with only Malay Language and Art and continued his studies in Nitec in Infocommunications Technology at ITE College Central as he planned it.

Fareez Nasir still shows his passion for Art and poetry
until today. He still writes poems in his school's exercise books which by 2013 he had at least four of them.

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A belief that conquers a mind
Is nature
And a mind that conquers a belief
Is nurtured

So a man told what to think
Is brainwashed
But a man taught how to think
Is educated


[Hata Bildir]