Ekaterina Polischuk


Poems of Ekaterina Polischuk

41. Real Women 3/6/2012
42. The Conversation With An Angel 2/16/2012
43. The Roads 3/20/2012
44. The Spirit 2/6/2012
45. The Spirit`s Massage 2/8/2012
46. The Way of Love 3/13/2012
47. To Lonely Wolf Song 9/16/2012
48. To My Brother... 3/15/2012
49. To My Future Love 2/11/2012
50. To My Idol 2/15/2012
51. Today I`m Dead 2/25/2012
52. We Need to Love 2/10/2012
53. We`re Not Alike... 2/29/2012
54. Why Angels Came... 3/10/2012
55. You Aren`t Alive 3/9/2012
56. You`ll Never Hurt Me Down... 2/21/2012

The Spirit`s Massage

Hello, my friend, today you`ll know the way,
Until your life will get the end
You should just go and be, and stay
When I my words to people slowly send.
I`m a ghost, you know like spirit me,
I am not dark but light is not my mind,
Because I was a human when it used to be
I`d died before you stated the angels side.
But I believe in you and hope you`ll do the best

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